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Conversation topics

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Conversation topics. Discuss the following prompts and questions with your partner . Also ask further questions and see where the conversation takes you . Have you ever slept in class ?. Are you an organized person? Discuss . Define good music.

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Conversation topics

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conversation topics


Discuss the followingprompts and questions with yourpartner. Alsoaskfurtherquestions and seewhere the conversationtakesyou.

how is information technology changing the way teachers teach and students learn
How is informationtechnologychangingthe wayteachersteachandstudentslearn?
talk about bands whose music used to be good but who have now lost their form
Talkaboutbandswhose music used to begoodbutwhohavenowlosttheirform.
what s your blues name do you ever get the blues what do you do when you re down
What’syourBlues Name?Doyouevergetthe Blues?Whatdoyoudowhenyou’redown?
your task develop ordinary toilet paper as a product so that it will sell more any ideas
Yourtask: Developordinarytoiletpaper as a productsothatitwillsellmore. Anyideas? 
Somepeopleareagoraphobic (=afraid of open spacesorclaustrophobic (closedspaces). Namesomeother common fears.
and finnish students say they don t like it in finnish schools please elaborate on this
…and Finnishstudentssaytheydon’t ’likeit’ in Finnishschools. Pleaseelaborate on this.
should senior citizens get to live in their own home or should they be put in a home
Shouldsenior citizensgetto livein theirownhomeorshouldtheybeputin a home?
pick five of the adjectives and tell your partner why they describe you
Pickfiveof theadjectivesandtellyourpartnerwhytheydescribeyou.
tell your partner about an interesting book that you ve read lately
Tellyourpartnerabout an interestingbookthatyou’vereadlately.