working with po s in b2b
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Working with PO’s in B2B

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Working with PO’s in B2B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working with PO’s in B2B. Instructor: Anthony Borquez. Objectives. Explain B2B Order Processing Pipelines and Commerce Interchange Pipelines Describe the stages in the Transmit Pipeline element of the CIP Create and Transmit a Purchase Order. B2B Order Processing Pipelines.

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working with po s in b2b

Working with PO’s in B2B

Instructor: Anthony Borquez

  • Explain B2B Order Processing Pipelines and Commerce Interchange Pipelines
  • Describe the stages in the Transmit Pipeline element of the CIP
  • Create and Transmit a Purchase Order
b2b order processing pipelines
B2B Order Processing Pipelines
  • Corporate Purchasing Plan Pipeline
    • Computes PO Total
      • Discounts, taxes, shipping, etc.
  • Corporate Purchasing Submit
    • Validates, transfers, writes PO Reqs to db
corporate purchase plan pipeline
Corporate Purchase Plan Pipeline
  • What is the difference between Order Processing Pipelines and Plan Pipelines?
    • Generating Purchase Orders
    • Plan & Submit Pipeline working together
    • In B2B, Purchasing Plan is used to compute the PO Total
14 stages in corporate purchasing plan pipeline
14 stages in Corporate Purchasing Plan Pipeline
  • Requisition Item Info
  • Supplier Info
  • Buyer Info
  • Req. Initialization
  • Req Check
  • Req Item Price
  • Req. Item Adjust Price
  • Req Adjust Price
  • Req. Subtotal
  • Shipping
  • Handling
  • Tax
  • Req. Total
  • Inventory
corporate purchasing submit pipeline
Corporate Purchasing Submit Pipeline
  • Validates PO Req (from Purchasing Plan Pipeline), creates PO, submits to e-Partner
  • Pipeline Components typically write to db
  • MTS can be used to maintain/store components
  • Corporate Purch. Submit template: CorpPurchaseSubmit.pct
      • 1st stage – PO Validate
      • 2nd stage – Submit Stage (component not included with Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition)
purchase order submit stage
Purchase Order Submit Stage
  • Execute Preocess
  • Make PO
  • PipetoPipe Transfer
  • POtoFile
  • SaveReceipt
  • SendSMTP
  • SQLItem
  • SQLOrder
  • SQLOrderADO
generating a purchase order
Generating a Purchase Order
  • Template File Name
  • Script Language for the Template
  • Output Property Name
  • Child Object Name
  • Use Child Object
writing a purchase order to file
Source Field Name

File Name

File named in field

Temporary file, name saved in field

Writing a purchase order to file
commerce interchange pipeline
Commerce Interchange Pipeline
  • CIP can be configured to transmit or receive business objects
  • CIP supports multiple b2b trading and communication scenarios, including PO, Supply-chain purchasing, order status
  • CIP interoperates with existing transport systems such as email and HTTP, DCOM, MSMQ
  • CIP is independent of both the data format and data transport. Good for 3rd party vendor compatibility.
stages in a transmit pipeline
Stages in a Transmit Pipeline
  • Map Stage
  • Add Header Stage
  • Digitally Sign Stage
  • Encrypt Stage
  • Audit Stage
  • Transport Stage
steps to create transmit a po
Steps to Create & Transmit a PO
  • Create the Corporate Purchasing Plan Pipeline
  • Create the Corporate Purchasing Submit Pipeline
    • MakePO: Generates a purchase Order
    • POtoFILE: Writes a PO to a file
    • Scriptor:
      • Creates a transacted pipeline and loads the pipeline config file
      • Creates a transport directory
      • Invokes the Execute Method
  • Modify the code to invoke Corporate Purchasing Submit