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Good Morning

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Good Morning
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Good Morning

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  1. Good Morning After you have located your team’s assigned table, please review the Outstanding Practices from other schools. SDW

  2. HSTW High Schools That Work Prioritizing and Planning SessionCreating an Initial Plan

  3. Objectives for the Morning • To create a redelivery plan to engage ALLstaff members in the investigation of HSTW Key Practices to impact student achievement and high school completion rates. • To create a prioritized action plan that will assist teachers and leaders to provide an enhanced focus to the current Educational Plan for Student Success SDW

  4. HSTW HSTW Key Practices • Culture of Continuous Improvement • Program of Study • Career/Technical Studies • Work-based Learning • High Expectations • Academic Studies • Students Actively Engaged • Teachers Working Together • Guidance • Extra Help SDW

  5. School Teams that “Redeliver” the Workshop: Suggestions for Building Faculty Support Hold an Orientation: • Admit Slip/Enhanced HSTW Brochure • SREB orientation PowerPoint • Create cross-curricular teams • Each team take one section of planner, brainstorm, share-out • Submit results of brainstorming to school improvement team SDW

  6. Establish Need for Change:Engaging faculty in gap analysis • Opportunity Gap • Who is enrolled in which courses? • Majority/minority • Free/reduced lunch • Gender • Expectations Gap • Variances in expectations across courses • Variances in literacy across the curriculum • Survey students/teachers • Achievement Gap • Course levels enrolled in by ACT (College/non-College core) • Expectations • Grade level analysis (grade 9) SDW

  7. HSTW Focus Teams: Develop Implementation Steps for Actions • Assign a major action to one or more of the focus teams • Draft a charge to the team regarding implementation of this action in year 1 • Have teams develop an implementation plan for the action, present it to the school improvement team and eventually to the entire faculty • When year 1 is completed, start work on year 2 • Ask teams to develop benchmarks and monitor plan for implementation SDW

  8. How will you get others involved? Use page 37 to answer the following questions: • How will you introduce the information and recommended actions developed in this workshop to all district and teacher leaders? • How will you form focus teams (or other interdisciplinary teams) and make them active? • How will you identify an Effort Based Advocate in your school? (See page 39 for the definition.) • How will you empower focus teams to lead and take action? SDW

  9. Adding to Your Presentation Board SDW

  10. How can we focus our actions to impact student achievement and high school completion rates? How can we become the catalyst for change? Essential Table Questions… SDW

  11. Student Performance on the 2006 HSTW Assessment NEW MEXICO SITES SDW

  12. HSTW 2006 New Mexico Core Data Source: 2006 HSTW Assessment and Student Survey – Based on students who completed the student survey and all three subject tests. SDW

  13. Statewide Reading Proficiency All Groups

  14. Statewide Math Proficiency All Groups

  15. Statewide Science Proficiency All Groups

  16. 2007 New Mexico State ACT Results SDW

  17. Step 1: Prioritizing Actions • Use Page 33 as a brainstorming page as you review your action posters • Keep in mind that you will need to support the following: • Structural • Instructional • Support • Leadership Development SDW

  18. Step 2: Identifying Year 1 Actions • Use page 34 to outline the actions that you will implement over the next school year to impact student achievement and high school completion rates • Continue onto page 35 to sketch a plan for year two and three • You will add this action plan to the center section of your project board SDW

  19. Adding to Your Presentation Board SDW

  20. Learning from Each Other • Set up your presentation board • Rotate through your row to gather information about what other schools are doing • Take a note pad to jot down key actions from other schools (to validate what you are doing and to use as future suggestions) SDW

  21. Making the Connection Dr. Steve Broome SDW

  22. Ticket Out the Door

  23. HSTW REMEMBER … All schools want to improve but few want to change. The fact remains that to improve, one MUST change. SDW

  24. Next Steps • KEEP MOVING!!!!!!! • REMEMBER – You own the plan! • Schools that fail to make progress: • Keep moving after this workshop – use summer planning time to engage additional faculty members in the discussion SDW