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Computational Thinking PowerPoint Presentation
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Computational Thinking

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Computational Thinking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computational Thinking

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  1. The Pinnacle of CSE3 By Nick Shao Presentation of Information with Powerpoint Making Information Available to the World Using HTML Computational Thinking This quarter, the class learned to use Microsoft Word in order to create formatted and neat webpages such as the example you see here! We learned how to make effective use of attributes, such as color and width, in addition to the standard HTML tags. Using MS Powerpoint to create a presen- tation was yet another useful skill that we learned over the course of the ten weeks. Desktop Publishing with MS Word Description: “proficiency with certain computer applications (traditional computer literacy), principles on which you can build new understanding as IT evolves, high-level reasoning and IT problem solving, and basic web programming (HTML/XHTML). Computational thinking, data analysis, and data presentations.” – CSE3 Syllabus Data Analysis and Visualization with MS Excel One of the more interesting programs we worked with was called Alice, and was used as an animation tool. Through this, we learned basic programming logic. Nearing the end of the quarter, we started to work on another component of web programming known as JavaScript. This is exceptionally helpful if a website requires inputs for any sort of reason. We learned how to use Excel to analyze large sets of data and turn that into a graph or chart quickly and easily. Dynamic Webpage Programming with JavaScript Visual Programming With Alice