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Ch. 24-4

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Ch. 24-4. Mrs. Manley . Charles Lindbergh- aviator; 1 st person to fly over Atlantic Ocean solo! Plane- Spirit of St. Louis 19 th Amendment- 1920 gave women the right to vote Women begin to work outside of home and some receive college educations.

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ch 24 4

Ch. 24-4

Mrs. Manley


Charles Lindbergh- aviator; 1st person to fly over Atlantic Ocean solo! Plane- Spirit of St. Louis

  • 19thAmendment- 1920 gave women the right to vote
  • Women begin to work outside of home and some receive college educations.
  • Flapper- “liberated” women of the 1920s. Carefree, heavy make-up, bobbed hair, short skirts. Rebelling against traditional ways.
  • Mass media- forms of communication like newspapers and radio
  • Labor-saving devices at work = more free time!
  • Tabloid magazines, newspapers, magazines, radio, phonograph records, movies; families often gathered around radio
  • Sports- baseball, Babe Ruth- homerun record!
  • Other fads- mahjongg, crosswords, flagpole sitting
  • Motion picture industry becomes leading business! Hollywood…
jazz age
Jazz Age
  • Jazz- new music with roots in the South and Africa- blend of ragtime and blues
  • Most famous: Louis Armstrong (NOLA), Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith
harlem renaissance
Harlem Renaissance
  • HR- burst of creativity in the 1920s in African American artists, writers, painters in Harlem, NY.
  • Writers: Langston Hughes, poet; Countee Cullen, Zora Neale Hurston
expatriate writers
Expatriate Writers
  • Expatriates- Americans who were unhappy with America and moved to other countries
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald & Ernest Hemmingway- two famous Amer. Writers who moved away to search for inspiration
  • Sinclair Lewis & Sherwood Anderson- writers who stay in US to write.
  • 18th Amendment- passed in 1919; est. prohinition- prohibits making, selling, consuming, having alcohol.
  • 21stAmendment- repeals (undoes) the 18th Amendment in 1933.
  • Bootlegging- result of prohibition, speakeasies- illegal bars
  • Organized Crime begins- Al Capone “Scarface”
  • Nativism- belief that people born here are better than foreigners
  • Ku Klux Klan rebirth
  • Emergency Quota Act- passed by Congress to place a limit on the # of immigrants allowed in US/ year.

The Scopes Trial- a TN teacher breaks law by teaching evolution in school. Religion and society clash!

  • Election of 1928
    • Coolidge does not run
    • Hoover runs and wins a landslide!
24 4 quiz
24-4 Quiz
  • What Amendment outlawed alcohol? It is also called Prohibition.
  • What Amendment repealed the Prohibition Amendment and allowed alcohol again?
  • What Amendment gave women the right to vote?
  • African American culture & pride flourished in the __________ ________.
  • This music had its roots in African American spirituals.
  • These people believed that native born Americans were better than foreigners.