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Feasibility Study

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Feasibility Study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Feasibility Study. UF Landmine Detection System. UF Mine Detection Technology. What does it do? Identifies landmines based on GPR image What is it? Neural network classifier GPR signal pre-processing and pos-processing Neural network training method. Potential Benefits.

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Feasibility Study

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Feasibility Study

UF Landmine Detection System

uf mine detection technology
UF Mine Detection Technology
  • What does it do?
    • Identifies landmines based on GPR image
  • What is it?
    • Neural network classifier
    • GPR signal pre-processing and pos-processing
    • Neural network training method
potential benefits
Potential Benefits
  • Improved probability of detection
  • Reduced rate of false positive
  • Increase rate of clearance
  • Optimize software for particular environmental conditions
uf technology status
UF Technology Status
  • Successfully tested in laboratory setting
  • Successfully demonstrated training strategy
next steps
Next Steps
  • Technology must be tested in real demining environments.
  • Train software to recognize mines in field conditions.

Next Steps

Field Testing

NN Training

Incorporate Feedback

Productize Technology

  • Incorporate feedback from personnel in the field to aid product adoption.
  • Code must be converted
the landmine problem

The Landmine Problem

Filename/RPS Number

  • Landmines kill and maim long after the war is over
  • 90% of those killed are civilians
  • It costs ~$3 to place a mine
  • It costs $300 to $1000 to detect it and remove it
  • ~20,000 people are killed each year
the future

Child standing next to a mine. Colombia

The Future
  • Despite global political movements and treaties the global landmine and UXO threat is increasing
technology hurdles
Technology Hurdles
  • High cost of clearance
    • Traditional technology is low cost but labor intensive
    • 100% detection is required to declare an area clear
    • Slow process
  • Detection
  • False Alarms
humanitarian mine detection technologies
Humanitarian Mine Detection Technologies

Nuclear Quadruple Activation


Strong fit with market criteria


Medium fit with market criteria

Weak fit with market criteria



Neutron Activation Analysis


Metal Detectors


Cost and Complexity



Market Analysis

the proposed strategy is centered around four cornerstones
The Proposed Strategy is centered around four cornerstones
  • Field test technology with common GPRs
  • Determine technological advantages
  • Quantify performance in varied field conditions

Field Test

  • Ensure technology meets landmine detection GPR requirements
  • Develop compatible and flexible software
  • Test software integrated to commercial GPR



  • Sell firm to market insider


  • Licence software

(not immediately feasible but should be evaluated)

swot analysis


  • Built on mature GPR platform
  • Allows for faster detection of mines
  • Allows for significant reduction in false positives
  • Allows for smaller demining teams resulting in net savings since the largest expense utilizing current metal detection technologies is the cost of labor.
  • Weakness
  • Remains untested in field
  • Out of over 750 different types of mines, currently only recognizes approx. 200 types
  • Threats
  • Loss of political will to continue funding
  • GPR may not be approved by UN
  • GPR may not be adopted by commercial contractors or local demining teams
  • Another technology may become dominate in the market in the time it takes to field test and refine the product.
  • Trend in the market is moving towards multi-sensor systems
  • Opportunities
  • A true understanding of field conditions can be gained from visiting mined areas allowing for field testing and adaptation based on user input.
  • DOD is already funding GPR as a viable technology
SWOT Analysis
financial analysis
Financial Analysis

What’s in it For Investors?

  • Two Sets of Projections: Developers and Buyout Investors
  • Strategy and Time Horizon
  • Assumptions Drawn from Prior Research
    • 2006 Geneva International Centre’s Guidebook on Detection Technologies
    • 2002 European Union Cost-Benefits Study
  • Basic Assumptions: Market Share Units Sold

Price Development Costs

Capital Structure Labor

what s in it for the developers

Peak in Profit Growth


End of Year 3



Year 1

Year 1

Year 2

Year 2

$2,891k Proceeds from Sale of Firm




Year 3

Year 4

Year 5





First Five Years

IRR 45%

-$3.0 million

Initial Buyout

What’s in it for the Developers?

What’s in it for the Buyout Investors?

Development Phase

Production and Sales Phase

45% ROI