the new exceptional rate for the id waiver n.
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The New Exceptional Rate for the ID Waiver PowerPoint Presentation
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The New Exceptional Rate for the ID Waiver

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The New Exceptional Rate for the ID Waiver - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The New Exceptional Rate for the ID Waiver. Lee Price, Sr. Policy Advisor for the Office of the Settlement Agreement Executive Advisor & Dawn Traver, Community Resource Manager, Division of Developmental Services. The Underlying Issue.

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Presentation Transcript
the new exceptional rate for the id waiver
The New Exceptional Rate

for the ID Waiver

Lee Price, Sr. Policy Advisor for the Office of the Settlement Agreement Executive Advisor

& Dawn Traver, Community Resource Manager, Division of Developmental Services

the underlying issue
The Underlying Issue
  • DBHDS recognizes that there are individuals in the training centers and the community who have greater needs than can be adequately met through the existing rate of reimbursement.
    • High medical support needs
    • High behavioral support needs
intent of an exceptional rate
Intent of an Exceptional Rate
  • The “exceptional rate” was conceived to be a stopgap measure to address this problem – not a final solution
    • DBHDS is hopeful that the waiver study currently underway will assist in crafting long-term improvements to the service system
general assembly action
General Assembly Action
  • The 2013 General Assembly included a budget bill item to provide funding for an exceptional rate for ID Waiver Congregate Residential Support services:
    • Provided $3,682,880 in state general funds to support the exceptional rate
budget bill language
Budget Bill Language
  • The exceptional rate is designed for those
    • “currently residing in an institution and unable to transition to integrated settings in the community due to the need for services that cannot be provided within the maximum allowable rate


    • whose needs present imminent risk of institutionalization and enhanced waiver services are needed beyond those available within the maximum allowable rate.”*

*Budget Bill Item 307 #3c

general assembly intention
General Assembly Intention
  • Budget bill intent:
    • Provide a temporary (i.e., until waiver redesign) exceptional rate for those with complex medical or behavioral needs
    • Enable those individuals to receive enhanced waiver services beyond those provided through the existing maximum rates
extent of impact
Extent of Impact
  • The approved funding is estimated to provide additional supports to approximately 250 people.
  • It is anticipated that the exceptional rate will be 25% more than the current Congregate Residential Support rates
    • NoVa: $21.70/hour
    • ROS: $18.88/hour
current status
Current Status
  • DBHDS & DMAS staff have drafted criteria for the new rate and sent to CMS for approval:
    • Individual eligibility – will involve, among other factors, SIS® scores
    • Special review process before service authorization
    • Provider requirements
  • Will release the details once CMS approves the Waiver amendment
current status cont d
Current Status (cont’d)
  • Waiting to hear back from CMS
  • State regulations are being drafted, but their approval process begins after CMS Waiver amendment approval
hopeful timeline
Hopeful Timeline
  • CMS Waiver amendment approval by early October 2013
  • ID Waiver regulations about the exceptional rate in place by early January 2014
  • The first individuals approved for exceptional rate funding by mid-February 2014
things that are important to for mt
Things That Are Important To/For MT



Maintaining optimal positioning for respiratory health

Adequate nourishment and hydration

Visual, auditory and tactile stimulation

Total assistance with ADLs

Engaging in many social, recreation and leisure activities

  • Playing my keyboard/listening to music
  • Being outside; going on vacations
  • Being lifted up and down on the ARJO lift
  • Watching the hands of a clock move
  • Water
  • Visiting with family/friends
mt s recent hospitalizations
MT’s Recent Hospitalizations
  • Hospitalized seven times in between January 2012 - April 2013 for
    • Pneumonia
    • Respiratory difficulties
    • Each hospitalization lasted 5 to 15 days for a total of 70 days
knowledge expertise mt s provider must have
Knowledge/Expertise MT’s Provider Must Have
  • Pneumonia prevention plan of care
  • NPO – Nutrition/hydration/medications via G-tube
  • DNR(parents wish no CPR/chest compressions)
  • Knowledge of dysphagia
  • Bowel movement protocol
  • Repositioning protocol
  • Weight and fluid intake protocol
mt s staffing needs
MT’s Staffing Needs
  • Two hours of nursing services per shift
  • Monitoring vital signs and assessing for signs of illness.
  • Assessing respiratory status; administering Albuterol nebulizer for severe wheezing
  • Checking G-tube integrity/patency and stoma site condition every shift
  • Monitoring positioning during enteral feeding and optimizing positioning at all times
  • Oropharangeal suctioning as needed
  • Monitoring oxygen support via nasal cannula continuously from bedtime to 7AM
things that are important to for rh
Things That Are Important To/For RH




Something constructive to do during the day

Being encouraged to participate in ADLs

Maintaining good health through regular medical and nutrition management

Managing his challenging behaviors and communication

  • Making his own choices about mealtimes, snacks and TV
  • Personal space/private time
  • Sporting activities
  • Socializing with family and friends
  • Warm water activities
  • Playing games, listening to music and looking at books
other important things per rh his authorized representative
Other Important Things Per RH & His Authorized Representative
  • Home designed for individuals on the autism spectrum; quiet with sensory items available
  • Home where the others can tolerate RH when he chooses to be loud
  • Space to roam while still being supervised
  • Own room
  • Home with no more than 4 other individuals
  • Fenced in back yard
  • Structured environment
  • Being close to his family
rh s behavioral data 2012 2013
RH’s Behavioral Data: 2012 – 2013
  • 60 episodes of aggression
      • 7 episodes were documented
      • 53 episodes were managed with proactive intervention
    • Attacked parents in vehicle
    • Bit, hit and kicked staff
    • Bit peers
  • He had 40 events of property destruction
      • 1 event was documented
      • 39 events were managed with proactive intervention
rh s behavioral data 2012 2013 cont d
RH’s Behavioral Data: 2012 – 2013 (cont’d)
  • 214 episodes of self injurious behavior
      • 18 episodes were documented
      • 196 episodes staff were managed with proactive intervention
    • Biting self to the extent of drawing blood
    • Hand banging on windows and doors
    • Slapping self in face to the extent of drawing blood
    • Hitting his face on his knees, blacking his eyes and bruising his face
  • TOVA interventions were implemented 4 times
  • Chemical restraint was utilized 1 time during an episode of especially challenging behavior
rh s staffing needs
RH’s Staffing Needs
  • Staff trained and practiced on his positive behavioral support plan
  • 24 hour awake supervision with two staff awake at night
  • Follow communication plan
  • Two staff for medical appointments to assist with his aggression toward medical professionals
  • Supervision in bathrooms if others are nearby to reduce the risk of aggressive episodes
things that are important to for pj
Things That Are Important To/For PJ



Being reminded to take small bits so I don’t choke

Intense supervision to make sure I don’t hurt myself

  • Listening to country music
  • Taking trips
  • Talking to people about trips I’ve taken
  • Looking at pictures in magazines
  • Watching a movie or television with others from time to time
current challenges for pj
Current Challenges for PJ
  • I will sometimes leave where I am supposed to be and will “wait” for someone to come find me. I enjoy this game and I laugh when I am found.
  • When I become upset I may remove my clothes and throw feces.
  • I often pull clothes, hair, and jewelry and scratch or kick support partners.
  • I struggle with transportation and often grab the steering wheel, open doors, jump out or squeeze through windows, while riding in a vehicle.
  • I will often destroy things in my home and other environments such as the community or at my day program.
pj s staffing needs
PJ’s Staffing Needs
  • Having 1:1 support for transportation to prevent elopement, SIB or other challenging behaviors
  • Having 1:1 support when walking around in the community, as he will drop to the ground, roll around in parking lots and disrobe in public
  • Having an effective Behavior Support Plan, Nutritional Management Plan,
  • Having supports for oral and personal hygiene and with taking needed medications
pj s staffing needs cont d
PJ’s Staffing Needs (cont’d)
  • Having a Positive Behavior Support Facilitator to develop and monitor Behavior Support Plan
  • Instances of serious physical aggression should be addressed by following his BSP and involving START services to support acute and on-going concerns
  • A structured and active employment or day support setting where line of sight supervision is provided