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Multnomah Education Service District

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Multnomah Education Service District. P-Card Recertification 2011-12. Agenda. P-Card News P-Card Process Notes Bank of America WORKS What would you do?. P-Card News. P-Card Topics. Issues with Cards Increased emphasis on use of P-Cards Monthly random audits Audit findings Fraud.

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multnomah education service district

Multnomah Education Service District

P-Card Recertification


  • P-Card News
  • P-Card Process Notes
  • Bank of America WORKS
  • What would you do?
p card topics
P-Card Topics
  • Issues with Cards
  • Increased emphasis on use of P-Cards
  • Monthly random audits
    • Audit findings
  • Fraud
pcard administrator
PCard Administrator
  • Brian Altman,

Business Services: x 1794

Please contact me if you have questions or need assistance with P-Card purchases or Works!

p card manual and reference on the intranet
P-Card Manual and Reference on the Intranet
p card process notes

P-Card Process Notes

It’s an Ongoing Learning Experience!

the p card purchase process under 5 000
The P-Card Purchase Process-Under $5,000
  • Make purchase
  • Retain receipts, packing slips & invoices
  • Submit documents to Business Services when audited
the p card purchase process over 5 000
The P-Card Purchase Process-Over $5,000

Get 3 quotes (Retain documentation)

  • You place the order
  • Vendor is paid immediately
  • Vendor delivers item
  • You retain receipts, quotes, pack slips & invoices

Call Mike Mlynarczyk for assistance with procedures (503) 257-1791

  • For MESD business purposes only
  • Never use your card for personal expenditures, or to obtain “store credit”
  • You may not use the card to purchase restricted items ***
keep in mind
Keep in Mind
  • P-Card use is a privilege, not a right!
purchase incentives
Purchase Incentives
  • Examples include but not limited to:
    • Two-for-one purchases
    • Albertsons & Safeway Cards
    • Reward Dollars – Fred Meyer ?

Give MESD phone number while using the P-Card (503-255-1841)

  • Any incentive rewards are the property of MESD.
things you should never do
Things You Should Never Do
  • Never give a vendor your personal data as part of your transaction
  • Never put your full card number in an email ***
  • Never allow someone else to use your card
  • Never split a purchase to circumvent limits
program review monthly audits
Program ReviewMonthly Audits
  • Business Servicesconducts monthly random audits to monitor
    • compliance with agency policy
    • ethics and appropriate use
    • receipt and record keeping
    • timely sign off in Works
    • notification of employee status change
  • The findings will be communicated to Directors
audit results most common mistakes
Audit Results Most Common Mistakes. . .
  • Description too vague: “parking”
  • Delay in Cardholder/Manager Sign Off
  • Gratuity over the 15% limit
  • Lack of notification of change in employment status
  • Unacceptable Receipts
to qualify as a receipt
To Qualify as a Receipt
  • Acceptable receipts
    • Invoice
    • Register Receipt
    • Web Page Print Out
  • An acceptable receipt must include
    • Vendor Name
    • Amount
    • Date
    • Itemized description of item(s) purchased
works instructions
WORKS Instructions
  • Instructional materials found at
what would you do

What would you do?

A team exercise!

question 1
Question 1
  • You are at a conference in Chicago with a group from your department. Several of you decide to meet for dinner and find that there is a mandatory gratuity of 18% for a group of 6 or more people. MESD has a 15% gratuity limitation. How would you handle this situation?
question 1 cont
Question 1, Cont……

MESD Board Policy -Travel Procedure DLC-AR # 2…Outside of Oregon

Food expenses are reimbursed at cost plus tax plus 15% gratuity per day but not to exceed the daily per diem rate for that destination, or city closest to the actual destination, as set by the U.S. General Services Administration.

question 2
Question 2
  • You are attending a conference out of state. You have relatives who live in the neighboring state to the conference. You haven’t seen them for awhile and you’re thinking of visiting after the conference. You’ve paid for airfare with your PCard. There will be additional airfare charges.

Do you pay these with your PCard?

question 3
Question 3
  • You cannot find the receipt for one of the purchases you made recently. What are you going to do now?
question 4
Question 4
  • Computers “R” Us is having a sale on printers. Your department needs a printer and this one is only $1,469. It’s under your single transaction limit of $2000. Do you go buy it with your P-Card?
question 5
Question 5
  • Your work space has some chipping walls and small nail holes that need to be repaired. Do you purchase the supplies to fix them with your P-Card?
question 6
Question 6
  • You purchase gift cards as incentives for students. These cards are for various vendors. Do you pay for the gift cards with your PCard?
question 7
Question 7
  • You just purchased a personal item and realized that you have used the MESD PCard to pay for it. What do you do now?
question 8
Question 8
  • You are signing off on a transaction in Works and you see that this is not a purchase you made. What do you do now?
thank you for your participation

Thank you for your participation!

Your certification is good for 18 months.

You will receive an email 2 months prior as a reminder to sign up for training….