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Heritage Mall

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Heritage Mall. Prapt Limkatunyoo Kevin Scofield Nanut Sittniphong Wannaporn Srinives Blaine Yamamoto Denise Yeh. Red Robins Overview. Spoke to Jeff (Manager) Background Information Albany location was established on September 13 th , 2001 Casual Dining Restaurant

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Heritage Mall

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heritage mall

Heritage Mall

Prapt Limkatunyoo

Kevin Scofield

Nanut Sittniphong

Wannaporn Srinives

Blaine Yamamoto

Denise Yeh

red robins overview
Red Robins Overview
  • Spoke to Jeff (Manager)
  • Background Information
    • Albany location was

established on

September 13th, 2001

    • Casual Dining Restaurant
    • Target market is “soccer mom’s” with a couple of kids
      • Sports is shown on televisions situated around the restaurant and in the restrooms in an effort to target father’s
    • 60% of weekly business occurs between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon
swot analysis
SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
    • People
    • 1st Casual Diner
    • Bottomless Fries
    • Location
    • Customer Service
  • Weaknesses
    • Small Patio Seating
    • Small Commercial Group
    • Store Layout
    • Higher prices compared to fast

food establishments

swot analysis4
SWOT Analysis
  • Opportunities
    • Special Events
    • Open Another Location
  • Threats
    • Wyatt’s
    • Other Competitors
      • Applebee’s
        • Will be opening a store in Albany next year
      • Olive Garden
target overview
Target Overview
  • Second Largest General Merchandise Retailer
  • Over 1,250 Stores in 47 States
  • Albany Target – Opened 1989
  • Business Hours
    • Monday to Saturday 8a.m. – 10p.m.
    • Sunday 8a.m. to 9p.m.
  • Busy During Afternoons and Weekends
swot analysis6
SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
    • Experienced Team
    • Employees Have Good Relationships
    • Anchor Store of The Mall
    • Target Name
  • Weaknesses
    • Resistance To Change
    • Location
    • Remodeling
    • Company Controlled
swot analysis7
SWOT Analysis
  • Opportunities
    • Remodel Finish in October
    • A New Pharmacy
    • Renovating Food Area
    • New Racks
  • Threats
    • Competition
    • Individual Bias
ross overview
Ross Overview
  • Ross Stores, Inc. began in 1982 -six

stores in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • In 2003, there were 568 Ross

‘Dress For Less’ Stores in 25 states and Guam

  • Acquires excess merchandises from manufacturers
  • dd’s DISCOUNTSSM, a new off-price concept targeting the needs of lower-income households
  • 30,000 gross square feet in a self-service, easy-to-shop format
  • Focus group: value-conscious 25-54 years old
  • Middle to upper-middle income level
swot analysis10
SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
    • Low operation costs
    • Low price clothing, accessories, home applies - 20-60% saving
    • Wide rage of products
    • Convenient location- neighborhood shopping center
swot analysis11
SWOT Analysis
  • Weaknesses
    • Unorganized
    • No guarantee of the product availability
    • Poor customer service
    • Too few employees: about 4
swot analysis12
SWOT Analysis
  • Opportunities
    • Utilize the website
      • Click-and-mortar
    • Better economic conditions
    • Americans spend most of their time shopping (not include time at work and at home)
swot analysis13
SWOT Analysis
  • Threats
    • Poor image – only for low income customers
    • Online retailers
    • Greater size and efficiency retailers: Wal*Mart, Target
bath body works15
Bath & Body Works
  • Bath & Body Works was founded in New Albany, Ohio in the fall of 1990.
  • A division of Limited Brands, Inc., Bath & Body Works now has more than 1,700 stores nationwide.
  • Aim to bring innovation, quality and performance of its products to customers.
bath body works heritage mall
Bath & Body Works Heritage Mall
  • Store Manager: Joanna
  • Have been in the Heritage Mall for 5 years.
  • Hours: Same with the Mall
  • Busiest Hours: Depends.
  • Customer: Loyal customer.
  • Mother’s day big promotion.
  • Best Seller: New Items
bath body works17
Bath & Body Works
  • SWOT Analysis


- Strong loyal customer base.

- No similar store in the mall.

- Recognized brand name.

- Distinct store image in the mall.

- Good store atmosphere.

- Friendly employees.

- Clean in-store sample.

- Mall brings the traffic flow.

- Click and mortar retailer.

bath body works18
SWOT Analysis


- High-end product not

match Albany’s profile.

- Most of the mall traffic is

not their customers.

- Inflexible operation hours.


- Old Navy opened in end of

August may bring the

consumer traffic they want.

- More local promotions.

- Same promotion timing

with the anchor stores.


- Beauty products in Target,

hair salon, Ross, Sears,

and Gottschalk’s

Bath & Body Works
coach house gifts
Coach House Gifts
  • Since 1969, Coach House Gifts has offered Hallmark products and fine gifts across the country, and now it is the nation's premier retailer of greeting cards, collectibles, upscale gifts and items for the home.
  • Good reputation of service, selection and convenience.
  • Many Coach House Gifts stores are also Hallmark Gold Crown.
  • In Oregon, there are two Coach House Gifts store (Heritage Mall and Getaway Mall)
hallmark cards inc company
Hallmark Cards, Inc. Company
  • As the #1 producer of warm fuzzies, Hallmark Cards is the Goliath of greeting cards.
  • The company's cards are sold under brand names such as Hallmark, Shoebox, and Ambassador and can be found in more than 42,000 US retail stores (about 4,200 of these stores bear the Hallmark Gold Crown name; the majority of these stores are franchised).
  • Hallmark also owns Binney & Smith (maker of Crayola brand crayons) and portrait studio chain The Picture People.

‧It offers electronic greeting cards and

flowers through its Web site, Hallmark.com

‧Produces television movies through

Hallmark Entertainment and the Crown

Media unit.

coach house gifts in heritage mall
Coach House Gifts in Heritage Mall
  • Store Manager: Desiree Whither
  • Have been in the Heritage Mall for 5 years.
  • Female 18-65+ customer base
  • Recruiting continually
  • Busiest Hours: 3-4 pm
  • High-end store
coach house gifts in heritage mall23
Coach House Gifts in Heritage Mall
  • SWOT Analysis


- No other Hallmark or similar store in Albany.

- Distinct store image in the mall.

- Well-known brand name (Hallmark).

- Gottschalk’s brings them customers.

- Friendly employee.

- Destination store.

coach house gifts in heritage mall24
Coach House Gifts in Heritage Mall
  • SWOT Analysis


- Heritage mall is not a busy mall.

- Most of the mall traffic is not their


- Inflexible open hours.


- No immediate thread

right now.

- Cards and gifts in Target,

Ross in the mall, and

Fred Myer and other

stores out of the Mall.


- The coming of Old Navy will

bring desirable customer


- More direct marketing to

Albany area.

  • One-time responsive manager said:

“ I received your message you left here in the store.  Please give me more information as to what you are looking for? Thank you. Lawrence LaJoie Store Manager Albany ”

General info

  • Regional department store chain headquartered in Fresno, California
  • Selling housewares, clothing, fragrances, jewelry.
  • Celebrating 100th year of business


- Plenty of parking

- Visible, adjacent to major streets& intersection

- Heritage Plaza located just opposite

- Good customer service

- Nice and spacious store layout

- Proper ventilation

- Special events


- Low brand awareness

- No remarkable or outstanding reputation for values they brings to customers



- More advertising to create brand awareness

- Spread the news of upcoming events

- OSU students or students from other schools/universities nearby.

- Strengthen their private label brands – allowing them to be competitive by distinguishing themselves from competitors.

- Online shopping and a better website



- Ross

- Woodburn

- Other retailers in that area

- Advertising

heritage shopping mall
Heritage Shopping Mall
  • Donna R. Green ( General manager of Heritage Mall )
  • Name “Heritage” comes from the name of the oak tree nearby the mall
  • Heritage Mall first opened November 2 1988 , relationship with Target ,Emporium , Sears and JC Penny
  • Currently Department Stores : Target , Ross , Sears and Gottschalks
  • Target Groups : mainly 35, senior and younger ( mixture of all three)
  • Mall has 85 % occupancy
  • Old Navy is coming September 6
  • Future plan is replace bad performing stores to have larger and well known name stores ex. Pac Sun, AE.
  • Key periods for Ad : Back to school , Valentine , Dad&Mom’s day , Christmas

Map and Directory

Department Stores Health & Beauty

Accessories Jewelry

Apparel Services

Cards, Gifts & Books Special shops

Food & Restaurants


Music, Electric & Cameras

heritage shopping mall swot
Heritage Shopping Mall SWOT


  • Good location: close to I-5 , highway 34 and Corvallis
  • Parking lots are big enough and concern about senior group
  • Various kinds of store for everybody
  • New store is coming : Old navy
  • Clean place for shopping

SWOT Analysis

  • Construction makes inconvenience
  • Parking lots are too big
  • Customer service
  • Small food court
  • Customers need more entertainment ex. Ice skating
swot analysis34
SWOT Analysis


  • - Place for community : a lot of senior people ( discussion group)
  • - Easy to come ( signs along the road)
  • - Advertising : Cable , newspaper , radio , billboard
  • - Special events all year long : because it can bring people, and built customer loyalty by these events
  • - No competitors in Albany ( according to Donna)
  • - “Even it rains or hot outside , people still visit the mall” (Heritage Mall customer)
  • Mall name “ Heritage” feel like sell old stuff or antique
  • Competitors are not in Albany but outside Albany are Salem Center , Lancaster Mall , Gateway Eugene , VRC
  • K mart is also competitor
should heritage be changed the name to white oak
Should Heritage be changed the name to “White Oak”?
  • Visit Heritage Mall Website @ www.heritagemall.com
  • Mall Hour : Mon-Fri 10.00-9.00

Sat 10.00 - 7.00

Sun 10.00 – 6.00