nephrol 1500 nephrologists in a professional dialogue
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Nephrol: 1500 Nephrologists in a Professional Dialogue

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Nephrol: 1500 Nephrologists in a Professional Dialogue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presented at. Nephrol: 1500 Nephrologists in a Professional Dialogue. cyberNephrology: A New Opportunity for the Profession A Tutorial and Interactive Seminar . Michele L. Hales University of Alberta Edmonton, AB CANADA. Bologna, Italy. November 24, 2000.

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nephrol 1500 nephrologists in a professional dialogue
Presented at

Nephrol:1500 Nephrologists in a Professional Dialogue

cyberNephrology: A New Opportunity for the Profession

A Tutorial and Interactive Seminar

Michele L. Hales

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB CANADA

Bologna, Italy

November 24, 2000

how many online
How Many Online?

Internet Users Worldwide - September 2000

Nua Internet Surveys

World Total 377.65 million

Africa 3.11 million

Asia/Pacific 89.68 million

Europe 105.89 million

Middle East 2.40 million

Canada & USA 161.31 million

Latin America 15.26 million


e mail use higher in europe than us
E-mail Use Higher in Europe Than US

E-mail use in Europe higher than in the US

  • France 64%
  • UK 60.3%
  • Germany 53.5%

US only 44%

Source: Oct. 13, 2000 NetValue

daily e mail output
Daily E-mail Output


  • 10 billion e-mails sent daily by the end of this year
  • 35 billion e-mails estimated to be sent every day by 2005

Western Europe-

  • 511 billion annually in 2000
  • 1.6 trillion annually by 2005!

Source: Oct. 12, 2000 IDC Research

statistics specific to italy
Statistics Specific to Italy
  • 12 million internet users in Italy
  • Up from 8.6 million a year ago
  • 16 million predicted by September 2001
  • Majority of new users in 2000 were women

Women are driving the Italian Internet Boom!

Source: Oct. 31, 2000 Between ICT Brokers

A Brief History of NEPHROL
  • Created in October 1994
  • 1st year membership was 355
  • Began as a moderated group
  • Legal problems/risk minimal
  • Birth to various offshoot groups
neph e mail discussion groups
NEPH…E-mail Discussion Groups

NEPHROL - general nephrology, all subjects including renal pathology and transplantation

NEPHADMIN - for nephrology administrators

NEPHBSCI - nephrology basic science discussion

NEPHCNPT- discussions of individual clinical nephrology cases

NEPHDEVEL - discussion of humanitarian projects and ISN Sister Centres Program

NEPHINDIG - discussion of renal disease in indigenous peoples

neph e mail discussion groups10
NEPH…E-mail Discussion Groups

NEPHJNL - nephrology/transplantation journal club

NEPHMIN - a stripped down version of NEPHROL-DIGEST with all repetition and North American specific content removed, designed for subscribers in developing countries

NEPHNPPT - discussions of individual renal biopsy cases

NEPHRONOL- Spanish - English discussion of nephrology subjects

NEPHHIST - history of renal medicine, ISN video legacy project interview transcripts

neph e mail discussion groups11
NEPH…E-mail Discussion Groups

KFINT-L- discussion relating to the International Federation of Kidney Foundations

PDIAL- peritoneal dialysis

PedNeph- paediatric nephrology (for renal healthcare professionals)

patient e mail discussion groups
Patient E-mail Discussion Groups

NEPHKIDS– for parents with children with renal disease

KIDNEYDISEASE– for adult children with renal disease

IGAN – IgA nephropathy

nephrol message topics
CN: Clinical nephrology

HD: Hemodialysis

PD: Peritoneal dialysis

HY: Hypertension

TX: Transplantation

NP: Nephropathology

PH: Physiology

IM: Immunology

BI: Biochemistry

CB: Cell Biology

AN: Anatomy

ET: Ethics

UC: Underdeveloped countries

DS: Disasters

IP: Intellectual property, Internet publishing

TM: Telemedicine

MT: Meeting announcements

WWW: World Wide Web resources

CSN: Canadian Society of Nephrology

LATF: Latin American Task Force

JN: Jobs in Nephrology

JP: Jobs in Renal Pathology

JT: Jobs in Transplantation

GEN: Messages of a general nature likely to be of interest to all

NEPHROL Message Topics
nephrol statistics
NEPHROL Statistics
  • Membership Total: 1443
  • Average Total Posts per Week: 65
  • (Approx. 10 posts per day)
  • Top 5 Recent Topics:
  • How to do renal biopsy?
  • Management of cardiomyopathy.
  • Renal biopsy in coumadinized patient.
  • External cuff extrusion.
  • How many nephrologists are enough?
NEPHROL in General

An Internet discussion group like NEPHROL is at its best when debating important questions in the field of nephrology, the answers to which cannot be found in existing journals or books, and discussing uniquely challenging patients, with the ability to instantly consult 1500 nephrology professionals.

subscription to our groups
Subscription To Our Groups

To subscribe to NEPHROL or any of the other groups send e-mail to:

[email protected]

with the message:

subscribe nephrol subscribe nephdevel etc.

measurable outcomes
Measurable Outcomes

Value of International On-line Discussion Groups -

  • Haiti mass poisoning

-Nephrol discussion posted on HDCN

- 60 minutes interview

measurable outcomes cont d
Measurable Outcomes – Cont’d

Turkey Earthquake (ISN DRTF)

  • Aug. 16, 1999 - Massive earthquake in Turkey, DRTF deployed early; prevented many cases of ARF. Mortality among the 400+ dialyzed patients only 17% compared with the usual 50%.
measurable outcomes cont d19
Measurable Outcomes – Cont’d
  • 1st Renal Internet Videoconferencing

Between Milan, Italy and Edmonton, AB

December 9th, 1996

  • Sharing of Renal Pathology Images
food for thought
Food for Thought
  • 300% increase in regular Internet usage by physicians from 1997 to 1999
  • Primary use of the Internet by physicians:

- e-mail

- personal services

- educational purposes

- medical journal access

- communication with medical societies

  • 63% of doctors use email daily
  • 33% of them use email to communicate with patients

Source: Healtheon Corporation May 07/99

“Our research shows that a growing number of physicians are increasingly prepared to rely on the Internet as a primary means of obtaining clinical and medically related data and information.

Moreover, our survey results indicate that physicians also recognize the important role that online linkages can play in helping their office conduct clinical and administrative transactions much more efficiently.”

Mike Long, CEO of Healtheon

January 20, 1999

web based forums
Web Based Forums
  • A moderated bulletin board
  • Open to the general pubic
  • Free of charge
  • 487 site registrants (May 2000)

AJKD Forum –

  • E-mail at the moment is an ideal communication medium
  • The computer can save time
  • The Internet will be the major avenue for health communication in the next two years
  • The discussions stimulated on NEPHROL should increase your knowledge and help you improve patient outcomes
“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.”

-- Little Gidding,

T. S. Eliot


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