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140 Years of Cash Management in China PowerPoint Presentation
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140 Years of Cash Management in China

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140 Years of Cash Management in China - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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140 Years of Cash Management in China

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  1. 140 Years of Cash Management in China Brian Tsang Senior Vice President Payments and Cash Management HSBC China 19 April 2005

  2. The first 130 Years The recent 10 years Year 2005 Next 10 years and beyond Agenda

  3. The First 130 Years…

  4. Making and receiving payments – “Cash Management” was non-existent Scattered, independent “clearings” “Approval” was mandatory Source of help and advice Cash Management in China: Beforehand

  5. The Recent 10 Years

  6. Cash Management concept promoted by multinationals and foreign banks Vastly improved clearing infrastructure via State Banks and PBOC Revolutionised / evolutionised foreign exchange regulations Expanding business scope for foreign bank branches Trusted advisors from banks, legal/law firms and regulators Not without its challenges though… Cash Management in China: The Recent 10 Years

  7. Many corporates are now moving into Stages 2 & 3 Evolution of Cash Management in China STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 STAGE 4 Basic Cash Mgmt. Activities Regional Cash Management Global Treasury Activities Greater focus on Consolidation • Global file-based payables & receivables mgmt • In-house bank • Centralized • management of • payments and • collections • Increased focus on investments and structured liquidity mgmt. • Locally-managed • payments and • receipts • Reporting and cash flow forecasting • Day-to-day liquidity management • Consolidation of banking processes • Greater emphasis on controls Entity-based Deployment Regional & Global Strategy

  8. 2005: Time to Take Stock Now…

  9. Receivables Management System Information Management Alliance Bank Network A/R Management HSBCnet (Internet) Integrated Receivables Solutions Account management ERP/ Treasury Systems Treasury Management Group Liquidity Solution Integrated Delivery Channels Liquidity Management Solutions A/P Management HSBC Connect (Host-to-host) Integrated Payments Solutions Group Entrust Loan Cheque Outsourcing Electronic payments Payments Advising Cash Management in China: What Now? Customer’s Business Processes Our Clients HSBC’s Integrated Cash Management Solutions mirror your business process management and systems in China

  10. HSBCnet HSBC and Our Partner Banks: Your One-stop Shop Combined strengths to meet your needs

  11. Next 10 Years and Beyond…

  12. Nation-wide RTGS clearing infrastructure connected to all local banks and foreign bank branches. Top internet infrastructure Efficient and effective inter-company liquidity management – inside China and cross-border Regulations rationalization, “cash trap” will be gone Converged business scope between foreign banks and local banks One-off cooperation >> business partnership >> strategic alliance >> systems / operations integration Cash Management in China: Next 10 years and beyond INNOVATIONS in GLOBAL cash management FROM CHINA!

  13. Largest foreign bank branch network Largest strategic investment in China China “old hands” with international expertise Global technology with local touch As a conduit between our customers and regulators HSBC’s Commitment in China Your Trusted Advisor For Cash Management in China

  14. Best Cash Management Bank in China and Asia Best Overall Cross-border Cash Management Bank in Asia (2004) Best Cash Management Bank awards* (2004) • Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand * Domestic business/cross-border Best Cash Management Bank in Asia (2003-2004) Best Overall Bank for Cash Management in Asia (2003-2005) Best Bank for Liquidity/Working Capital Management in Asia (2003-2005) Best Provider of Outsourced Treasury Solutions in Asia (2003-2004) Best Bank for Payments and Collections in Asia (2003-2005) Best Bank for Risk Management in Asia (2005) Best Bank for Money Market Funds in Asia (2005) Best Cash Management Bank in Asia (2004-2005*) Best Bank for Payables and Receivables (2004-2005) Best Bank for Cash Management, Trade, Custody and DRs in Hong Kong (2005) Best Cash Manager – Asia (1999-2004)

  15. Thank You