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<>How does this product work. <>What’s so important about (NGI). <>Why Non-toxic technology. NEOTERIC GREEN Industries, Inc. (NGI). “Leading-Edge Business Opportunity Focusing on a Non-toxic green technologies!”. Forward Back And Pause Area. Neoteric Green Industries, Inc. .

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Neoteric green industries inc ngi

<>How does this product work

<>What’s so important about (NGI)

<>Why Non-toxic technology

NEOTERIC GREEN Industries, Inc. (NGI)

“Leading-Edge Business Opportunity

Focusing on a Non-toxic green technologies!”

Forward Back

And Pause Area

Neoteric green industries inc
Neoteric Green Industries, Inc.

Key Points

  • Safe GREEN Non-Toxic Preservatives, Disinfectants & Sterilizers designed for professional industries

  • Over 15 years of research

  • Non-toxic green solutions is completely safe and non-harmful to living organisms and humans

  • Provisional Patent No. 61/425321 – Dated 12/21/10

  • US Patent App. No. 13/333528

Safe green non toxic disinfecting sterilizing a nd preservative solutions are now available
Safe, Green, Non-Toxic Disinfecting,Sterilizing, and Preservative Solutions are now available:

Neoteric green industries inc ngi
Believe It Or Not!!!“Safe-Green-Non-Toxic-Preservatives”Are Now Available For Immediate Use With Neoteric Green Industries’ Formulas

Green solutions are better
Green Solutions are Better

  • Ingredients:

    • No toxic chemicals are used

    • Eliminates only the “bad” pathogenic organisms

    • ± (Current toxic solutions kill both good and bad)

    • Our products keep the good organisms alive for a health environment that’s constantly active

  • Big Savings:

    • Eliminates costs associated with local, state and federal toxic waste requirements; all are green non-toxic products

    • Eliminates Health Risks for all workers

    • Environmentally safe

Neoteric green industries has created a series of safe green non toxic solutions
Neoteric Green IndustriesHas Created A Series Of Safe “Green”Non-Toxic Solutions:

Over 15 years of scientific laboratory, clinical and field research have now resulted in specific safe, “Green”and non-toxic proprietary customized preservative, disinfecting and sterilizing solutions.

Neoteric green industries inc ngi

NICE Customized Solutions

Neoteric = Trend-Setting



Always Brand-New

Innovative = Advanced


User Friendly

Customized= Scientifically

Formulated For

Specific Uses

Exciting = New And Special

Proprietary Custom Safe Sterilizing

Disinfecting & Preservative Green

Solutions Targeted To Prodigious

And Lucrative Specific Markets.

US Patent Application No. 13/333528

Neoteric green industries inc ngi

Patent Abstract

Confidential Application Version

This invention relates to unique methods for preparing and producing non–toxic, liquid customized preservative substance formulations that may be used as embalming, sterilizing, disinfectant, preservative, mold destroying and fungus extermination solutions. These substances can: (a) safely resist or retard natural destructive processes; (b) save or keep things from decaying, decomposition, deterioration, spoiling, contamination, putrefication or fermentation; (c) continually prevent or inhibit unwanted destructive or infectious causing microbial growth; and, (d) be used as embalming medical devices to significantly retard the carious destructive processes of nature with anti–microbial properties. These formulations forestall, prevent and inhibit undesirable chemical or biological changes, microbial or bacterial actions, plus retard decomposition or other negative changes. The formulations are comprised of ultra-fine minute nano–sized colloidal silver particles in pure distilled water resulting in stable suspended preparations. The formulations can be used as medical devices suitable for replacing toxic chemicals, disinfectants and preservatives.

US Patent Application No. 13/333528

Benefits for investment partners
Benefits for Investment Partners

  • Get in on the ground level of trend-setting industry

  • All Products Conform To All Worker Safety Trends

  • Solutions are backed by Proprietary Patent Pending Products

  • Proprietary Safe Green Solutions That Reduce The Need For Any Toxic, Un-safe Or Hazardous Chemical Preservatives, Sterilizers Or Disinfectants

  • Ability to Customize products for specific industry uses

  • The Potential For Growth Is Extremely Promising

New Customized


A New Business

Worth Sharing

Specific Target

Niche Markets

Initial target leading preservative industries
Initial Target Leading Preservative Industries

Target Markets’ Sizes = 2.7B

  • – Service Industries

    Airplanes + Airports + Hotels, Cruise lines Etc.

  • – Scientific Laboratories

  • – Health Care Facilities

  • – Specific Foods/Drinks

Targeted safe green solutions

Targeted Safe-Green Solutions

“Endless Market-Share Growth”





Scientifically Tested

Solutions And Products

That Are Safe And Green And That Really Work

Reducing The Need For Toxic Hazardous Chemical

Preservatives, Sterilizers

Or Disinfectants

The News Will Spread

Resulting IN

Neoteric green


Our Products Are Customized To Meet Our Customers Highest Expectations

Contact us at:


Thanks for viewing our


For more information call

Gregory D. Tremblay, CEO



James. W. Coughlin, Investor Relations