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E w review


PPT made by KIM GA WON

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    post what factors(i.e) skill, abilities, experience, knowledge

    <Do you think will be vital to your success by 2020?>

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Editing sentence and punctuation errors
Editing sentence and punctuation errors

  • Step 1

    Combine the sentences in each group to make one sentence. Some of your sentences will be simple, some will be compound, and some will be complex. If there is only one sentence, do not change it but simply copy it. Punctuate each sentence carefully.

  • Step 2

    Write the sentences together as a paragraph. Add an appropriate transition signal where suggested.

Two keys to writing good descriptions
Two keys to writing good descriptions

  • Use space order to organize your description.

  • Use lots of descriptive details.

Space order
Space order

top to bottembottom to top right to left leftto right

far to near nearto far outside to inside inside to outside

Three keys to writing a listing order paragraphs
Three keys to writing a listing-Order Paragraphs

  • Begin with a sentence that names your topic and says it has several points.

  • Write about each point separately.

  • End with a sentence that reminds your reader about the points you just discussed.

Four keys to writing a successful opinion paragraph
Four keys to writing a successful opinion paragraph.

  • State your opinion clearly in the topic sentence.

  • Explain each reason in logical order.

  • Use facts to support each reason.

  • End with a powerful concluding sentence that your reader sill remember.