Fclb continuing education taskforce report
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FCLB Continuing Education Taskforce Report. Richard L. Cole, DC, DACNB, FICC. Taskforce Composition. FCLB CE Taskforce Members Dr. Laurel Cowie – Co-Chair Dr. Richard Cole – Co-Chair Dr. Jackie Buettner- Member Boards Dr. Steven Foreman – Member Boards Dr. Joe Brimhall - CCE

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Fclb continuing education taskforce report

FCLB Continuing Education Taskforce Report

Richard L. Cole, DC, DACNB, FICC


Taskforce composition
Taskforce Composition

  • FCLB CE Taskforce Members

    • Dr. Laurel Cowie – Co-Chair

    • Dr. Richard Cole – Co-Chair

    • Dr. Jackie Buettner- Member Boards

    • Dr. Steven Foreman – Member Boards

    • Dr. Joe Brimhall - CCE

    • Dr. Lester Lamm - College

    • Mr. Kevin Earle – Board Administrators


Ce taskforce advisors


Dr. Don Harrison

Dr. Gary Walseman


Dr. Jan Harbor


Dr. Angel Tribuno

Dr. Ken Heairlston

Dr. Laurie Hogard

Dr. Ralph Barrale

Dr. Jerry Grod

Dr. Lance Blackshaw

Ms. Sheila Thomas

CE Taskforce Advisors


Current situation
Current Situation

  • Multiple programs offered by multiple institutions

  • Jurisdiction standards vary widely and change regularly

  • Instructor and course credentialing poorly evaluated by member boards

  • Practitioners unclear of their education options



  • To develop a win-win-win-win

    • CE providers

    • Regulatory boards

    • Field practitioners

    • Patients


Project goals
Project Goals

  • Provide service to FCLB member boards, practitioners, and patients by establishing CE standards and providing a credentialing process for continuing education

  • Streamline and standardize the approval process for program developers


Previous efforts
Previous Efforts

  • FCLB to evaluate each course and place it into a grid

    • All courses would be placed in the grid somewhere

  • FCLB to primary source verify instructor credentials

  • Failed because of high cost to run the program


Fclb ce program grid
FCLB CE Program Grid

I – rigor, strong AV system, knowledge assessment

II – rigor, strong AV system

III- rigor


Current proposal
Current Proposal

  • Granting three year recognition status by FCLB for CE providers who are willing to adhere to the established standards for three years (CERP)

  • Reporting of CE attendees to ALLDOCS

  • Development of website posting offerings by recognized providers


Proposed standards
Proposed Standards

  • Development and adherence to mission statement

  • Course content based on needs assessment

  • Clearly identified learning objectives

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of learning activities

  • Rigorous academic standards

  • Primary source verification of instructors


Proposed standards continued
Proposed Standards Continued

  • Commercial conflict of interest eliminated or identified

  • Educational methods must be appropriate to achieve the stated objectives

  • Appropriate facilities/instructional media

  • Appropriate course administration

  • Fiscal responsibility


Proposed standards continued1
Proposed Standards Continued

  • Publicity standards adhered to

  • Admissions as appropriate

  • Patient/model protection

  • Record keeping adequate

  • Electronically mediated distance learning


Cerp recognition
CERP Recognition

  • Valid for three years

  • Must be updated with course changes

  • Probation for problem providers

  • Revocation of provider status for continual failure to comply with the standards


Composition of review board
Composition of Review Board

  • Seven persons with educational experience

  • Serving three year staggered terms

  • All nominated by CCE accredited schools on a rotational basis

  • Appointed by the FCLB president


Other project components
Other Project Components

  • Establishment of a Web listing of available FCLB credentialed courses

  • Creation of a central clearinghouse for practitioner continuing education data

  • Dovetails nicely with ALLDOCs


Distance learning courses
Distance Learning Courses

  • Can be clearly identified independently

  • Probably will be the fastest growing section of the CE market


Ethics guidelines
Ethics guidelines

  • Guidelines established for instructor and student conduct

  • Includes instructor conflict of interest issues

  • Course must follow ethics guidelines

  • Will be sworn to by instructor and program developer

  • Breach of ethics guidelines could result in loss of credentialing


Strengths of the program
Strengths of the Program

  • Economy of scale

  • Shared information among boards

  • Better course and instructor evaluation system

  • Improved educational opportunities for doctors

  • Maintaining a CE database for the doctor


Hurdles to overcome
Hurdles to Overcome

  • Perception of a takeover (misinformation)

  • Development of a product without a market

  • Staffing issues

  • Infrastructure issues


Technology helps
Technology Helps

  • Internet speeds up information sharing

  • Allows doctors to find specific courses that they will be interested in

  • Allows credentialing committee to communicate expeditiously and efficiently

  • Online sign up for program developers

  • Maintenance of CE history for field practitioners


Teamwork resources needed to succeed
Teamwork/Resources Needed to Succeed

  • Vision for a workable solution

  • FCLB bringing all stakeholders together to find workable solutions

  • Committed core of people willing to see the project through

  • Internet system for this project would need to be finalized


Fclb continuing education recognition program
FCLB Continuing Education Recognition Program

  • An issue whose time has come

  • Necessary to move our profession forward

  • Viable with today’s technology