Food security in sudan
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Food security in Sudan. problems, causes and what we can do. Introduction. Food security is taken for granted in the industrialized world, where stable political and social structures ensure that everyone has access to safe and nutritious food sufficient to

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Food security in sudan

Food security in Sudan

problems, causes and what we can do


  • Food security is taken for granted in the industrialized world, where stable political and

  • social structures ensure that everyone has access to safe and nutritious food sufficient to

  • maintain a healthy and active lifestyle .

  • But the picture in the developing world is very different.

Definition of food security
Definition of food security :

  • People are “food secure” when all people at all times have both physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet their dietary needs for a productive and healthy life

Dimension of food security
Dimension of food security :





  • Sudan is the largest and one of the most geographically diverse countries in Africa, with significant potential for the agriculture sector.

  • Also it has often been referred to as the “breadbasket” of the Arab World ; and has the potential to feed, not only its growing population of 28 million , but other countries.

  • However, over two decades of civil conflict between the north and south severely disrupted agricultural and livestock activities, while most basic infrastructure and productive household assets were destroyed.

The causes of food insecurity in sudan
The causes of food insecurity in Sudan

Socio –economic status

Agricultural problems


Agricultural problems
Agricultural problems

  • Climate change and seasonality decreasing of total trend of rainfall .

  • High decrease in cereals production and weakness in agricultural polices ( e.g finance; marketing ; production and management ) .

  • Low use of modern technology .

  • High cost of production mainly agrochemicals and improved seeds . .

  • Labour inavailability. .

Socio economic status
Socio-economic status

  • Poverty and low level of income

  • Food preference and habits

  • The traditional way of raring animals ( prestige and power )

  • Bad awareness of nutrition food (e.g beef camels cheaper and more healthy than beef cattle ).

  • Migration of rural to urban area led to unemployment and labour inavailability in rural area resulted in food consumption balance .

  • Civil war is the main cause of instability and low production.

  • Health problems ( e.g diseases such as malaria and typhoid etc ).

  • Unemployment and education problems .

  • Poor infrastructure and trade links


  • Weakness in macro agricultural policies ( financing ; marketing ; production )

  • Government taxes and fees

  • Marketing system (export and local consumption).

    Agricultural sector are not in the top of government Priority

Possible intervention
Possible intervention :

  • Well strategy that put agriculture sector in priority of national strategies .

  • Improvement of infrastructure .

  • More effective utilization of natural recourse .

  • Poverty and illness alleviations .

  • Improved technology of water harvesting techniques .

  • Improve social awareness through agricultural and animals extension .


  • Population

  • Food supply