what makes a good lpi essay n.
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What makes a good LPI essay? PowerPoint Presentation
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What makes a good LPI essay?

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What makes a good LPI essay? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What makes a good LPI essay?. 1. Writing is clear and deal specifically with one of the topics that is on the test.

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what makes a good lpi essay
What makes a good LPI essay?

1. Writing is clear and deal specifically with one of the topics that is on the test.

2. Has clear structure that is easy for the reader to follow. First paragraph should begin with a brief introduction that leads into a clearly expressed topic statement. Then, two or three well-developed paragraphs will follow, each of which contains at least four sentences.

Essay ends with a concluding paragraph that does something morethat just repeat the idea(s) in topic statement. You should introduce a new and closely related idea concerning the subject matter you have been writing about
3. Sentence structure is varied and correct. Especially to be avoided:
  • Using a long string of short simple sentences
  • Having many sentence errors (e.g. fragments/incomplete, run-on)
  • An unclear expressed idea (E.g. People are shaped by the feelings they get from their ability to reach. This can be a very particular subject to many people.)
4. English is exact, idiomatic (commonly used expressions), and not too simple. Avoid the following:
  • Weak repetition of one particular word (e.g. I never thought fishing would interest me at all. However, once I began fishing I found myself really enjoying fishing.
  • Using words in an inexact way (e.g.---->)
(e.g.I am fascinated with groups of people which belong to a culture. They have been striving to keep their traditions alive...)

Revised: I am fascinated by groups of people who belong to a particular culture that has been striving to keep its traditions alive...

Unidiomatic English: I find that many students never reach for their education. Most students don't put much efforts into their studying. Such actions in todays standards are pathetic.

Revised: I find that many students do not take responsibility for their own education. Most students do not put much effort into studying. Such an attitude in today's competitive world is not acceptable.

essay marking
Essay Marking
  • Marked out of 6. Must get at least a 5.
  • 300-400 words in length
  • Should not consist entirely of narration or description, although narrative or descriptive passages may be employed in developing your ideas
  • Must be written in pen
markers will consider
Markers will consider:
  • Clarity and correctness of word choice and sentence structure
  • Quality of ideas and the way you have developed them
  • Logic and coherence of your essay's overall structure