temperature reading system l.
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Temperature Reading System

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Temperature Reading System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ELG4154 – Modern Control Engineering. Temperature Reading System. Team Members: Imran Shah Mahvash Shaker Anas Shaklab. TA: Hanliu Chen Professor: Riadh Habash. References.

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Temperature Reading System

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temperature reading system

ELG4154 – Modern Control Engineering

Temperature Reading System

Team Members:

Imran Shah

Mahvash Shaker

Anas Shaklab

TA: Hanliu Chen

Professor: Riadh Habash


1.) The development of the storage tank water heater by thermoelectrictechnology, Tohoku Electr. Power Co., Sendai; Publication Date 1998

2.) Consumer Strategies for Controlling Electric Water Heaters under Dynamic Pricing, Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center Working Paper CEIC-04-02 Publication Date 2002

3.) PID Controller Design for First-Order-Plus-Dead Time Model via Hermite-Biehler Theorem, Anindo Roy,, and Kamran Iqbal,Publication Date 2003

4.) A 200 mW, 1 Msample/s, 16-b Pipelined A/D Converter with On-Chip 32-b Microcontroller, Michael K. Mayes, and Sing W. Chin Publication Date 1996

5.) Multiple fuzzy model-based temperature predictive control for HVAC systems, Ming He, Year of Publication: 2005

work distribution
Work Distribution


Assembly Coding

Matlab Simulation


Hardware Implementation and Testing




Hardware Testing



  • To demonstrate an understanding of an ADC with relation to a MC
  • Fully implement a system that outputs temperature value on a BCD.

Analog-Digital Converter and Temperature Sensor


  • Successful use of the ADC within the MC will allows the needed conversion.
  • Reading the thermistor voltage value into the MC, converting it to Celsius using a predefined array.
  • Outputting the temperature onto 2 BCD displays
  • Temperature system code written in assembly
  • Control Case:
  • When temperature reaches a high and low limit, triggers LED green or red.
product development
Product Development

There are many applications of our

system such as:

  • Reading temperatures in various

environments: atmosphere and land

  • Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning


  • Climate Control for small to large

living/working areas (Offices, home,