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  1. Masaii StochitoiuDragos Clasa a lX-a A

  2. Masai are a people who deal with sheep. Live at the foot of Kilimanjaro masif In southern Kenya and northen Tanzania.

  3. Number masai of Africa amounts the approximately 1.000.000 of which 350.000 to 500.000 live in Kenya.

  4. Masaii are part of the nation nilotica which came from the South is dominated by Bantu population. After the year 1550 masaii probably came from Sudan.

  5. They believe in god “Ngay”rain god who has his throne on Mount Kilimanjaro.God “Ngay” gave earthly animals… Masaii believe they are entiled to take by force the cattle to other peoples.Because of this results wars with neighbors.

  6. Masaispeack the language nilotica which is related to Samburu these two languages are called maa language.

  7. Isolated clans living a nomadic life,and which have never existed as a kingdom or state form…. Since 1970 masaii off teritory Kenya began to organize having the political leadership religious and military and Laibon a Orkoiyoi.

  8. Masai people is known as a warrior people and dealing with cattle breeding. Masai culture is anchored by cattle raising. A masai “good” must be in possession of at least 50 cattle……

  9. The prestige of a masai is determined by the number of animals and women in their possesion.Amasai with five women is common,each women lives with her chidren in a separate jut.

  10. Not using Condom,led to the spread of Hivamong the masai

  11. THE END!!!