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Save up on car insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Save up on car insurance

Save up on car insurance

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Save up on car insurance

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  2. INTRODUCTION • The moment you purchase a car, the first thing that comes to mind is to purchase car insurance. • Further investigation is needed while purchasing car insurance. • There are few ways you can go about in order to save up for car insurance. The most common one would be compare car insurance rates, discounts, and maintaining a good reputation while you are driving, in other words, no reckless driving.

  3. COMPARISON RATES • It is important to make a comparison thoroughly with the options that you have in hand before further making a decision whether they are suitable for you. • There are a few things that you have to bear in mind such as your age, the model of your car, your driving record and many other things that a car provider will take into account.

  4. It affects the rates being imposed by the car providers. It is better to get a car provider to offer you relatively cheaper rates than those who are not willing to do so.

  5. Discounts • You should find a car provider who is more than willing to offer you a discount if you take the initiative to install extra safety gadgets in your car. • Discounts are usually given if you constantly maintain a good driving record. • Discounts are not always advertised; therefore find the right car insurance policy that will give you the discounts that you may qualify.

  6. Good record • Keeping a clean record while driving affects you big time in saving costs! • It is definitely unavoidable if accident happens, but having said that, it is important for you to drive safely all the time and also take into account the traffic rules and regulations.

  7. Verdict While some of you may think that car insurance can cause a financial burden, but little did you know that it does pay off if anything happens to your car in the future. To kick-start by searching great deals, check out car insurance calculator (English version) or car insurance calculator (Malay version) and start applying!