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Caterpillar Inc. . Group 9 Brynn Cauffman Spencer Cox Hannah Ives Yesenia Saldivar. Taryn Crews Michael Grizzle Tine Roren. Background. Designs, manufactures, markets, and sell machinery and engines

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Caterpillar inc

Caterpillar Inc.

Group 9

Brynn Cauffman Spencer Cox Hannah Ives YeseniaSaldivar

Taryn Crews Michael Grizzle Tine Roren


  • Designs, manufactures, markets, and sell machinery and engines

  • World’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines

  • Ranked 58 on Fortune 100 list in 2011


  • 1925 merger

    • Holt Manufacturing and Best Tractor Company

  • 93,000 employees in 180 countries

  • Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois

  • Over 400 product for sale

    • Excavators, backhoes, motor graders, off-highway trucks, etc.

  • Facilities

    • 51 manufacturing plants in U.S.

    • 59 manufacturing plants overseas

    • 220 dealers around the world

    Business model
    Business Model

    “We win by delivering valued, quality products, services and solutions to our customers that provide the lowest total owning and operating lifecycle costs."

    Caterpillar in germany
    Caterpillar in Germany

    • Marine Power Systems global headquarters in Hamburg, Germany

    • Proximity to extensive shipping ports and 2 international airports

    • Also have 2 manufacturing plants and an inventory warehouse

    Repatriate interview
    Repatriate Interview

    • Jeff Greener

    • Hamburg from 2004-2009

    • Global Marine Marketing Manager

    • Still travels to Germany often, his time there allows him to be viewed as “local”

    • Shares knowledge extensively with coworkers who have to travel to Germany

    Expatriate interview
    Expatriate Interview

    • Paul Tetrault

      • Director of Marine Product Support

    • John Wenzell

      • Director of Business Development

  • Multiple international assignments

    • Bangkok, Thailand, Geneva, Switzerland, Singapore

  • Hamburg 9 years

  • What we learned
    What We Learned

    • Don’t expect friendly smiles and hellos

    • Listen more, talk less, answer with facts

    • The spouse is the crucial part to assignment success

      • Hard time adjusting and learning language

      • Don’t have comfort of familiar company language

      • Forced to make a lot of sacrifices


    • Is the role of the International Human Resource Management (IHRM) different from that of the domestic-only Human Resource Management (HRM)?

      • Caterpillar is a global firm

      • Expatriates and Repatriates

      • Use experience and knowledge

      • Seen as a local

      • Compensate appropriately


    • Are HRM requirements similar throughout the globalizing world?

      • Germany has different laws and policies

      • Different Business practices

      • Discover unwritten norms

        • Use Expatriates and Repatriates

    Interview paradoxes
    Interview Paradoxes

    • How can the spouse/family be excited about living in Germany but desire to be back home in the United States simultaneously?

      • Culture differences

      • Language barrier

      • Easier for the Expatriate to adjust

      • Number one reason for termination of assignment

    Interview paradoxes1
    Interview Paradoxes

    • How can an employee be proud to be an American without flaunting it and offending the German people?

      • Not wrong to be an American

      • View Americans as shallow, talkative, poor listeners, and overly polite

      • Germans: Serious, formal, and hard to get to know

      • Show effort to know the German culture and language

    Interview paradoxes2
    Interview Paradoxes

    • How can an expatriate manager be simultaneously powerful and powerless?

      • Have legitimate power

      • American business conduct will not work

      • Employee involvement

      • Working hours

      • Adjust or become powerless

    Interview paradoxes3
    Interview Paradoxes

    • How can living in Germany make you see your home country in a different light, and how do you adjust to this when returning home?

      • Disappointed about discoveries

      • Reverse culture shock

      • Hard to adjust to home lives

      • Not being able to use ideas in the work place

    Interview paradoxes4
    Interview Paradoxes

    • How can the expat manger be simultaneously at home anywhere in the world but fit in nowhere?

      • United States is not longer the home they left

      • Easily adjust to other cultures