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Meat and Education resources update PowerPoint Presentation
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Meat and Education resources update

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Meat and Education resources update

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  1. Meat and Education resources update Frances Meek – Senior Education Officer, British Nutrition Foundation

  2. Meat and Education: • Resources that save you time, as ready to use and linked to curricula/ qualifications • Resources that are ready for new GCSE • Responding to teacher’s needs

  3. 1. Meat and Education resources – save you time, as ready to use and linked to curricula/ qualifications “So little time available for developing resources, the Meat and Education programme is invaluable for being able to ‘dip’ in and use at any given time. A very useful teaching tool.”

  4. Meat and Education resources • Lesson ideas with curriculum links • Videos • Recipes • Interactive resources • Posters and photographs • Bi-monthly eNews and printed resource – sign up online In our recent teacher survey, 95.8% of respondents rated the resources good or very good.

  5. KS3 and GCSE grids – resources are now easier to find Detailed grids that identify all the resources (with links) that are relevant to each area of the GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition/ Home Economics specifications and KS3 curricula in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The GCSE grids can be found here: KS3 grids can be found here:

  6. The Eatwell Guide The M&E resources have been updated to reflect the change in the UK healthy eating model and now include The Eatwell Guide. The updated resources can mainly be found in the Food skills area (years 7, 8 & 9):

  7. Food skills The Skills toolkit has been designed to support progression in cooking, nutrition, health, meal planning, food safety and hygiene. There are 5 theory and 5 cooking lessons for Year 7, 8 and 9 available - all with support resources.

  8. Gourmet Burger Builder A new interactive resource that challenges students to make the best burger! Students have a choice of beef or lamb mince and a variety of vegetables, fruit, cheese, spices and herbs along with breads and toppings. A detailed step-by-step recipe is produced so students can make their burger at school or at home.

  9. Gourmet Burger Builder Support resources: Teacher's guide Six lesson themes presented as PowerPoint presentations Structured worksheets that can be used with any theme Burger ingredient food cards. Gourmet Burger Builder can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

  10. Do you have shorter lessons? Have you tried the 50 Minute lessons? Each lesson pack contains: A red meat recipe suitable for a 50/60 minute lesson Teacher's notes Two activities – applied healthy eating, food science, hygiene and safety and provenance An Excel recipe costing spreadsheet. To download the 50 Minute lesson packs, go to:

  11. My Cooking Counts Website tool for secondary school students and their teachers. Focus on cooking skills and techniques, recipe repertoire and food commodity use. Helps teachers track student cooking habits, skills, recipe choice and commodity usage. Helps with reviews and planning. To register, go to:

  12. The focus is on … Recipe repertoire Food skills Food groups

  13. Overview Schools to register – teacher adds students. Students log-in to record recipes cooked and rate their food skills – certificate created for their achievements. Teacher can see Year Group, Key stage and/or whole school progress. Data/trends can be collected (monitoring, tracking and promotion).

  14. Pupils Record their own recipes cooked (with photographs). Assess their own food skills – rating (self-assessment). Know the main ingredients they use – overview provided (range/type). Receive a certificate of achievement – progress.

  15. Teachers Share recipes (their own and pupils). Track and monitor pupils cooking achievement and repertoire. Reporting available, e.g. cooking in a Year Group/whole school, % savoury cooking, main food groups used.

  16. Just add details – 2 mins

  17. Add pupils Top tip Why not just start with one group?

  18. Or upload a list …

  19. Top tip Print out and cut into strips. Get pupils to stick in their workbooks. Information and passwords

  20. Teachers and students can add their own recipes. • Teachers can share recipes (open access across the school). Top tip Focus on ‘What’s a recipe?’ – worksheets provided.

  21. Top tip All recipes can be printed – useful for evidence. Why not ask students to annotate any additional changes they might make?

  22. Shows the teacher what a student has cooked, including: • food groups used (overall) • cooking skills demonstrated (overall) • specific recipes cooked. Top tip Ask pupils to print the screen – providing evidence of progress at that point in time. Useful for reviewing.

  23. Teachers can track progress of students in their school. • Average number of dishes cooked (savoury and sweet) • Type and number of recipes cooked • Food groups used • Cooking skills demonstrated. Top tip Use the reporting function at the end of the academic year and share your achievements!

  24. Teachers and students can print personalised certificates on progress and achievements. • Shows number of recipes cooked, food groups used and food skills demonstrated. • Helps to plot progress – print over time. Top tip Ask students to print certificates at regular intervals throughout the time you teach them – review progress.

  25. Support • Teachers’ guide • Student help sheet • Worksheets • Food skill cards • Food group cards

  26. Recipes A wide variety of recipes are available on the website: Featuring beef, lamb or pork Varying in time from 15 – 90 minutes Clear step by step instructions Top tips Some supported by video clips.

  27. 2. Meat and Education resources – ready for new GCSE “Really good reliable resources which I will be using much more when teaching the new GCSE”

  28. New GCSE area A dedicated area to support KS4 teachers and their students. The area contains PowerPoint presentations, resources, worksheets, posters and videos focusing on the following key content areas: Nutrition Food science and safety Food provenance Food choice Food preparation and cooking Assessment support.

  29. GCSE skills videos Six new videos for KS4 students that focus on the practical skills required to prepare, cook and serve red meat.  The videos highlight the skills GCSE students need to demonstrate including: Knife skills Making meat tender Meat preparation - prepare, combine and shape Cooking meat - using the grill Cooking meat - using the oven Cooking meat - using the hob.

  30. 3. Meat and Education – responding to teacher’s needs • Teacher Steering group • Annual survey • Feedback from events • “I feel that you are trying really hard to support food teachers and I love that you listen to our needs”

  31. What’s next? Teachers identified that the priority for next year should be: Provide support for the new GCSE in food Enable butchers to visit schools Provide CPD sessions for teachers.

  32. Meat: the butcher! A new initiative to enable butchers to work with local schools and provide support with: Red meat butchery skills Cutting techniques Cooking with red meat (alongside the food teacher) Food provenance. Pilot programme for 2016/17 working with five butchers and five schools in England and Wales.

  33. Cooking @home A series of six video shorts to encourage teenagers to cook and eat red meat at home. The videos could also be used by schools as part of life skills education, preparation for university or after school cookery clubs.

  34. Cooking @home – recipes Beef and sweet pepper quesadillas Lamb rogan josh Mozzarella meatballs Pork Thai bites Spicy lamb and feta burgers Pork jambalaya

  35. Learning resources Printed poster, game or active learning resource sent to all registered schools. Additional resources available online. All previous posters (and Newsletters) can be downloaded from the website: Sign up here:

  36. Teacher CPD – what would you like? A number of teacher CPD events have taken place: Practical workshops Conferences eSeminars/webinars Let us know what type of training/CPD suits you best and the content that you would like covered. But – average non-attendance to events like this is 32%. What can M&E do about it?

  37. Food Teacher Professional Portfolio Are you registered for the Food Teacher Professional Portfolio programme? Over 1,600 teachers and HLTAs are!  “Excellent – a wealth of resources and training opportunities that can be accessed in my own time.” All Meat and Education teacher CPD supports the aims of the FTPP programme and the Food teaching in secondary schools: A framework of knowledge and skills (BNF/PHE 2015). To find out more and register, go to:

  38. Meat and Education: • Resources that save you time, as ready to use and linked to curricula/ qualifications • Resources that are ready for new GCSE • Responding to teacher’s needs • “Just want to say thank you for the programme. It has saved my bacon many a time!”

  39. And finally! Meat and Education would love your feedback: Format and content of future CPD Topics for printed learning resources Thoughts about the Meat and Education website: Structure and ease of use Content – is it appropriate? Is anything missing? Please help M&E to help you!

  40. Thank you! For further information, go to: