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Kinnari Steel Corporation - Tube Fittings Specialists

Product Range includes:Tube FittingsButt weld fittingsForged FittingsFlangesPipes

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Kinnari Steel Corporation - Tube Fittings Specialists

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  1. Contact : kslok@vsnl.net Call :+91 9819909077

  2. Introduction to our company • In a market characterized by an increasing demand for stainless steel tubes, we have decided to focus the positioning of our brand, KSC, between Western technology leaders and emerging challengers from the Far East. We thus combine the best of two worlds, offering local partnership and global competence. • Our audiences demand a new type of market player, providing high quality solutions at a competitive price and service level. We are proud and confident to say that we are uniquely familiar with both Eastern and Western steel grades and business practices. • We are a client focused and service oriented group. The foundations of our business heritage continue to be based on quality, reputation, customer service and performance. Emphasis is placed on human resources and deployment of the latest in information technology. • Quality Goods + Prompt Service + Better Rates = Customers’ Satisfaction. Creating value brings success. Sharing success makes it sustainable.

  3. Business Strategy Being on a global mission in the seamless stainless steel tube business Combining the best of all worlds To bring the best together, East and West, establishing ourselves as the leading specialist in the seamless stainless steel tube business. To become our clients’ most valuable and flexible partner in providing competitive stainless steel solutions. Due to our specialization and great experience in stainless steel tube production we can offer a growing product portfolio combined with an exceptional service. Being in the centre of business, we are always close to our customers, any time, everywhere around the world. Our vision Our mission “Success as I see it, is a result, not a goal.”

  4. OUR PRODUCTS Double Ferrule Fittings Manifolds Single Ferrule & Flare Fittings Valves SS Tubes & Pipes

  5. Ks-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Union : Our Products Reducing Union – RU Union – U Union Cross - UC Union Tee – UT Bulkhead Union – BU Union Elbow - UE Ks-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings X Components : Blanking End - BE Blanking Plug - BP Tube Nut - NU Front Ferrule – FF Back Ferrule - FF

  6. Ks-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Male Fitting : OUR PRODUCTS Male Connector NPT - MCN(Imperial Series) Male Connector NPT - MMCN (Metric Series) Male Connector BSP - MCB & MMCB Male Connector BSPP - MCBP & MMCBP Male Bulkhead Connector - NPTNPT - MBCN & MMBCN Male Elbow NPT - MEN (Imperial Series) Male Elbow NPT - MMEN (Metric Series) Male Elbow NPT BSP - MEB & MMEB Male Elbow NPT 45 NPT - METN & MMETN  Male Run Tee NPT - MRTN & MMRTN Male Branch Tee NPT - MBTN & MMBTN

  7. Ks-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Female pipe : Ks-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Female pipe : Female Connector NPT - FCN (Metric Series) Female Connector BSP/BSPP - FCB/MFCBBP Female Bulkhead Connector NPT - FBCN & MFBCN Female Elbow NPT - FEN Female Run Tee NPT - FRTN Female Branch Tee NPT -FBTN OUR PRODUCTS Stainless Steel Capillary Tube: Instrument Pipe Fitting Capllary Tubing

  8. Uniting, leading and inspiring an excellent international team Clear decision-making processes Open and transparent communications Moving ahead with young , talented and highly motivated employees Great experience and expertise in Improving customer focus the stainless steel production A sound portfolio of product solutions Excellent logistics and DELIVERY ON TIME Management Principles

  9. The ISO 9000 family of standards represents an international consensus on good quality management practices. ISO 9001:2008 is the standard that provides a set of standardized requirements for a quality management system, regardless of what the user organization does, its size, or whether it is in the private, or public sector. Kinnari Steel has been continuously been involved in the efficiency of our quality system in every aspect of our business. We strive to be the best in our industry. We care about our customers, our suppliers and partners. We do our absolute best to honor our commitments. We strive to always act with integrity and fairness. ISO CERTIFICATION

  10. : Engaging for a better future – in Middle East and on a global scale !!!! Corporate Social Responsibility • Improving the work-life balance and skills of our employees • Local engagement • Investing in our future • Being responsible for our environment • Setting benchmarks for the Middle East countries • Sustainable growth • New goals in the future

  11. Packing & Packaging At Kinnari Steel, we take special care in packing Tubes and Pipes and supply shipments correctly! Type of packing at Kinnari Steelis as follows: =Bundle Packing =Wooden Crates =Wooden Boxes =Special Wooded Boxes for “U” Tubes – each radius separated =Special Packing as per Customers requirement   Other unique packing features:      =Ferritic / Martens tic Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes filled with inert gas (N2) in inside diameter and end caps plugged at both the ends. =Sea worthy packing in wooden boxes with plastic sheet.=Ends of tubes / pipes protected by plastic / metallic caps.   =Vertical separators for each radius.   =Each bundle is covered with plastic.     Every consignment is packed with great care. Kinnari Steel takes pride in packing your consignment and supplies. We spend more time packing than most companies because our goal is your satisfaction (not just selling Tubes and Pipes

  12. Kinnari Steel Pan India Kinnari Steel Corporation Address : Shop No. 24/1, 2nd Carpenter Street, Mumbai - 400 004, India Phone : +91-22- 2386 2246, 6636 3675 Tele fax : +91-22- 2242 5216 Om Tubes & Fittings Address :Shop No.10,Bordi Bungalow, 1st Panjarapole, C.P.Tank,Mumbai-400004 Phone-+91-22-6743 6562/6743 7634 Tele fax:+91-22-22425216 Arihant Tubes & Fittings, Gala No.10B &11B,J-514,Goyal Industrial Premises Co-op Society Ltd.MIDC,Blosari,Pune-26,India Tel No. : 9520-2745 5486/3068 5486

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