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Infrastructure Liaison Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Infrastructure Liaison Overview

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Infrastructure Liaison Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Infrastructure Liaison Overview. Post-Hurricane Katrina Efforts. White House Hurricane Katrina After Action Report recommended actions for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Develop a critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) Annex

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Infrastructure Liaison Overview

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post hurricane katrina efforts
Post-Hurricane Katrina Efforts
  • White House Hurricane Katrina After Action Report recommended actions for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS):
    • Develop a critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) Annex
    • Lead interagency review and revision of the National Response Plan (NRP) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
    • Strengthen the role of the Infrastructure Liaison (IL)
  • The Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) conducted the following actions:
    • Led the coordinated development of a CIKR Support Annex to the NRP
    • Conducted internal review to improve infrastructure protection role in the coordination process among Federal agencies
nrp cikr support annex
NRP CIKR Support Annex
  • Describes policies, responsibilities, and a concept of operations for assessing, prioritizing, protecting, and restoring CIKR during actual or potential domestic incidents
  • Links the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) steady-state concept for CIKR protection with the NRP approach to incident management
  • Describes the CIKR protection protocols for:
    • IL at the Joint Field Office (JFO)
    • Private sector requests for assistance and information
    • Roles and responsibilities among Sector Specific Agencies (SSAs) andEmergency Support Functions (ESFs)
    • Integrated interoperability for conducting:
      • Assessment of risk to CIKR, including consequence, vulnerability, and threat
      • Determination of regional and national interdependencies, cascading effects, and impacts
ip support to national response plan structures
IP Support to National Response Plan Structures





  • 24/7 CI/KR Incident Management
  • and Information Sharing (NICC)
  • OIP Watch Desk
  • IP staff permanently assigned
  • to NRCC
  • IP member permanently
  • assigned to IMPT


State EOC

Joint Field Office


Local EOC

protective security advisor roles and responsibilities during a disaster
Protective Security Advisor Roles and Responsibilities During a Disaster
  • Support response, recover, and reconstitution efforts of States affected by a disaster:
    • Support the Principal Federal Official (PFO) and the Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) in JFOs
    • Serve as pre-designated IL in the JFO when requested
    • Help coordinated Federal, State, and local law enforcement (LLE) CIKR protection efforts
    • Coordinate sharing of IP Headquarters (HQ) analysis within JFO
    • Perform Site Assistance Visits (SAVs) to identify vulnerabilities
    • Provide advice on protective measures to enhance security at CIKR in and around impact area
    • Provide key stakeholders with updates on issues relating to CIKR assets
il roles responsibilities
IL Roles & Responsibilities
  • During contingency events, Protective Security Advisors (PSAs) support the response, recovery, and reconstitution efforts of the State or States affected by the incident by serving as pre-designated ILs, Deputy ILs, and the majority of the OIP supporting staff forward deployed.
  • ILs and Deputy ILs are designated by the Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection
  • ILs and Deputy ILs provide knowledge and expertise to address:
    • Unique CIKR considerations, including cross-sector impacts within the incident area
    • Cascading effects that can result in consequences beyond the immediate incident area
    • Interdependencies that require actions beyond those needed for infrastructure rebuilding within the incident area
il roles responsibilities1
IL Roles & Responsibilities
  • IL responsibilities during an incident include the following:
    • Serving as the principal advisor to the JFO Coordination Group regarding national and regional CIKR incident-related issues
    • Serving as the senior IP representative in the JFO and its area of operations
    • Serving as the senior advocate within the JFO for CIKR issues and supporting the prioritization of protection and restoration efforts
    • Serving as the liaison between national- and regional-level CIKR, the private sector, and the JFO
    • Providing situational awareness on affected CIKR to the JFO Coordination Group
    • Coordinating action on CIKR and ESF issues between the JFO Coordination Group and IP representatives located at critical operations centers
    • Providing reach back to resources available through IP HQ and the various IP Divisions
additional responsibilities during a disaster
Additional Responsibilities During a Disaster
  • Deputy IL
    • Participate in the development of the daily Incident Action Plan (IAP) as the IL’s representative
    • Assess CIKR protection and restoration needs
    • Monitor execution of support to CIKR entities as required by the IAP
    • Support the IL as the central collection point for CIKR situational awareness
    • Direct the activities of the IP field staff through the Area Field Office (AFO) PSA Supervisor
    • Identify critical CIKR issues for the IL to address to the JFO Coordination Group
  • AFO PSA Supervisor
    • Receive, assess, prioritize, and distribute information received from the JFO IP field staff
    • Direct the JFO IP field staff based on priorities established by the IL
il support team
IL Support Team
  • Deputy IL - Assigned to Operations Section, directs activities of IP field staff
  • Infrastructure Action Officer: Assigned to Planning Section, manages CIKR information flow
  • IP Information Manager: Maintains the requests for information (RFIs)/ requests for action (RFAs) tracking tool with a direct link to the National Infrastructure Coordinating Center (NICC)
  • PSAs located in AFOs and Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs): Operate as integrated elements within respective locations; provide first hand assessments of local CIKR status

Baseline Infrastructure Liaison Cell

JFO Coordination Group

Principal Federal


Federal Coordinating






PSA Duty Desk



(Reach back)







Deputy Infrastructure


Situation Cell

Specified Geographic


OIP Action Officer



OIP Information



OIP Staff

State EOC

Area Field Office

Area Field Office

(as required)

Area Field Office

(as required)

Area Field Office

(as required)

Note: OIP staffing levels, e.g., single or double shifts and Area Field Office support are driven by JFO operational requirements



JFO Staff

psa field support during a disaster
PSA Field Support During a Disaster
  • PSA support to AFO
    • Operate as an integrated element of the AFO
    • Provide first-hand assessments of local CIKR status to the JFO based on direct observation and coordination with the CIKR owners and operators
    • Provide advice on protective measures and mitigation actions to enhance security in and around CIKR
    • Update key stakeholders at local level on issues relating to CIKR assets
  • PSA support to State EOCs
    • Develop CIKR situational awareness for IL through interaction with key stakeholders in State EOC
    • Assist in coordination of Federal, State, and LLE efforts regarding CIKR protection
    • Provide advice on protective measures for CIKR within affected area
    • Provide key stakeholders with updates on issues relating to CIKR assets