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World Broadband Satellite Equipment Markets Satellite Solutions are Poised for Mainstream Utilization. “ After a tentative start, markets for broadband satellite solutions are showing impressive growth as this technology enters the mainstream commercial environment. ”.

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Satellite communications analyst team frost sullivan

World Broadband Satellite Equipment MarketsSatellite Solutions are Poised for Mainstream Utilization

“After a tentative start, markets for broadband satellite solutions are showing impressive growth as this technology enters the mainstream commercial environment.”

Satellite Communications Analyst Team

Frost & Sullivan

Key features
Key Features

  • Frost & Sullivan provides:

  • Detailed insights into recent developments and trends

  • Drivers, restraints, challenges, and strategic recommendations

  • Analyst insights on ‘hot topics’ and emerging applications

  • in the world broadband satellite equipment market

  • Market sizing and competitive analysis

  • Market forecasts and opportunity analysis

  • Quarterly assessments

  • End user analysis within each report

What we offer
What We Offer

  • Global Coverage

  • Proven methodology encompassing extensive primary and secondary data and research

  • Focused information and strategies that cover business and technology issues

  • Credible data and analysis highlighting industry dynamics

  • Winning strategies to help you create precise business plans

Who will benefit
Who Will Benefit?

Current Market Participants

  • Find out how you compare to the competition

  • Assess current and future drivers and restraints

  • Determine and exploit new market share opportunities

    New Entrants

  • Analyze challenges associated with the industry

  • Calculate time scales for strategy implementation

  • Position yourself to capitalize on the market’s unmet needs

    Investment Community

  • Analyze long-term strategies of companies

  • Determine which participants will outperform the competition

  • Assess attractiveness of investing in the market

Key market participants
Key Market Participants

Advanced Wireless Technologies

Antenna Technology Communications, Inc.


Caldera Systems, Inc.

Channel Master, Inc.




Comlink, Inc.

Communicado Data Ltd.

CPI Communications and Power Industries

Dassault Automatismes et Telecommunications

Datron/Transco, Inc.

DiviCom, Inc.

Echostar Data Networks

Edgix Corp.

EMS Technologies, Inc.

Fantastic Corp.

Flash Networks

Fourelle Systems, Inc.

Gilat Satellite Networks

Globalcomm Systems, Inc.

Global Telemann Systems

Harmonic Data Systems, Inc.

Helius, Inc.

Hughes Network Systems, Inc.

IDB Systems

International Communications Products, Inc.

International Datacasting Corp.

IST Korea

Kathrein Werke AG

KenCast, Inc.

KiSS Nordic AS

KVH Industries, Inc.

Logic Innovations, Inc.

Lucent Technologies

L3 Communications Corp.

Main Data

Menicx International

Mentat, Inc.

Micronik Multimedia


Mitec Telecom, Inc.

NDS Ltd.

Key market participants cont d
Key Market Participants (cont’d)

NEC America Satellite Communications Group

Nera Telecommunications

Norsat International, Inc.

Nortel Networks

NSI Communications

Nuera Communications, Inc.

OnSat Network Communications, Inc.

OrbLynx, Inc.

Pace Micro Technology PLC

Pacific Softworks, Inc.


Philips Digital Video Systems

PlanetWeb, Inc.

Prodelin Corp.

RAD Data Communications

Radyne Comstream Corp.

Raytheon Co.

Satellite Terminal Access

Sagem Sat

Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

Sattel Global Networks

Scientific Atlanta, Inc.

SeaTel, Inc.


Shiron Satellite Communications Ltd.

SierraCom, Inc.

SkyServ, Inc.

SkyStream Network

SpaceBridge Networks Corp., Inc.

SpyGlass, Inc.

SSE Technologies, Inc.

Stanford Telecom, Inc.

StarBurst Software

StarGuide Digital Networks, Inc.

STM Wireless, Inc.

Strong UK

Tandberg Television ASA

Thomcast Communications, Inc.

Titan Corp.

UEC Technologies


Viasat, Inc.

Visiosat-MAEC Multimedia Communications

For more information
For More Information

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