the crown and suppliers a new way of working n.
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The Crown and Suppliers: A New Way of Working PowerPoint Presentation
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The Crown and Suppliers: A New Way of Working

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The Crown and Suppliers: A New Way of Working - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Crown and Suppliers: A New Way of Working. Ways of Working 14:20 – 15:05 Data Standards Open Source ICT Asset & Service Knowledgebase Agile Q&A Session. Data Standards. Vision “Common language” and understanding for sharing of information across departments

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the crown and suppliers a new way of working

The Crown and Suppliers:A New Way of Working

Ways of Working 14:20 – 15:05

Data Standards

Open Source

ICT Asset & Service Knowledgebase


Q&A Session


data standards
Data Standards
  • Vision
  • “Common language” and understanding for sharing of information across departments
  • Seamless service provision to the citizen from across government departments
  • Move from inefficiency in production and use of data to public sector data becoming a reusable asset for the common good
  • Ability to compare and benchmark as default
  • Update
  • Commitment to the open engagement on the identification, definition and endorsement of open standards for data.
  • Process of open engagement endorsed across departments.
  • Building on successes of existing standards bodies and departmental functions e.g. Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care.
  • Review across departments commenced on gaps/proposed standards across set of key challenge areas.
  • Objectives
  • Clear, agreed and published set of open standards for data to
  • Enable comparative benchmarking
  • Lower the barriers to entry for the market
  • Ensure open standards are embedded across public sector
  • Build upon and spread existing thought leadership across departments.
  • Have the “common language” in place to support key policy drivers (such as transparency)
  • Opportunities
  • Identify areas where there is a need for standards
  • Build upon significant expertise and work already done
  • Take input and expertise from outside of government departments through open engagement process
  • Consume data based upon open standards into products

A New Way of Working : 21/11/11 :2of8

open source solutions
Open Source Solutions


A level playing field for both Open Source and proprietary software where all options are fairly and equally evaluated and the solution which represents the best value for money is selected without issue.

Potential savings from the adoption of Open Source Solutions are realised in the medium to long term.

  • Update
  • Toolkit published on 31 October 2011 to assist departments in the evaluation of Open Source Solutions.
  • Toolkit includes
    • Procurement advice (and associated PPN)
    • All About Open Source (information)
    • Security advice from CESG
    • An Open Source options catalogue
    • Basic information on Total Cost of Ownership
  • To April 2012 – Update and Embed - Maintain toolkit , communicate, continue surgeries and establish business as usual functions
  • Objective
  • Full compliance with the existing Open Source Policy across the whole of government.
  • The creation of a level playing field for open source and proprietary software, allowing departments to evaluate open source options and select the best value for money option.
  • Awareness and education of all players involved in solution acquisition.


Open source software (OSS) presents significant

opportunities for the design and delivery of

interoperable solutions as well as the possibility of

more cost effective solutions which can potentially offer better value for money and a lower Total Cost of Ownership

A New Way of Working : 21/11/11 :3of8

ask ict asset and services knowledgebase
ASK ICT (Asset and Services Knowledgebase)
  • Vision
  • Pan-government MI on ICT assets and services
  • Licences by Supplier for all of Central Government
  • Update
  • 100% Central Government Departments using







  • Objectives
  • Increase organisations contributing and re-using assets
  • Dec 2011 - Build in to Spend Control Processes
  • Mar 2012 - 100% Agencies, NDPBs, Arms Length Bodies
  • Mar 2013 - 10% Wider Public Sector



A New Way of Working : 21/11/11 :4of8

  • Vision
  • By April 2013, Agile techniques used in 50% of major ICT-enabled programmes
  • By 2014, Agile will reduce the average departmental ICT enabled change delivery timescales by 20%.
  • New projects will adopt Agile methods where appropriate
  • A virtual centre of excellence will provide advice, communication, help, support and feedback to Agile projects
  • A contractual Agile SME Supplier framework will provide access to a catalogue of relevant services provided by SMEs without the need for lengthy and costly competitions.
  • Update
  • 4 Strand approach defined and being implemented – Leadership, Improvement, Prove, Support
  • Approach continually being socialised with departments
  • Initial pilot Agile projects identified
  • Service Catalogue for Agile SMEs defined
  • Department Agile Working Group in place to facilitate progress and knowledge sharing
  • Objectives
  • Identify further pilot Agile projects.
  • Run awareness training for senior executives within departments (incl CIOs, Policy, Finance, Procurement, HR, Legal)
  • Establish business case for each pilot Agile project to invest in appropriate training & coaching.
  • Set up Agile SME Supplier Framework
  • As part of the pilot Agile projects build out contracting options and virtual centre of excellent capabilities – training champions
  • Have approach adopted in all departments after the pilot period
  • Opportunities
  • Suppliers can demonstrate their genuine willingness and ability to change their own waterfall approaches to agile approaches.
  • Suppliers can implement agile engineering principles & practices for the full delivery life cycle for pilot Agile projects
  • Where contracts are prohibitive to working in an agile way suppliers can be proactive in trying to resolve contract based problems.
  • Suppliers can help departments source Agile SME help on pilot Agile projects.

A New Way of Working : 21/11/11 :5of8