chapter one learning new words from the context n.
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Chapter One Learning New Words From the Context

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Chapter One Learning New Words From the Context - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter One Learning New Words From the Context. Part 3 Commonsense Contexts Group 6. 1. Accommodate (v.). A. hold or contain without crowding or inconvenience; have room for The new restaurant will accommodate 128 persons. B. oblige; do a favor for; furnish with something desired

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chapter one learning new words from the context

Chapter OneLearning New Words From the Context

Part 3

Commonsense Contexts

Group 6

1 accommodate v
1. Accommodate (v.)

A. hold or contain without crowding or inconvenience; have room for

  • The new restaurant will accommodate 128 persons.

B. oblige; do a favor for; furnish with something desired

  • I’m sorry I have no pen to lend you. Ask Norman. Perhaps he can accommodate you.
2 apprehend v
2. Apprehend (v.)

A. to anticipate (foresee) with fear; dread

  • Now I see how foolish I was to apprehend the outcome of the test. I passed easily.

B. arrest

  • The escaped prisoners were apprehended as they tries to cross the border.
3 apprehension n
3. Apprehension (n.)

A. Alarm; uneasiness

  • We waited with apprehension to hear from the police that all was clear.

B. Apprehensive (adj.) fearful; afraid

Patti is apprehensive when she has to stay at home; she is afraid something bad will happen.

4 cleave v
4. Cleave (v.)
  • Stick; adhere; cling; be faithful

Some of the residents are hostile to the new ways; they cleave to the customs and traditions of the past.

5 conceal v
5. Conceal (v.)
  • Keep secret; withdraw from observation; hide; secrete

I answered all questions truthfully, for I had nothing to conceal.

6 content adj
6. Content (adj.)
  • Satisfied; pleased
  • If you are not content with the merchandise, you may return it for an exchange or a refund.
7 culprit n
7. Culprit (n.)
  • One guilty of a fault or crime; offender; wrongdoer
  • The last time we were late for the party, I was the culprit. I wasn’t ready when you called for me.
8 eliminate v
8. Eliminate (v.)
  • Drop; exclude; remove; get rid of; rule out
  • The new director hopes to reduce expenses by eliminating unnecessary jobs.
9 facetious adj
9. Facetious (adj.)
  • Given to joking; not to be taken seriously; witty; funny
  • Bea meant it when she said that she was quitting the team. She was not being facetious.
10 fatigue v
10. Fatigue (v.)
  • Tire; exhaust; weary
  • Why not take the elevator? Climbing the stairs will fatigue you.

B. (n)- exhaustion; weariness

The doctor told the only thing wrong with me was fatigue; I needed to get some rest.

11 infallible adj
11. Infallible (adj.)
  • Incapable of being in error; sure; certain; absolutely reliable
  • When Phil disputes my answer or I question his, we take it to our math teacher. We consider her judgment infallible.
12 pilfer v
12. Pilfer (v.)
  • Steal (in small amounts); purloin
  • The shoplifter was apprehended after pilfering several small articles.
13 province n
13. Province (n.)
  • Proper business or duty; sphere; jurisdiction
  • IF your brother misbehaves; you have no right to punish him; that is not your province.

B. territory; region; domain

  • We had to get a passport to be able to cross into the Canadian Province.
14 reflect v
14. Reflect (v.)
  • Think carefully; meditate; contemplate
  • I could have given a much better answer if I had had time to reflect.
15 reverse v
15. Reverse (v.)

A. Turn completely about; change to the opposite position; revoke; annul

  • I found guilty, a person may appeal to a higher court in the hope that it will reverse the verdict.

B. (N) setback; defeat; reversal

  • In 1805, Napoleon’s fleet met with a serious reverse at the Battle of Trafalgar.
15 reverse continued
15. Reverse (continued)

C. Reversible (adj.) able to be worn with either side out

  • My mom bought me a reversible jacket so that I could wear it more than one way.
16 shallow adj
16. Shallow (adj.)
  • Not deep

Nonswimmers must use the shallow part of the pool.

B. Lacking intellectual depth; superficial; uncritical

Timothy is shallow because he skims along only thinking of himself.

17 superfluous adj
17. Superfluous (adj.)
  • Beyond what is necessary or desirable; surplus; needless
  • We already have enough volunteers; additional help would be superfluous.
18 surmount v
18. Surmount (v.)
  • Conquer; overcome; climb over
  • At the end of the third quarter. The visitors were ahead by 18 points, a lead that our team was unable to surmount.
19 urban adj
19. Urban (adj.)
  • Having to do with cities or towns
  • In the United States today, the urban population far outnumbers the farm population.
20 vicinity n
20. Vicinity (n.)
  • Neighborhood; locality; region about or near a place
  • Katerina lost her keys in the vicinity of Pine Street and Wyoming Avenue.
21 vocation n
21. Vocation (n.)
  • Occupation; calling; business; trade; profession
  • Ruth will be studying to be an engineer. Bob plans to enter teaching. I, however, have not yet chosen a vocation.