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Project of B usiness, E ntrepreneurship and M anagement on developing an innovative business idea Presented by studen PowerPoint Presentation
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Project of B usiness, E ntrepreneurship and M anagement on developing an innovative business idea Presented by studen

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Project of B usiness, E ntrepreneurship and M anagement on developing an innovative business idea Presented by studen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project of B usiness, E ntrepreneurship and M anagement on developing an innovative business idea Presented by students of B.Com (H) I year section 3 Hans Raj College Faculty- Mrs. Meghna Malhotra. Business Model : “ Paste-in-Brush !!”. Paste-In-Brush!!: Feed System. BACKGROUND.

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Project of Business, Entrepreneurship and Managementon developing an innovative business idea

Presented by students of B.Com(H) I year section 3

Hans Raj College

Faculty- Mrs. MeghnaMalhotra


It can often be desirable to have a toothbrush provided with a quantity of toothpaste which is stored in the handle and which is dispensable onto the bristles of the toothbrush from dispensing orifices provided through the brush head and adjacent to the brush bristles as needed.

technical field
  • Nowadays, daily-use toothbrushes require the customer to actively spread a toothpaste on it. Toothpastes are mostly sold in plastic tubes or in hard plastic containers. In every modern home, for the most part, there are toothbrushes for each and every member of the family, and shared toothpaste for all. In order to brush one's teeth, one should first spread the toothpaste on the toothbrush.

The previously mentioned way of brushing one's teeth, which is common to every human being in modern society, has a few shortcomings, they are as follows:

  • No Personalization: Toothpastes offered to the public include a wide variety of flavours, qualities and colours. As previously mentioned, in spite of the fact that each member of the family owns a personal toothbrush, they all usually share the same toothpaste. So, if members of a family possess different tastes, some of them will have to compromise regarding the type of toothpaste they will use.

Low Hygiene: At the end of use, the toothbrush is placed alongside the other members' toothbrushes, with no possibility of preventing contact between them. Some will regard this fact as a major hygienic shortcoming.

Difficult For Some :Squeezing the tube and spreading the paste on the toothbrush, though seemingly a rather simple task for ordinary people, is regarded as a difficult and complicated one for the elderly, children and those who suffer from fine-motor disabilities.The current invention provides an appropriate solution for the shortcomings mentioned above.

Wastage: The shared toothpaste among all users makes it impersonal. Therefore, due to hygienic considerations, many people squeeze a bit of toothpaste before spreading it on the toothbrush.

  • The invention involves a personal toothbrush, which is built upon a receptacle comprising personal toothpaste from which the toothpaste comes out onto the brush, in the area of the bristles. The receptacle will be made of hard plastic, and will serve as an attractively designed and comfortable handle. The toothbrush will include a regular set of bristles, and a short arm with a screw able connector. A spring-like push-button will be placed below the base, which will squeeze out the paste out to bristles

A toothbrush includes a short arm having bristles on one end and the opposite end connected to a receptacle containing toothpaste. The bottom end of the arm includes a connector leading from a departure hole at the upper base of the receptacle to the brush. We have given two spring like push buttons one at the base below receptacle and one at the body of receptacle near the connector. On pressing the button at the base , Toothpaste leaves the receptacle through the departure hole into a channel along the arm and paste flows through the channel and through two short flexible pipes and up into the bristles. The use of second button is when little toothpaste is left in receptacle , second button is pressed to increase the pressure. The brush may also include a transparent cover thereon. The receptacle is shaped as an easy, comfortable handle for use. When the receptacle is out of paste, it may be filled with a new one.

receptacle s description
  • A disposable, cylindrical, receptacle made out of hard plastic, which contains toothpaste which will be filled in a rubber balloon which will be inside the cylinder. Its bottom base is Having a push button. Below balloon, containing paste, there will be a plastic circular base, then a spring then the push button. Pressing the push button will squeeze out the paste out on balloon and travel through the pipe to the bristles
brush s operation
  • While pressing the spring-like push-button, the paste will go out of the receptacle through the channel, up to the bristles' area of the brush where the channel will spilt into two, and the paste will get to the bristles from both ends of the channel.
  • Short pipes made of silicon (or any other soft and flexible material) will be attached to both of the channel's holes, in order to prevent drying of the paste. The brush would be sealed with a transparent cover made of plastic, that would be attached to the connector
  • Comfortable and Easy usage.
  • Personalization:will allow the user to use a different kind of paste (personal), according to his taste and preference.
  • Hygienic : Due to the diameter of the receptacle, and the cover on top of it, there would be no contact between the family members' toothbrushes. This fact will allow a high degree of hygiene.
  • Stands On Its Own: Due to the diameter of the receptacle, the brush will be placed on its bottom base, with no need for any special device in order to make it stand on its own.
  • No Dry Ups: The short silicone pipes will prevent the paste from drying up and will allow free flow of the paste to the bristles

Comfortable Handle : Being thicker than an ordinary toothbrush, the receptacle will serve as a very comfortable handle, which will fit, almost perfectly, to the size of the palm.

  • Easy For Elderly : The invention will turn the usage of the tube and spreading of the paste on the brush, into an easier task for the elderly, children and those with fine-motor disabilities


  • As ours is an already established company selling Toiletries like Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Tongue cleaner, Mouthwash, Dental Floss etc
  • This venture will add Toothbrush with paste to its list
  • Marketing of this product will start from metropolitan cities, then to states’ capital
  • Marketing method followed will include Posters, Internet media(like youtube, google ads), online selling portals(like flipkart, ebay, homeshop18), Free samples, active display at market and public places to promote the product.

The first 500 customers would get a special discount on the toothbrush.

  • Many consumers base a lot of their purchase decisions on how comfortable a toothbrush feels in their mouths, whether the bristles are soft enough, whether the head shape suits their mouth size, or whether the toothbrush is flexible enough. They also base their purchases around the ability of the toothbrush to “remove food particles; plaque removal and gum stimulation,”

These groups include therapeutic, cosmetic, and uninvolved brushers. Therapeutic brushers are concerned with oral care problems. They brush to prevent disease or other oral health risks. Cosmetic brushers are concerned with bad breath and their appearance. We provide with all these things in the same product. Soft bristles and flavoured toothpaste of customer’s choice.

  • For Wholesalers and retailers, schemes will be introduced; like, if they achieve a sale target of 10lakh they can win a trip to Goa sponsored by HRC Ltd

Point System will be introduced for wholesaler and retailers


On sale of every 10 Units they will earn 3 reward points, which they can spend to buy products from HRC Ltd


As they sell lesser no. of articles as compared to wholesalers therefore they will earn 5 points on sale of 10

cost analysis

The cost of the product has been decided in a way that it is economical to everyone i.e elite class and the middle class people.

Our R&D team has been working on this and bifurcated the cost as follows:-

1.Plastic = Rs 5

2.Spring = Rs 3

3.Bristles = Rs 5

4.Silicon Pipes = Rs 8

5.Rubber Balloon = Rs 6

6.Button = Rs 2

7.Labour Charges = Rs 5

8. Toothpaste = Rs 4

9.Electricity = Rs 7

So we came on a conclusion to keep 10% profit on selling price. So the total cost of the product was decided to be Rs 50….


The Major Source for this venture will be from the profits derived out of our already established business kept as reserves.

s w o t analysis
S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Strength
    • High Demand of this product in market, but no product as such released yet
    • Low cost
    • Easy to Use for everyone
    • No competition
  • Weakness
    • Difficult to replace the current system


    • Huge untapped market
    • In future, introduction of motorized version of this product
    • Chances to compete in foreign market
  • Threats
    • Rejection by market
    • Competition in the form of advanced technology
future plans
Future Plans
  • Material Recovery
    • Point-of-Purchase Recycling
    • Mail-In Recycling
  • Redesign of product to eliminate manufacturing waste
  • Redirect products with minor production errors to charities (etc.) rather than throwing away.

Use recycled materials

  • Floss in/at end of handle
  • Remove nickel silver wire and melt nylon bristles to new nylon brush head
special thanks