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RocketLink G.SHDSL. PWR. DSL. CTS. Model 3088 Rocket Link. G.SHDSL Modem. Patton Model 3088 G.SHDSL Rocket Link. RocketLINK TM ACCESS PRODUCTS. The Model 3088 sets the standard for Standards-based high-speed connectivity with it’s low-cost fixed interface design. High Speed G.SHDSL

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RocketLink G.SHDSL




Model 3088 Rocket Link


Patton Model 3088 G.SHDSL Rocket Link


The Model 3088 sets the standard for Standards-based high-speed connectivity with it’s low-cost fixed interface design

High Speed G.SHDSL

Symmetric rates up to 4.6 Mbps

Long Reach

Distances up to 32,800 ft (10 km) at lower rates and up to 18,800 ft (5.75 km) at 2.3 Mbps

Auto-Rate Adaptive

These modems can automatically

determine the maximum rate for a given line.

Choose Your Interface

Choose from V.35, X.21,E1/fE1, 64K Co-directional G.703, and T1/fT1 interface options.

Local and Remote Management

The Model 3088 come with a VT-100 Console port for local management, Plus it can managed remotely via SNMP through another Patton G.SHDSL modem.


Plug-and-Play makes installation easy:

Just Plug them in and the Link is Up and running in seconds

G.SHDSL RocketLink NTU

Patton Model 3088


ake the most of the last-mile in your network. After all, it is the most

critical piece in providing cost effective broadband access over the existing copper Infrastructure, and now Patton Electronics provides the perfect solution to make sure your network stays ahead of the rest.

Patton’s Model 3088 G.SHDSL RocketLink NTU employs the latest and greatest advancements in DSL technology to provide a standards-based high-speed dedicated solution. It uses ordinary copper telephone wires to deliver connectivity at rates up to 4.6 Mbps and distances up to 32,800 ft (10km). The model 3088 creates a full-duplex symmetric link so you get the full data rate in both directions, not like some devices that can only provide the high-speed in one direction.

G.SHDSL is the new standard in high speed delivery and with the model 3088 you get the flexibility of a standards-based solution. Use the model 3088 with Patton’s other G.SHDSL solutions, or use it with third party equipment – you choose. Combined with the variety of interfaces available on the model 3088, you can be sure that the right connection is available to fit in your network. Whether it’s V.35, X.21, or T1 and E1 interfaces, the 3088 has what your looking for in a compact convenient desktop unit.

Use the local Control port to configure the model 3088 or combine the RocketLink NTU with the Patton’s central site G.SHDSL solutions and manage the unit via SNMP or via the Web. Remote management of the Model 3088 enables providers to establish an end-to-end service delivery solution.

The Patton Model 3088 RocketLink NTU delivers the lowest cost, high-speed G.SDSL connectivity and gives you the leg up in connecting your Last Mile. Visit for more information.

Standards Based CPE

TC-PAM Line Coding


2 Wire DSL

Multiple Interfaces

Built in Testing


Proven Patton Equipment

Front mounted LED’s

SNMP/HTTP Management

Following ITU G.991.2 and ETSI TS 101524 Specifications provides users with the standard solution to be used with Patton’s existing line of G.SHDSL products or other third party G.SHDSL products.

Utilizing TC-PAM line coding, provides improved reach/speed over other xDSL technologies

Each G.SHDSL port requires only 2 wires (single pair) for rates from 192Kbps to rates as high as 4.6 Mbps.

A variety of low-cost fixed interface options are available to meet the variety of demands seen in the market.

Integration of V.54 loopbacks and V.52 error testing makes troubleshooting easy if there is ever a problem with the line.

The auto configuration feature of the 3088 modems allows the user to simply plug them in and let the modems do the rest to get the network up and running fast.

Patton is one of the original players in the DSL market and has a proven track record of success in DSL deployment. With a complete line of DSL products, users have a complete solution to choose from, and know they have a reliable link for their network.

Front mounted LED’s provide a quick look at the status of the 3088 at an instant. LED’s provide feedback on Power, DSL port status, Errors and test modes.

Flexible management option allows the system operator to configure the 3088 as the remote modem in a managed network.

Model 3088 Rocket Link



Patton Makes DSL Easy

Use the Model 3088 as a point to point high-speed link or use it with one of Patton’s other G.SHDSL products to get the complete solution. Patton packs a ton of features in small compact and cost-effective boxes to make sure that the Patton customer has the true advantage in their network because they have Patton in their Network.

Use the Model 3088 with Patton’s other G.SHDSL Products for a complete end-to-end solution


Note: Power supply Option (UI = 90 –260 VAC, 48 = 48 VDC)

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