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Sheep Breeders Round Table 2013

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Sheep Breeders Round Table 2013. Challenges and opportunities for Sheep farmers in Sweden By: Tomas Olsson, Norrby gård . Tomas Olsson. Who am I: Sheepfarmer , working with sheep for 20 year

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sheep breeders round table 2013

Sheep Breeders Round Table 2013

Challenges and opportunities for Sheep farmers in Sweden

By: Tomas Olsson, Norrby gård

tomas olsson
Tomas Olsson
  • Who am I:Sheepfarmer, working with sheep for 20 year
  • Chairman for Sweden´s Lambproducers Association.-for commercial farmers.-knowledge between farmers.-have discussions with government about our terms.
  • I will talk about:-The challenge for Swedish sheep production.-How do we tackle the challenge on our farm.
what do you know about sweden
What do you know about Sweden?

Do you know anything about sheepfarming in Sweden?

challenge for sheepfarming
Challenge for Sheepfarming
  • Small industry-Lamb is 1,5% of beef and pork slaughter.- Large country with long transports.-Small volumes (3000 lambs/week)
  • Cheap imported lamb- “Swedish fresh lamb year round”- Cooperate with restaurants and chefs
  • Few players in the market.-One abattoir have 80% of the market (SCAN)- Three big retailers. (ICA, COOP, Axfood)- Sell “lamb in box” direct from the farm increases.
  • Slaugher lambsThe most lambs are sold direct to slaughterhouse, the price includes transport cost.No markets
challenge for sheepfarming1
Challenge for Sheepfarming
  • The Breeds.-the majority are native breeds with bad carcasses, sometimes the skin to be more valuable than the meat. (Gotlandsheep)-Many love there breed and do not care about the market. A common crossbreed is to cross Finnsheep with Dorset
  • New geneticSweden are scrapie free and we can´t import live animal.We import Suffolk, Texel, and Dorset semen from UK.We are using vaginal insemination.A few Dorper have been to Sweden with embryo from Canada-
challenge for sheepfarming2
Challenge for Sheepfarming
  • Poor knowledge-We are good on housing sheep.-We improve the production of knowledge from you!-Together with Innovis we have had seminars about:-Parasites and FacPak with Eurion Thomas-Grass management with Charlie Morgan-Animal heath with Neil Sarigson-Sheep management with Lesley Stubbings-Breeding with Sam Boon & George Fell-Shearing courses M Sandercock and A Marshall-We get influences from NZ thru our scanner C Williams
the solution on norrby farm
The solution on Norrby Farm

Norrby Farm

200 ha land

80 ha cereals

120 ha grass

900 Ewes600 Finndorset

100 Finnsheep100 Dorset

50 Texel50 Suffolk

norrby farm
Norrby Farm
  • Family business -My wife Anna and 3 children
  • Grass from may to October, 200 days housing.-500mm rain per year- Can be cold down to -25
norrby farm housing
Norrby Farm, Housing

Straw: 100kg/ewe per year Area: Ewe 1,4 m2 Pregnant ewe 1,7 m2 Ewe, 2 lambs 2,4m2

norrby farm housing1
Norrby Farm, Housing

Silage: 600 t DM per yearBarley: 70 t per yearSoya:30 t per year

the commercial flock
The Commercial flock
  • Work together with a restaurant wholesale- 4 farms- 2000 lambs March- April (our farm 800 lambs)- 2000 lambs August- November (our farm 900 lamb)-same customer for 25 year, our farm 15 year-high quality
early lambing
Early lambing
  • Goal-Lamb on menu 1 March, lambing in January-U grade 3H fat-cw 14-15kg lw 27-28kg-growth 400 g per day-8-10 weeks old-400 ewes to ram-synchronised
early lambing2
Early lambing
  • EweCrossbreed Finnsheep-Dorset-Finnsheep for fertility and good mothering-Dorset for early mating.-75 kg-scan 210-220 %-good milking-goal to sell 2 lamb/ewethis year we sold 1.9 lamb/ewe
early lambing3
Early lambing
  • Terminal sire-Texel-Suffolk?


  • The “love and hate sheep”

-Old native shorttail breed from Scandinavian -High fertility 280-300%-Good mothers-60-70 kg-grade O,R-Fine wool

spring lambing
Spring lambing
  • Pedigree flock and commercial flock.

-Indoor lambing in April out on grass around 1 may-Finndorsetewes, tupped with Suffolk-Pedigree flock, Dorset, Texel,Suffolk and the Finnsheep-Struggling with high grass grow rate in June.-no tailing or castration.

grass season
Grass season

-weaning end of July-using FecPak for parasite control, prescriptionfrom Vet for worm drench, no resist problem

-slaughter from mid August to mid November-same buyer as spring lamb.

-cw 20 kg, lw 45-48 kg

U,R grade, 3l fatWe use the dry ewes from early lambing on land with environmental payment.

  • Lamb to slaughterAutumn: 4.20£ / kg dw (average Sweden 3£ per kg dw)Spring: 6.80£ / kg dw ( average Sweden 4.80£/kg dw)Includes transport
  • woolIf you sell, most don´t do it. 0.50 £ /kg
  • CostStraw: 80£ /tBarley:160£/tSoya:400£/tTexel ram on farm 400£, average auction 800£Shearing: 3£/ewe