Lv cabling 06 apr 06
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LV Cabling 06 Apr 06. Cabling from USC to UXC, Power Distribution. S. Lusin Fermilab / CERN. LV Cabling Issues …. LV Project is responsible for supplying AC power to input of AC/DC converters For CAEN-based systems this means supplying power cabling to detector

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Lv cabling 06 apr 06
LV Cabling 06 Apr 06

  • Cabling from USC to UXC,

  • Power Distribution

S. Lusin

Fermilab / CERN

Lv cabling issues
LV Cabling Issues …

  • LV Project is responsible for supplying AC power to input of AC/DC converters

    • For CAEN-based systems this means supplying power cabling to detector

    • For Weiner-based systems power is supplied to USC

    • Power cable chosen is 7x6mm^2, shielded, 23mm dia.

      • Used for CAEN systems, Weiner systems & service power

      • Will be CERN stores item

      • 8 km on order

        • Primary purpose is for installation in YE1, HF cable chain

        • Some cable will be available for magnet test

  • DCS cabling was subdetector responsibility

    • In the interest of system coherence & installation schedule, ESSC has recently agreed to make DCS cabling design & procurement in cable chains for CAEN-bus systems an LV project responsibility

      • Financial responsibilities still to be worked out with subsystems

      • Cable is 50-conductor twisted pair

      • Ends at detector patch panel

    • “Standard” CERN stores cable for this purpose is not available in lengths that we need

    • Alternate cable has been identified, at some cost savings, but needs termination by hand

      • This should not be a problem. Cable counts are not large.

Connectors us ux
Connectors US- UX

  • Simple, robust design

    • Can be used by all subsystems

  • Service power uses similar connector

    • Smaller insert, prevents cross-plugging

  • Primary power, service power use same kind of cable

    • Can be terminated in place

Patch panel connections
Patch panel connections

  • Matches 7x6mm^2 cable to 2 or 3 Harting connector outputs

  • Grounding braid termination not shown

  • Breakout box design has now been superseded by simple panel

Connectors at lvps end
Connectors at LVPS end …

  • Original motivation for quick-connect system was modeled on LV distribution boxes used on standard rack power distribution units

    • First deliveries of A3486 to B904 had standard three-phase plug (right)

    • Needed modification to use 16A Harting connector (below)

    • CMS environment will use 380 and 230V three-phase power

    • Would like to introduce keying mechanism to prevent cross-plugging of AC-DC converters

    • Working with POOL to have vendor implement keying

Lv breakout boxes
LV breakout boxes

  • Favored solutions are currently H & J

    • Needs to be coordinated with CERN POOL & CAEN

Service power options
Service Power Options

  • EASY power supplies in hostile area have internal controls that are powered from external source

  • The external source is located in USC

    • Original motivation was to provide battery backup for the control circuit in the hostile area

    • Each EASY module has a control board

    • Current requirements are:

      • A3009- 650 mA

      • All others- 400 mA

    • Adds up to a substantial current in a long cable



Service power budget
Service power budget

  • If all service power provided from USC …

Service power budget remote
Service power budget - Remote

  • Service power supplies are on-detector …

Cascade service power
Cascade Service Power

  • Total power dissipation in USC is 4.7 KW

  • Total power dissipation in cables is 308 W

    • Assumes 10 mm^2 cable pair for ea. Subsystem (for approx. only)

  • Motivation for cascade power configuration is to minimize impact on shared services

Global lv partitioning
Global LV Partitioning

  • Main UPS capacity is 1.5 MVA

    • Contract is finalized, vendor is MGE

    • Installation design is under way

  • Six isolation transformers in USC

    • 300 KVA each, 380V or 230V three-phase, no neutral

    • Dual electrostatic shields

    • Have to be partitioned out between subsystems

  • Cabling imposes additional constraints

    • No cable can be fed by more than one circuit breaker

    • One circuit breaker can feed two triplets or three pairs

    • One distribution cabinet can hold up to 35 circuit breakers

    • Room for six cabinets available

      • May need more than that