the characteristics of civilization n.
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The Characteristics of Civilization

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The Characteristics of Civilization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Characteristics of Civilization. EQ: What is “civilized”, what is “barbaric”, and who decides?. Who was to blame?. A Tale of Two P erspectives. What is “Civilization”?. Derived from… Latin: “ civilis ”, meaning “of the citizens” Latin: “ civitas ”, meaning “city” Modern usage…

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The Characteristics of Civilization

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the characteristics of civilization

The Characteristics of Civilization

EQ: What is “civilized”, what is “barbaric”, and who decides?

what is civilization
What is “Civilization”?
  • Derived from…
    • Latin: “civilis”, meaning “of the citizens”
    • Latin: “civitas”, meaning “city”
  • Modern usage…
    • 14th century, “civility”, meaning “good citizenship”
    • 18th century, the opposite of barbarity
civilization human societal development
Civilization: Human Societal Development
  • Marked originally by the changing of food production from hunting-gathering to farming (plants and animals)
  • Allowed larger population growth
  • Allowed/Required sedentary living to grow and protect food source and stores
  • Larger communities could create more elaborate agricultural systems
  • Human societies changed drastically as a result
characteristics of civilization
Characteristics of Civilization

The question is, are all of these things that are usually considered evidence of the progress of humans, wholly positive results of the development of farming?

  • Urban Revolution (Cities)
  • Political and Military Structures
  • Social Hierarchy (Economic)
  • Occupational Specialization
  • Religious Structure
  • Writing
  • Art/Intellectual Activity (Culture)
anchor activity eq journal
Anchor Activity: EQ Journal
  • Did any of the examples or discussions from today help to clarify an EQ for you?
  • Did we touch on EQs other than “civilized” vs. “barbaric”? Which ones?
  • Use the last few minutes to make additions to your EQ Journals