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North Africa & Southwest Asia. By Ryan S. Chapter 1. The Geography of North Africa and Southwest Asia. Map of North Africa & Southwest Asia. What is the importance of the three main rivers to the region?.

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Chapter 1 l.jpg

Chapter 1

The Geography of North Africa and Southwest Asia

What is the importance of the three main rivers to the region l.jpg

What is the importance of the three main rivers to the region?

The importance of the three main rivers is to supply necessary food and water to all the people. The Tigris, Euphrates, and Nile Rivers are also important because they flood and deposit nutrients making the soil fertile.

What is a hunter gatherer l.jpg

What is a Hunter Gatherer? region?

A Hunter-Gatherer is a person who roamed the East; they found food by hunting, fishing, and gathering wild grains, fruits, and nuts.

How do the rivers make the soil fertile l.jpg

How do the rivers make the soil fertile? region?

When snow melts from the Ethiopian mountains and with the heavy rains in the spring and summer , the riverbanks of the Nile River become flooded. This flood leaves behind fertile soil that has been carried from one area to another.

What is irrigation l.jpg

What is Irrigation? region?

Irrigation is the process of bringing water to dry land.

What is unique about the dead sea l.jpg

What is unique about the Dead Sea? region?

What’s unique about the Dead Sea is it’s almost completely dead. Some bacteria can survive in its salty depths, but not fish. Salt and minerals make the water so dense; you can easily float on it!

Chapter 2 l.jpg

Chapter region? 2

Ancient cultures of North Africa & Southwest Asia

Who was hammurabi l.jpg

Who was Hammurabi? region?

Hammurabi was a famous emperor of ancient Mesopotamia, he ruled from 1792 B.C. to 1750 B.C. and developed one of the first code of laws.

What is a ziggurat l.jpg

What is a Ziggurat? region?

Each city-state built a special temple for a specific god. The temple was built on a pyramid-shaped tower called a ziggurat. From the winding terraces wrapped around the ziggurat, people could watch celebrations honoring their god.

What is a class system l.jpg

What is a class system? region?

A class system is society divided into different social groups.


King at the top

Then a farmer

Then those enslaved

What is cuneiform l.jpg

What is cuneiform? region?

Cuneiform is one of the first form of writing developed in Mesopotamia.

What are scribes l.jpg

What are scribes? region?

Scribes are school trained record keepers that meet the different needs of the temple, the royal government, and the business world.

Why was the nile river important to ancient egypt l.jpg

Why was the Nile River important to ancient Egypt? region?

Without the Nile the farmers wouldn’t be able to have fertile soil for feeding fresh crops. There is an annual flood that makes the soil fertile. They also used the Nile for transportation, food, building supplies, and other resources.

What are hieroglyphics l.jpg

What are Hieroglyphics? region?

Hieroglyphics was a writing system developed in ancient Egypt that used pictographs to stand for words and or sounds.

What are some interesting facts about ancient egyptian culture l.jpg

What are some interesting facts about ancient Egyptian Culture?

Many of the temples and monumental structures of ancient Egypt are still standing today. Without the Nile river , this probably wouldn’t be possible. To build pyramids , the Egyptians used large stone blocks. A single pyramid may contain 92 million cubic feet of stone

Chapter 3 l.jpg

Chapter 3 Culture?

Religions of North Africa and Southwest Asia

What is important about the city jerusalem l.jpg

What is important about the city Jerusalem? Culture?

Jerusalem includes many sacred sites to three different religions. Jews, Christian, and Muslims have lived here for centuries and all share common traits. They all got their start in Southwest Asia.

What is monotheism l.jpg

What is Monotheism? Culture?

Monotheism is belief in one god. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all monotheistic religions. Judaism was the first monotheist religion.

What is polytheism l.jpg

What is Polytheism? Culture?

Polytheism is belief in multiple gods.

Who was abraham l.jpg

Who was Abraham? Culture?

A man from the city of Ur, in southeastern Mesopotamia who settled in Canaan, which is now the land of Israel. Abraham’s descendents are known as Jews, and there religious belief is called Judaism.

What is judaism l.jpg

What is Judaism? Culture?

The first monotheistic religion founded by Abraham. The practice of worship with prayer, study, and good deeds.

Who was jesus l.jpg

Who was Jesus? Culture?

Jesus was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Galilee. After being baptized he traveled around the countryside preaching a religion of love and forgiveness and performing miracles. Those who believed in him and his teachings were called Christians

What is scripture l.jpg

What is Scripture? Culture?

Scripture is sacred writing.

What does exile mean l.jpg

What does Exile mean? Culture?

Exile is forced removal from your native country. Exile has been part of the history of Judaism.

What is a messiah l.jpg

What is a messiah? Culture?

A messiah is like a savior.

What does baptize mean l.jpg

What does baptize mean? Culture?

Baptize means to purify and admit to a new way of life. It is part of Christian beliefs.

What is christianity l.jpg

What is Christianity? Culture?

Christianity is a religion that developed from Judaism.

What does resurrect mean l.jpg

What does resurrect mean? Culture?

Resurrect means to bring back to life. Christians believe Jesus was resurrected after he was crucified by the Romans.

What is a disciple l.jpg

What is a Disciple? Culture?

Disciple means a follower of the teachings of another.

What does crucify mean l.jpg

What does Crucify mean? Culture?

Crucify means to be put to death by tying the hands and feet to a cross. This was a common form of execution in ancient Rome.

Who was muhammad l.jpg

Who was Muhammad? Culture?

Muhammad was the founder of the Muslim religion. Followers of Islam consider it disrespectful to display images of Muhammad.

What is islam l.jpg

What is Islam? Culture?

Islam is a religion founded by Muhammad.

What does muslim mean l.jpg

What does Muslim mean? Culture?

Muslim means a believer in Islam.

What is the qur an l.jpg

What is the Qur’an? Culture?

Qur’an is the sacred text of Islam collected by Gabriel

What is a prophet l.jpg

What is a prophet? Culture?

A prophet is a person who speaks through divine inspiration. Most religions have a prophet.

What are the five pillars of islam l.jpg

What are the Five Pillars of Islam? Culture?

The Five Pillars of Islam are the most important teachings of Muhammad

What is a theocracy l.jpg

What is a theocracy? Culture?

Theocracy is a government rule from a religious leader