how did life change in britain n.
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How did life change in Britain? PowerPoint Presentation
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How did life change in Britain?

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How did life change in Britain? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How did life change in Britain? . 1900-1959. Medicine .

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The medicine was not very well made at first but as soon as Aneurin Bevan arrived our health changed everyone got the medicine they needed no matter if they were rich or poor. Gradually better medicine became available and better operations where scientists could discover new things like the first opening heart surgery and the first test tube baby. This encouraged people to have healthy more balanced diet.


Many rich went to private schools in a class of four or five. They were not a mixed. Boys and girls were split up. However if you went to a public school you were mixed and the rules were much stricter in classes of 30 or over. Still not many people got in. after the war more people were in and there were more exams that would decide which school they would go to. It chose if they were going to a private or standard school


Before the war we did not have the best technology and had to many things by hand for example you had a certain day where you had to wash your clothes by hand. Now a day we are lucky because we have the machinery to do this for us.

Other things they did not have before the war were hoovers, lawnmowers, television. However they did have radios to listen to.


Women before the war did not work but when the men left their homes the women had to take control and do their jobs this meant that they were involved with farming, driving helicopters and many other jobs. This meant that the women had a little bit more power than before and proved they could do a mans job. Men had a big role havening to go to war with out any training. This did not effect them much however they went back to their normal jobs but many of them had a hobbies on building new houses.


After the war people had better diets as they were being more careful about their health. There were also more meats available to people however there still wasn’t much fruit and veg. after the war there wasn’t much food so people got these ration books which they used when buying their food.