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History of the Internet! PowerPoint Presentation
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History of the Internet!

History of the Internet!

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History of the Internet!

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  1. History of the Internet! By: Dylan Todd

  2. Navigation This presentation will be presented in three sub sections. The Internet of the past, present and future. Click the appropriate time to visit that information. Past Present Future

  3. In the beginning.. In the beginning there was Adam.. Oh oops wrong story. In the beginning their was ENIAC ( this stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) Here is a Picture of this monster. You may ask your self, what the heck does this cable box looking thing have to do with the internet? Well you see if their was no ENIAC then there is no chain of events that lead to the internet 40 -50 years later.

  4. The Internet??? What’s that? The internet today in 2012 is nothing of what the first “internet” was. Some claim that the “internet” was created in the United States some claim that it was invented by the minds of CERN in Switzerland, others don’t know and honestly don’t care. The truth is that these are both true in fact. American military and university professors were able to create systems and suites that would allow computers to connect within small interconnect able networks in the early 1970’s. Then Later on in the mid 1980’s CERN or the European Organization for Nuclear Research and a scientist named Tim Berners-Lee accompanied by Robert Cailliau kicked off the “internet” as we know it today calling it CERNET. Here is an image of the first TCPIP set network.

  5. The .com boom! Well there was this little thing in the late 1990’s early 2000’s called the .com boom! This was the introduction on to the market of some of the biggest companies that we have today. Some of these are Google, Yahoo and America Online… remember that.

  6. A little company called Cisco Cisco is an industry leader when it comes to connectivity, during the integration of the TCP/IP protocol CERN started using some IP based routers made by Cisco. Here is a picture of one. Pretty different from today?

  7. Well, that was Cool. Today the internet is incredible, it makes our world feel like one small town with a HUGE library. Seeing live video from Japan and talking to them at the same time. Now with Face time on Apple Products now its practically doable anywhere!

  8. Modern Day Internet The internet today is absolutely a different animal than 30 years ago. Here is an image of an internet map. Each stem represents a public IP address.

  9. Good and bad The internet of today has its pro’s and cons like any other massively used system of today. One of the major pros is the fact that there is more information widely accessible to the public than their ever has been before. One of the Cons is the fact that when there is a great system set up like the internet people will take advantage of it and want to profit off of it. When you get a virus on your computer or receive a suspicious email from your “bank”. These are the types of things that the internet poses threats on.

  10. Just plain secure! The internet today also keeps us safe and our electronic data. With services like carbonite and live stream IP video cameras. There technologies allow us to monitor our possessions via anywhere in the world and access anything from anywhere in the world!

  11. The FUTURE! Well even with things as good as they are there can be room for improvement. The internet today will only get more and more complex and with that being said there will need to be more and more technical people around to maintain and teach it to the next generation.

  12. Open or closed system? There is a controversy going to today and it will keep going I’m assuming in to the future of the internet and “net neutrality”. This is a term that that advocates no restrictions by Isp’sor other bodies on consumers' access to networks that participate in the Internet. Specifically, network neutrality would prevent restrictions on content, sites, platforms, types of equipment that may be attached, and modes of communication. This basically meaning either we could have a web that is safer for everyone which would be more restricted or would we want to have a freer more un restricted web with no caps. This has been going on for a while and probably will not end soon.

  13. Hacking I believe that in the future of the internet, their will be some huge data loss crisis. Some rouge organization will steal tons of important financial or government data and the entire way that security will be done electronically will have to be overhauled. Imagine every time you have to log in to your email you have to configure a separate SSL certificate just for that one instance of checking your mail.

  14. Who knows? Well even with all we know now an all we have achieved who really knows what will come about in the next 10 to 20 years technologically? Who knows we may be time traveling or being beamed up haha. Seems crazy but who knows!

  15. Goodbye Well we know where we have been we know where we are, but we don’t necessary know where were going… but that’s ok! The internet is a wonderful resource that has its ups and downs and man am I thankful for it!