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The Dangers of Violent Video Games PowerPoint Presentation
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The Dangers of Violent Video Games

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The Dangers of Violent Video Games - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Dangers of Violent Video Games. By: Stephanie Fintz, Cindy Wu, Brandon Ngai, and Ryan Tu 8G – ID3. The Solution: Video Games. The following statements that could come from a child have a common solution: I’m bored and I need something to do .

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the dangers of violent video games

The Dangers of Violent Video Games

By: Stephanie Fintz, Cindy Wu, Brandon Ngai, and Ryan Tu 8G – ID3

the solution video games
The Solution: Video Games
  • The following statements that could come from a child have a common solution:
    • I’m bored and I need something to do.
    • I’m stressed out and I need some way to relax.
    • I don’t want to necessarily do my work right away.
    • I want to have some entertainment.
    • I need to waste some time.
  • When a child may feel these ways and more, a common thing it may turn to are video games, a source of various types of entertainment.
what s the big deal about video games
What’s The Big Deal About Video Games?
  • Many kids have these types of games, which is basically virtual entertainment with various kinds available from racing to adventure and such.
  • Some kinds of games are suited by age and as a result, these games are rated based on content and the age appropriate group for what is in store for the player.
  • Some games however, may not be ranked correctly in the case of violent video games which is a concern since it exposes many to trouble.
what s wrong with violent video games
What’s Wrong With Violent Video Games?
  • Violent video games contain many kinds of scenes that should not be exposed to children whose minds are still developing.
  • These games encourage violence toward others, no matter who they are in terms of species from animals to humans.
  • These kinds of games tend to raise adrenaline which lead to stimulus addiction which may lead to a decline in schoolwork.
do violent video games get worse
Do Violent Video Games Get Worse?
  • YES
  • Violent video games can become problematic for a person’s mind cause a player to have a more aggressive mindset.
  • Besides the images it possesses, it’s a way to practice being violent in several ways.
  • This also leads to some problems indirectly such as obesity and low performance in school.
so why are violent video games so bad
So Why Are Violent Video Games So Bad?
  • Violent skills are required and used by the player in order to achieve success.
  • With repeated actions of this violence, people practice these horrible acts and eventually learn to cause harm efficiently.
  • There are no rules to prohibit killing in most cases which give the player many opportunities to harm.
  • With a person wanting to kill more and more, aggressive behavior tends to increase in a person.
does it get worse
Does It Get Worse?
  • People may get addicted to these games which lead to a person practicing this violence more and more.
  • Recent violent video games tend to have realistic graphics giving the player an experience in what seems like real life.
  • Overall, a person is desensitized to violence when playing which is not a good thing especially since children who are usually playing these games are developing and are incorporating this to their growth.
what s the big deal about desensitization
What’s The Big Deal About Desensitization
  • A child may become more aggressive in reality since they practice this in their games.
  • A child may have trouble during confrontations with educators and peers since in video games, they teach themselves to be violent.
  • A person may have trouble distinguishing what is right or wrong after constant exposure to this violence since what is approved in these games tend to be frowned upon in reality.
so has desensitization led to something bad
So Has “Desensitization” Led To Something Bad?
  • Despite a child’s belief that these games are nothing, they really do lead to a change in a person’s mind.
  • This desensitization is also able to lead to changes in everyday life by having trouble with focusing in school and leads to aggressive behavior within ones self and with others.
  • Desensitization has actually even led to something bad such as crimes and murders.
columbine incident
Columbine Incident
  • In 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, students of a high school in Colorado, attacked several people at their school.
  • Thirteen people were shot and killed and twenty-three were wounded. Afterward, the two turned the guns on themselves.
  • The reason? There are many who say that it was the bloody, first-person shooter games that influenced them to do it.
  • When the case was investigated, it was found that Eric had rigged his already violent video games and made them his own customized shooting game, where the second player couldn't fight back against the first player.
  • More than a year after he had been playing these personalized games of violence, Eric and Dylan seemed to have brought this scenario very much to life. 
  • Are some violent video games direct links to murder?
  • A video game called "Manhunt" was taken off the shelves after a fourteen year old boy was murdered by a seventeen year old who had played the game.
  • "Manhunt" was said to be what influenced the seventeen year old to kill the fourteen year old, because apparently the game was essentially "a video instruction on how to murder somebody" as claimed by the victim's father. 
so what was in common
So What Was In Common?
  • Both games were heavily based on violent ideas.
  • All three teens were accused of murder under the influence of violent video gaming.
  • These violent video games show the effects of severe desensitization to the point where crimes and deaths occurred.
  • The games were violent enough to the point where the players were able to learn how to apply their skills in this virtual simulation into real life.
some things parents can do
Some Things Parents Can Do
  • Talk to your children about violent video games.
  • Instead of violent video games, give your children educational, interactive games that are not violent and fun.
  • Work to help outlaw the sale of violent video games to children in your community.
  • Discuss values and concerns with other parents.
  • Teach your children how to make responsible choices.
  • Understand the risks of allowing your child to be exposed to violence in violent video games.
understand esrb ratings
Understand ESRB Ratings!
  • EC means Early Childhood.These games are appropriate for ages3 and older.
  • E means Everyone. These games are recommended for ages 6 and older.
  • E10+ stands for Everyone 10 and older.
  • T rated games are for Teens, 13 years and older.
  • The M means Mature and are for ages 17 and older.
  • AO stands for Adults Only. These games are meant forpeople ages 18 and older.
  • RP, or Rating Pending means the game is waiting for a final rating.
some helpful organizations
Some Helpful Organizations
  • MAVAV (Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence) warns parents of the dangers of video games.
  • CBS’s 60 minutes warns people of the consequences of violent video games, such as Grand Theft Auto when reporting about Devin Moore who killed several people after playing this game that involved killing and stealing.
  • Organizations such as GRB (Game Rating Board), VRC (Videogame Rating Council), RSAC (Recreational Software Advisory Council ), and ESRB (Entertaining Software Rating Board) give games ratings so that consumers can buy appropriate games.
summary of what can be done
Summary of What Can Be Done
  • Parents can help children avoid desensitization by talking to their children and encouraging other types of games such as educational ones.
  • Understanding ESBR ratings can help a parent understand the kind of game they are buying for their children and understand what games are appropriate for them to play.
  • There are also organizations and television shows promoting more restrictions on violent video games which could be supported to have legislation on the sale of video games which could protect a child from potential harm.
  • Violent video games are a bad influence since while children believe that they are being “entertained”, they are exposing themselves to violence that can seem realistic in some situations.
  • Supporting organizations seeking to control how these games are sold will help with supporting this point.
  • Parents to understand what they are letting their children see and practice so no tragedies occur.
  • Violent video games are a problem for a child’s developing mind since it exposes them to violence so it would be wise to not promote violent video games.
some links
Some Links
    • Read “The Issue”
    • This provides examples of the kind of violence in the media.
some videos
Some Videos
    • Talks about several topics concerning video games.
    • Summarizes a study done about the impact on the brain.