building inspection workshop
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BUILDING INSPECTION WORKSHOP. Excavation & Readiness To Construct Footings. AGENDA. Notification Project Review Undisturbed Soil Minimum Depth Compacted Fill & Part 4 Designed Footings/Foundations Form Layout & Setbacks Footings Precautions Waterproofing Termite Control. Notification.

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building inspection workshop


Excavation & Readiness To Construct Footings

Presented by:The Special Investigation Team and Piero B. Cannistra, Supervisor/Trainer

  • Notification
  • Project Review
  • Undisturbed Soil
  • Minimum Depth
  • Compacted Fill & Part 4 Designed Footings/Foundations
  • Form Layout & Setbacks
  • Footings
  • Precautions
  • Waterproofing
  • Termite Control
  • Notification to Building Inspection Division: ResFax
    • Telephone#: 905-475-4850
    • Fax# 905-415-7501
  • Notification of Inspection Request must be before 1:00pm to receive a next day inspection
  • Reports do not substitute for inspections performed by the Building Standards Department building inspection staff
project review
Permit drawings on site E02

Ensure changes made to permit drawings are incorporated into project

Frost Protection Plan during cold weather to avoid freezing of the soil & concrete

Not permitted to displace water within the footing with concrete pouring

Pour footings continuously, if not possible provide a proper joint with 2 reinforcement bars E22

Project Review
undisturbed soil 9 12 2 1
Undisturbed Soil9.12.2.1
  • The Town of Markham Building Standards service level:
    • Is limited to a visual inspection of the excavation
    • For conducting prescribed inspections does NOT include testing to determine the bearing capacity of soil for compliance with the building code

‘ The builder, owner and the person to whom this permit is issued to, shall assure themselves, that the soil bearing capacity of supporting the loads imposed from the proposed building and that the Town of Markham may not b relied on to certify soil properties’

  • Footings on solid, clean & unfrozen ground E12, E14, E15, B0820
  • Geotechnical engineer confirming design net bearing pressure of soil
  • Excavation free of standing water E08, E25
  • Bottom of excavation free of organic material E09
  • Professional engineer report where high ground water level is suspected or water at the bottom of the excavation cannot be accounted for
minimum depths
Minimum Depths
  • Elevation of footings are minimum 1.2 m below finished grade level & provide the proper frost protection cover E16
  • Ensure depth of footings has accounted for drains serving rear yard catch basins & that the drains don’t undermine the footings or are within the angle of repose E17
  • Excavation inspection of deck post footings required
compacted fill part 4 designed footings foundations
Compacted Fill & Part 4 Designed Footings/Foundations
  • Submit professional geotechnical engineer reports:
    • Confirming compacted granular fill
    • Confirming compacted fill capable of supporting the net bearing pressure
    • Part 4 designed footings/foundations, i.e. Piles, grade beams, etc. (28), (27)
form layout setbacks
Form Layout & Setbacks
  • Footing form layout in accordance with permit plans E18, B0830, B0840
  • If setbacks are suspect , a survey from an Ontario Land Surveyor (O.L.S.) will be required E19
Confirm size, depth and design of strip footings E18

Column pad thickness greater than strip footings E20

Stepped footings have proper vertical rise & horizontal distance between risers E21

Reinforcement has been placed at the location where drains pass under the footings E23

Sleeves used in forms for weeping tiles E24

Footing thickness conforms to permit plans

Bottom of excavation within the footing forms is cleaned of loose debris, soil & water E06

Angle of repose of the soil critical for existing footings and are affected by new excavations, the footings & foundations must be designed by a professional engineer E07

  • Watch for excavation damage to services & adjacent property, including public property
  • Fencing & hoarding installed when constructing adjacent to an occupied property E29
  • Consider the cause of wet conditions, if waterproofing is required; submit a report from a professional engineer E30, (2)
termite control
Termite Control
  • Certain areas of Markham are termite infested, check with your building inspector for required termite control action to be taken E31