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INSTRUCTIONS. Click SAVE AS – “NAME’s user name Info Book” Type all of your information first , paying careful attention to what goes where. These pre-made slides are ready for you to use!

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  • Click SAVE AS – “NAME’s user name Info Book”
  • Type all of your information first, paying careful attention to what goes where. These pre-made slides are ready for you to use!
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By John locker

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1:pitching
  • Chapter 2:the deference between softball and base ball
  • Chapter 3:gear
  • Chapter 4:battting
  • Glossary
chapter 1 intoduction
Chapter 1:Intoduction

I am looking at my baseball cards I wonder if I should teach people how to play baseball. Baseball is a fun sport and you can learn a hole lot .You have pitching ,batting and defense .baseball is my favorite hobby .it has been here for one hundred years

chapter 2 pitching
Chapter 2:Pitching

In pitching there are many skills but I will show you the basics step one you need a wined up there are two deferent ways strength or the wined up.tip two always look at your catchers mitt . Step three never fake pitch that is called a bulk and one person gets to move up . Step four do a slow wined up step five if you can throw high.

chapter 3 soft ball vs baseball
Chapter 3:Soft ball vs. baseball

Softball it’s deferent from baseball in base ball you throw over hand in soft ball you throw under hand but inn soft ball you have a bigger ball because girls have a bigger bat . In base ball you have a smaller ball so it is more difficult to hit it . in base ball and soft ball they have the same position's.

chapter 4 gear
Chapter 4:Gear

You need gear so you don’t get hurt if your hurt you could break a bone or an organ you need batting pant to slide . You need a cup for protect for your privates. And a helmet to keep safe from getting hit in the head .a glove to catch the ball or ells it will sting and protects you .

chapter 5 battting
Chapter 5:Battting

Your bat should always be over the plate .there is a sweet spot on the big part it is called a barrel it helps you hit it far so you can run farther. When you hit the ball you half to run the bases. When you hit over a wall it is called a homerun you run all of the bases.

  • Bulk=it is where you pitch but you don’t throw it all the players get to move up
  • Home run= a big hit but over the field.
  • Bat=is not a animal it is a thing to hit the base ball
about the author
About the Author

John is an expert at baseball my great grandpa and then my grandpa and my dad and I won’t he want’s

to play to it has been in his family for 80 years. John enjoys it because he get o pitch and Getty the sting on his bat. he also like basketball ,football and swimming he lives in Birmingham Michigan he loves the university of Michigan his favorite player I Mitch Magary he plays basket ball . His school bcs in Birmingham mi