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Northern Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center. NPTEC Activities Report: An Update. Presented to the 2008 Title VI National Training and Technical Assistance Forum April 30, 2008 Jennifer Richards, MPH Candidate Northern Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center

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Presentation Transcript

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NPTEC Activities Report: An Update

Presented to the

2008 Title VI National Training and

Technical Assistance Forum

April 30, 2008

Jennifer Richards, MPH Candidate

Northern Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center

Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board

Nptec background l.jpg
NPTEC Background

  • Founded in September 2003

  • Mission

    To provide leadership, technical assistance,

    support, and advocacy to Northern Plains

    tribal nations and communities in order to

    eliminate the disparities in health that

    currently exist for tribal people of the area

  • Goals and Objectives

    • Health priorities of 18 tribes

    • Advisory Committee

    • Health statistics from various sources

Nptec staff list l.jpg
NPTEC Staff List

  • Adeola Jaiyeola, MD, MHSc, FRCPC, Director

  • Deanna Swan (Crow Creek Sioux Tribe)

  • Tinka Duran (Rosebud Sioux Tribe)

  • Leah Frerichs, MS

  • Christine Rinki, MPH

  • Jennifer Irving, MPH (Oglala Sioux Tribe)

  • Corey Smith, PhD

  • Lynn Big Eagle (Crow Creek Sioux Tribe)

  • Sayaka Kanade, BA (Part time)

  • Maurine Orwa, PhD

  • Jennifer Richards, MPH (Navajo/Oglala Sioux Tribe/Taos)

Areas of focus l.jpg
Areas of Focus

  • Health Data Access and Dissemination

  • Surveillance And Monitoring

  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention

  • Epidemiological and Health Research

  • Public Health Capacity & Workforce Development

  • Accountability and Reporting to Stakeholders

Health data access and dissemination l.jpg
Health Data Access and Dissemination

Provide Aberdeen Area tribes with reports of timely, accurate, and useful data on health priorities based on existing data sources

  • Developing agreements with state vital records offices for:

    • Birth and infant death files

    • Adult mortality files

  • Present birth and infant death data to communities

  • Completed analysis, reported and disseminated Nebraska American Indian BRFSS Report on disease risk factors to Nebraska Tribes

  • Health data access and dissemination9 l.jpg
    Health Data Access and Dissemination


    • Developing report template for “Leading Causes of Death, 1990-2006” Report

    • Designing report template for Tribal Community

      Health profile

  • Improving access to health data can support Title VI programs.

    • Data can support needs assessment

    • Support grant applications

    • Assist in budget planning

  • Surveillance and monitoring l.jpg
    Surveillance and Monitoring

    Improve the ability to measure American Indian health status and monitor health over time for tribes by improving data collection processes.

    • Reviewed 2006 Shigella outbreak to improve prevention and control

    • Continue to actively participate in AAIHS infant mortality review

    • Tribe-led SD Tribal PRAMS (pregnancy risks) to provide data to tribes

    Surveillance and monitoring11 l.jpg
    Surveillance and Monitoring


    • Provided STD and HIV investigation and control training for Tribal public health nurses and CHRs

    • Provided technical assistance for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea screening in partnership in Nebraska

  • What existing health issues would elders like assessed and monitored?

    • New information about scope of the problems

    • Is the problem getting better or worse over time?

  • Health promotion disease prevention l.jpg
    Health Promotion/Disease Prevention

    Support evidence-based culturally-rooted health promotion and disease prevention initiatives in clinical and community contexts

    • Participated in GPRA (IHS performance) Committee

    • Participated in Area strategic planning for HP/DP

      • Lead on the Cancer Chronic Care Model development

    • Assisted in implementing the Community Wellness Champions Forum: Developed profiles of promising practices to promote health families and communities

    Health promotion disease prevention13 l.jpg
    Health Promotion/Disease Prevention

    • Yuonihan project

      • Social marketing campaign and Helpline to reduce FASD

        among ND and SD Tribes

    • Facilitated the development of “Regional Strategic Plan

      for STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control” in

      collaboration with community partners

  • What are some pilot health activities serving elders that can be supported?

  • Epidemiological and health research l.jpg
    Epidemiological and Health Research

    Build capacity to ensure the benefits of well designed, culturally appropriate, and ethical health research reach Northern Plains AI communities

    • Facilitated communication between North Dakota Cancer Registry (NDCR) and AAIHS to improve monitoring and understanding of cancer for American Indians in North Dakota

    • Initiated the Northern Plains Tribal Cancer Data Initiative to improve understanding of cancer region-wide (in collaboration with NPCCCP and UNMC)

    Epidemiological and health research15 l.jpg
    Epidemiological and Health Research

    • Developed a Suicide Prevention Workbook for project with

      the Rosebud White Buffalo Calf Woman Society

    • Partnered with UNMC to submit proposal on behalf of American Indian Research and Education Institute

    • Partnered with Native American Cancer Research (NACR) to

      submit 2 proposals:

      • Implementation of the Urban American Indian Breast and

        Cervical Cancer Outreach, Screening and Comprehensive Care

      • American Indian Northern Urban Alliance

  • What questions need to be explored relating to the health of elders?

    • Are there new health problems that are not well understood?

  • Public health capacity workforce development l.jpg
    Public Health Capacity & Workforce Development

    Improve public health and epidemiologic capacity in Northern Plains tribal communities by improving coordination and communication, providing technical assistance, and providing educational and work experience opportunities.

    • Coordination and communications:

      • Coordinate with AAIHS Office of Health Programs

      • Multiple local and national task force and committees

      • Disseminated AI/AN injury mortality data to Tribal health programs

    Public health capacity workforce development17 l.jpg
    Public Health Capacity & Workforce Development

    • Training

      • Facilitated NICHHD-funded Healthy Native Babies SIDS Risk Reduction training

      • Conducted “BRFSS Data Interpretation and Utilization” workshops for Nebraska Tribal health professionals

      • Coordinated HIV 101 training for health educators and CHR's

      • Provided STD/HIV partner services training

      • Hepatitis Integration Training

      • Helped sponsor “Introduction to Rapid testing”

    Public health capacity workforce development18 l.jpg
    Public Health Capacity & Workforce Development

    • Technical Assistance

      • Developed and disseminated a manual and MS ACCESS database for tracking tribal diabetes activities

      • Provided technical Assistance for STD/HIV prevention (data, educational materials, presentations and trainings)

      • Assist in grant writing

    • Educational and work experience

      • Masters in Public Health internships

        • HIV Peer Education Model Development

        • Maternal and Infant Health Status Report

    Accountability and reporting to stakeholders l.jpg
    Accountability and Reporting to Stakeholders

    • Ensure NPTEC is accountable to stakeholders

      • AATCHB Executive Committee meetings – quarterly

        updates, tribal resolutions

      • NPTEC Advisory Committee-Cynthia LaCounte

      • Reporting to grantors

      • Host site visits from funders

      • AATCHB Website development and maintenance

      • Program specific advisory groups

      • Welcome visits from tribal leadership and community members

      • Tribal site visits to inform stakeholders of activities

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    Northern Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center

    1770 Rand Road

    Rapid City, SD 57702


    Adeola Jaiyeola, Director

    Jennifer Richards