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Irrigation Scheduling Objectives and Concepts PowerPoint Presentation
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Irrigation Scheduling Objectives and Concepts

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Irrigation Scheduling Objectives and Concepts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Irrigation Water Management Training. Irrigation Scheduling Objectives and Concepts. Irrigation Water Management. Applying Water:. According to crop needs * • In amounts that can be held in the soil and be available to crops

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Irrigation Water Management Training

Irrigation Scheduling Objectives and Concepts

irrigation water management
Irrigation Water Management

Applying Water:

  • According to crop needs*

• In amounts that can be held in the soil and be available to crops

• At rates consistent with the intake characteristics of the soil and the erosion hazard of the site

• So that water quality is maintained or improved

irrigation scheduling
Irrigation Scheduling
  • A part of irrigation water management
three keys to good irrigation
Three Keys to Good Irrigation
  • Good Distribution Uniformity (DU)
  • Good Timing*
  • Minimize Surface Runoff
du lq exercise
DUlq Exercise
  • 1.7 inches 2.0 inches
  • 1.8 inches 2.1 inches
  • 1.9 inches 2.2 inches
  • 2.0 inches 2.3 inches
  • Given the 8 measurements above, what is the DUlq for this irrigation?
try to determine what the consultant knows
Try to Determine what the Consultant Knows
  • A farmer has hired a consultant to schedule irrigations on his drip tape system.
  • The consultant tells the farmer to irrigate this week for 80 hours.
  • What does the consultant know?
what is scheduling
What is scheduling?
  • The decision of when and how much water to apply to a field
  • There are many methods available
  • It is not always an option (but remember that not to decide is to decide.)

WILLARD " They told me that you had gone totally insane and that your methods were unsound." KURTZ " Are my methods unsound?" WILLARD " I don't see any method at all, sir."

water balance approach
Water Balance Approach
  • Water used must be replaced
  • Any guesses why this is also called the checkbook method?
balance the soil water
Balance the soil water
  • Know how much water the soil can store
  • Know how much water the plant has used
how much water can the soil hold
How much water can the soil hold?
  • Know the depth of the root zone
  • Know the water holding capacity of the root zone
how much water has the crop used
How much water has the crop used?
  • Know the actual crop evapo-transpiration
when do you irrigate
When Do You Irrigate?
  • Know the Management Allowable Depletion (MAD)