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Top10 SMTP server services providers in India – DigitalAka PowerPoint Presentation
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Top10 SMTP server services providers in India – DigitalAka

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Top10 SMTP server services providers in India – DigitalAka - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best SMTP Server Provider India - DigitalAka guarantees you 99% inbox delivery with DKIM, SPF. Bulk Mail server-send uninterrupted Bulk Email services.

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Presentation Transcript
smtp service provider

SMTP Service Provider

Digitalaka Provides 360-degree solutions for the client companies to basically accelerate the rate of growth. One of the leading bulk SMTP Service provider in India provides high-end email deliverability services for both transactional and promotional bulk email messages.

Digitalakaprovides a reliable and cost-effective dedicated SMTP service. We constantly monitor blacklist and focus on maintaining the major email providers to keep our servers whitelisted by providing cheap SMTP server for email marketing.

further advantages
Further Advantages
  • These local mail servers are specifically build to have optimum use of the SMTP protocol.
  • Often times they can take advantage of SMTP extensions such as PIPELINING, resulting in much higher delivery of large email volumes to our relay servers.
  • When the latency between customers sending application and our relay servers is high, using a local smart host optimizes the overall sending time.
  • The application can send at local speeds to its local smart host (avoiding any kind of latency) after which the local smart host will relay all the traffic to our side, in a much more optimized fashion. This can dramatically decrease overall sending time and enhance the reliability of your application.
  • Should there ever be a situation in which you sending application cannot connect to our relay servers, you will not experience any downtime using a local smart host because your sending application can still connect without issue to the local smart host.
optimizing send s peed reliability

Optimizing Send Speed & Reliability

Getting your emails delivered fast & efficiently is a challenge.Let the experts handle it for you and start sending today!.

We help businesses deliver their emails, both transactional & bulk. And while every mail is different, our knowledge of delivery is universal.

Digitalakameans that rock-solid dependability. Get a visible on all of your sent emails, spam complaints, bounced emails, unsubscribe requests, and more.

smtp server 1
SMTP Server
  • As SMTP is a latency sensitive protocol that incorporates a ton of back and forth talks in its protocol, often times we recommend our customers use a local smart host. Especially in cases where latency between the customers sending server and our relay servers is high.
  • Now a day, its very important to choose the best & professional SMTP server: in the past(before the spam era), sending emails was not problematic, these days it's very vital to follow the laws of all email servers in order to avoid messages ending up in spam folders or even being deleted by email servers.
contd 1
  • When using a smart host, the customer sets up a local mail server (eg, Postfix, PowerMTA, …) which queues all mail from the customer application and forwards it to our relay server.
  • This adds considerable benefits as these mailservers are already fault tolerant and in case of issues will queue the mails and automatically retry at a later time.
  • This allows you, as a customer, to have complete fault tolerance without implementing this intelligence inside your own application.
contd 2
  • When connection issues have been resolved, your local smart host will automatically relay all the queued messages, effectively giving you 0% downtime.
  • If setting up a smart host on your local system seems interesting to explore and you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed consult.
key features
Key Features
  • Enjoy high-speed delivery
  • Visual Reports
  • Stay Off Blacklists and spam folders
  • Get alerted to issues
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