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English 1213 Dr. Miller

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English 1213 Dr. Miller. Session 3 Catalog Frederic Murray, M.L.I.S. NEA Study 2007: To Read or Not To Read. Americans are spending less time reading Reading comprehension skills are eroding These declines have serious civic, social, cultural and economic implications.

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english 1213 dr miller

English 1213Dr. Miller

Session 3


Frederic Murray, M.L.I.S.

nea study 2007 to read or not to read
NEA Study 2007:To Read or Not To Read
  • Americans are spending less time reading
  • Reading comprehension skills are eroding
  • These declines have serious civic, social, cultural and economic implications
to read or not to read
To Read or Not To Read
  • More than 60% of employed Proficient readers have jobs in management or in the business, financial, professional and related sectors
  • Only 18% of Basic reader are employed in those fields
  • Proficient readers are 2.5 times as likely as Basic readers to be earning $850 or more a week

-U.S. Dept. of Ed: Nat. Center for Education Statistics 2005

to read or not to read1
To Read or Not To Read
  • Employers now rank reading and writing as top deficiencies in new hires
  • Remedial writing courses are estimated to cost more than $3.1 billion for large corporate employers and $221 for state employers
reading is transformative
Reading is Transformative
  • Jimmy Santiago Baca
  • Dorothy Allison
  • Larry Heinemann
  • Keyword vs. Subject
  • Boolean
  • Limiters

Keyword example: execution

1: the act or process of executing : performance

2: a putting to death especially as a legal penalty

3: the process of enforcing a legal judgment (as against a debtor) ; also : a judicial writ directing such enforcement

4: the act or mode or result of performance

keywords synonyms
Keywords: Synonyms

Keyword: execution

Part of Speech: noun

Synonyms: accomplishment, completion, consummation, decapitation, doing, effectuation, electrocution, fulfillment, garrote, guillotine, killing, lapidation, noyade, performance, perpetration, realization, strangulation, transaction

execution in an online search


Internet :

Direct marketing : strategy, planning, execution / Edward L. Nash

Forward chaining in HALO: An implementation strategy for history-based logic pointcuts

FOXNews.com - Anger After Cheerleaders Stage Mock Execution at Pep Rally

“Execution” in an Online Search
searches use boolean
Searches Use Boolean
  • execution and business
  • execution and prison
  • execution and “dance moves”
finding books
Finding books
  • Catalog
  • Use keyword searching with Boolean operators
  • Subject searching is like using a thesaurus
  • Limiters
  • Ebrary provides more than 44,000 digital books in a broad range of subject areas, including business, technology, health and medicine, literature and the humanities, physical sciences, social sciences, and interdisciplinary studies. Ebrary digital books contain the full-text and illustrations of their print counterparts
  • Catalog worksheet
    • SWOSU
    • WorldCat
    • Topic: U.S.A. Presidential Elections
thank you
Thank You

Frederic Murray M.L.I.S.


580 774 7113