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A. Hannah and Peninnah. B. Merab and Michal. C. Phinehas and Hophni. #1. 1:2 – Elkanah had two wives. Their names were?. Round 1. A. Silver or gold. B. Ten sons. C. I am to Peninnah. #2. 1:8—Elkanah said to Hannah, “Am I not better to you than ______?”. Round 1.

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A. Hannah and Peninnah

B. Merab and Michal

C. Phinehas and Hophni


1:2 – Elkanah had two wives. Their names were?

Round 1

A. Silver or gold

B. Ten sons

C. I am to Peninnah


1:8—Elkanah said to Hannah, “Am I not better to you than ______?”

Round 1

A. Were corrupt

B. Wore a linen ephod

C. Followed in his footsteps


2:12—The sons of Eli

Round 1

A. David

B. Elkanah and Peninnah

C. A man of God


2:27—Who came to Eli?

Round 1

A. knowledge

B. love

C. suffering


2:3—The LORD is the God of _____

Round 1

A. The 1st time

B. The 3rd time

C. The 2nd time


3:8—When did Eli perceive that the LORD had called the boy (Samuel)?

Round 1

A. Jerusalem

B. Ramah

C. Shiloh


4:3—The elders of Israel said let us bring the ark to us from where

Round 1

A. Hophni and Phinehas

B. Joel and Abijah

C. 85 men who wore a linen ephod


4:11—The ark of God was captured and these died.

Round 1

A. It was his grandfather’s name.

B. “The glory has departed from Israel.”

C. It was his uncle’s name.


4:21—How was the name Ichabod chosen?

Round 1

A. At the terebinth tree of Tabor

B. The hill of God by the Philistine garrison

C. By Rachel’s tomb in the territory of Benjamin at Zelzah


10:2—Where would Saul find two men who would tell him the donkeys were found?

Round 1

A. The behavior of royalty

B. The righteous acts of the LORD

C. Whether or not he had taken bribes


12:7— About what did Samuel reason with the people before the LORD?

Round 1

A. As a seer

B. As a father

C. A man of God, an honorable man


9:6—How was Samuel described?

Round 1

A. Without ceasing

B. In truth, with all their heart

C. They were not to let their right hand know what their left hand did.


12:24—How did Samuel tell Israel to serve the LORD?

Round 1

A. He might lighten His hand from them, their gods, and their land.

B. The tumors might cease

C. The thunder might stop


6:5-6—If the Philistines gave glory to the God of Israel, what might happen?

Round 1

A. Gilgal their land.

B. Mizpah

C. Michmash


7:7-—Where did the lords of the Philistines go up against Israel when they heard the children of Israel gathered there?

Round 1

A. 5 golden tumors & 5 golden rats their land.

B. The behavior of the king who would reign over them

C. The head of Goliath


8:9—What was Samuel to show the people?

Round 1

A. Young women going out to draw water their land.

B. The servant of Samuel

C. Joel and Abijah


9:11—To whom did Saul and his servant say, “Is the seer here?”

Round 1

A. The Full Moon their land.

B. The lamp of God in the tabernacle

C. Eli’s eyes


3:2— What had grown dim?

Round 1

A. A vessel without any bread their land.

B. His sword

C. One-fourth of a shekel of silver


9:8—What did Saul’s servant say he had at hand?

Round 1

A. The word of the LORD their land.

B. Rain at the wheat harvest

C. An honest man


3:1—What was rare in those days?

Round 1

A. The bows of the mighty men their land.

B. Eli’s neck

C. The new cart


2:4—What was broken?

Round 1

A. Yes, he heard everything his sons did to all Israel. their land.

B. Yes, he saw them with a 3-pronged fleshhook.

C. No, he did not know.


2:22—Did Eli know his sons were corrupt?

Round 1

A. 4,000 their land.

B. 30,000

C. 50,070


4:2—How many men of the army in the field were killed between Ebenezer and Aphek?

Round 1

A. Phinehas their land.

B. Hophni

C. Samuel


2:18—Who ministered before the LORD, even as a child?

Round 1

A. 20 years their land.

B. 98 years

C. 40 years


4:18—How long had Eli judged Israel?

Round 1