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Team Platinum. Team Platinum CS410 7 April 2005. Members: Ian McKay Sean Alcos Robert Pilkington Joseph March Anjalee Sinha Andrew Cherry. Website: iRespond TM. Privacy, Security, & Service, You can trust!. Members.

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Team platinum
Team Platinum

Team Platinum


7 April 2005

Members:Ian McKay Sean Alcos Robert Pilkington Joseph MarchAnjalee Sinha Andrew Cherry


Team Platinum

Irespond tm

Privacy, Security,



You can trust!

Team Platinum


Team Platinum


  • Problem

  • Solution

  • Customer

  • Technical details

  • Product details

  • Conclusion

Team Platinum


Team Platinum


  • It is not always possible to communicate the need for emergency assistance

Team Platinum


“The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior”

Team Platinum

Problem characteristics
Problem Characteristics

  • Inability to communicate

  • Isolation

  • Emergency

Team Platinum


Team Platinum


Team Platinum

Solution objectives
Solution Objectives

Team Platinum

Required components
Required Components

  • Molded plastic body

  • Emergency button/button cover

  • GPS receiver

  • Cellular transmitter/receiver

  • GPS antenna

  • Cellular antenna

  • Flash memory

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Recharging unit

  • Update link

  • Customer database

Team Platinum

Irespond fob
iRespond Fob

Team Platinum

U r unit
U&R Unit

Update & Recharging


Team Platinum


Team Platinum


Team Platinum

Gps receiver
GPS Receiver

Team Platinum

Gps antenna
GPS Antenna

Team Platinum

Flash memory
Flash Memory

Team Platinum

Cellular transceiver
Cellular Transceiver

Team Platinum

Gps required
GPS Required

  • Existing infrastructure

  • Accurate positioning

  • Free

Team Platinum

Gps fundamentals
GPS Fundamentals

  • 27 Earth-orbiting satellites

  • Developed by U.S. military

  • Handheld GPS components

    • Receiver

    • Antenna

  • Measures the distancebetween satellites and receiver

Team Platinum

Gps coverage
GPS Coverage

Team Platinum

Cell towers
Cell Towers

  • Established infrastructure

  • Cellular 911 calls are free

  • Backup triangulation

  • Low cost to the customer

Team Platinum

Cellular triangulation
Cellular Triangulation

Team Platinum

Gsm coverage
GSM Coverage

Team Platinum

Cingular Wireless

Cdma coverage
CDMA Coverage

Team Platinum

ALLTEL Wireless

Why e 911
Why E-911?

  • Two phases

  • Government mandated

  • Developing infrastructure

Team Platinum

E 911 fundamentals
E-911 Fundamentals

1. The user places a wireless call, which transmits the caller's voice and his or her number to the closest tower

2. The tower transmits the caller's voice signal, the wireless phone's callback number, and the tower's ID code to a mobile switching center.

3. Notified of the emergency, the position-determining system uses GPS satellites to find the caller's location, sending latitude/longitude location data to a location information database.

4. The routing number alerts the local exchange carrier that the call is an emergency, and the carrier's 911 switch decides automatically which emergency call center is appropriate and assigns the call.

5. At the appropriate emergency call center, an operator receives the 911 voice call.

6. The operator dispatches emergency response team to save the day.

Team Platinum

E 911 phases


911 systems can report the telephone number and location for wireline phones

E911 Program: Phase I

Requires all 911 systems to receive the telephone number of a wireless 911 caller and the location of the antenna that received the call

E911 Program: Phase II

Requires all wireless carriers to provide precise location information within 50-300 meters using longitude and latitude information

E-911 Phases and

Team Platinum

Customer service center
Customer Service Center

  • One customer service center

    • Located in Ohio

    • Low taxes

    • Inexpensive land

    • Existingbroadbandinfrastructure

Team Platinum

Database relationships
Database Relationships

Team Platinum

Database relationships1
Database Relationships

Team Platinum

Device update dataflow
Device Update Dataflow

Team Platinum

Database development
Database Development

  • Team

    • Database administrator

    • Programmers

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Testing

Team Platinum

Database maintenance
Database Maintenance

  • Database administrator: $80,000 per year

  • Systems administrator: $60,000 per year

Team Platinum

Database hardware
Database Hardware

  • Estimated $2,500 per database server

    • Will need 1 primary and 1 backup server

    • RedHat Enterprise Linux

    • MySQL database server software

Team Platinum and their PowerEdge 1850

System security
System Security

  • Sensitive data

  • Some data sent to device:

    • Remaining subscription period

    • Customer notes

  • Wired network

Team Platinum

Personal data
Personal Data

  • Example

    • Name

    • Address

    • Drivers license number

    • Medical information

    • Emergency contact

      • Allergies

      • Health conditions

      • Medical history

Team Platinum

What s in the box
What’s In The Box?

  • The iRespond key fob device

    • iRespond button

    • Internal GPS location device

    • Internal transmitter

    • Included registration software

    • Reset key

    • LED - battery level indication

    • LED – distress signal sent

    • Update & recharging unit

  • User manual

  • Registration instructions

  • Team Platinum

    Development plan
    Development Plan

    • Cellular hardware

    • GPS hardware

    • Service center database

    • Service center interface & protocols

    • Handheld unit control board & battery

    • Base station hardware

    Team Platinum

    Marketing plan










    Marketing Plan

    Framework for approaching:

    Marketing strategy model for iRespond.

    Marketing strategy model provides an excellent frame of reference for our marketing cases.

    Team Platinum

    Top down approach
    Top down approach

    Management Plan

    Team Platinum

    Jobs to outsource
    Jobs to Outsource





    • SALES



    (Management Consultants, KPMG, Management American Electric Power, Archives(cs410))

    Team Platinum

    Marketing strategy
    Marketing Strategy





    • Identify needs, interest

    • of each target audience

    • Define core message

    • Explore range of Co-

    • mmunication channels.

    • Communication Matrix

    • Creating your brand identity.

    • Building brand awareness and recognition.

    • Delivering a positive brand experience.

    • Select target market

    • Study unmet needs.

    • Sales history

    • Demographics

    • Psycho-Graphics

    • Behavioral Differences

    • Overall Growth

    • Competitive challenge

    • Total Value

    • “ – “

    • Total Cost

    • Competition matrix

    • Vs

    • Customer needs.

    Team Platinum


    specific market segments

    That we can win and dominate.


    18+ yrs Old




    Cell-Phone Luddites

    Team Platinum


    • Individuals that desire an increased sense of security

      • Cell phone luddites

      • Families

      • Elderly

      • Women

    Team Platinum

    Customer characteristics
    Customer Characteristics

    • Desire security

      • Will pay for additional security

    • Value privacy

    • Live in urban areas

    • Rely on Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    Team Platinum

    911 calls in 2000
    911 Calls In 2000

    • 150-million calls made to 911 in 2000

    • 45-million of those calls made on cell phones

      • The National Emergency Number Association (NENA)

    Team Platinum

    Emergency cell phone use
    Emergency Cell Phone Use

    Team Platinum

    Cell phone ownership
    Cell Phone Ownership

    Target Market

    Team Platinum

    Cell phone expense
    Cell Phone Expense

    Team Platinum

    Overall market
    Overall Market


    Team Platinum

    Target market
    Target Market

    Target Market

    Team Platinum

    Bureau of justice statistics
    Bureau of Justice Statistics

    • 5,341,410 people were the victims of violent crime in the United States in 2002

    • 48.5% of violent crimes were reported to the police in 2002

    • Number of victimizations for persons age 12 and over, both male and female

    Team Platinum


    • According to a Harris Interactive Study

      • Nearly 60 percent of consumers surveyed would likely feel more safe and secure if they owned a mobile phone.

      • 76 percent of non-cell-phone-owners would want a mobile phone in emergency situations

    Team Platinum


    The value propositions for iRespond.

    • Privacy

    • Security

    • Cost-effectiveness

    Team Platinum

    Subscription plan
    Subscription Plan

    • Marketing Incentive:

    • Lower cost to customer forguaranteed yearly funds.

    • Possible discount for senior citizens.

    Team Platinum


    • Reaching out to the most influential participants for iRespond like...



    Grocery Stores

    Gas Stations

    Team Platinum


    • Shorthand way in which people will think about us.

    iRESPOND for Privacy and Security!!!

    Team Platinum

    Cost of production
    Cost of Production

    • Estimated cost

      • Low volume production cost $173.74

      • High volume production cost: $50.00

    • Retail cost of competing products:

      • GPS tracker phones $199.95

      • Safeguardian $199.95

      • Wherify phone & watch $199.99 (plus fee)

    Team Platinum

    Salary Statistics

    Team Platinum




    Per year



    Per year










    20 K



    18 K









    Team Platinum

    Evaluation Plan

    Each phase will be evaluated based on its respective evaluation check list.

    Frequency of Evaluation:1. One every three months

    2. As needed

    Team Platinum

    Irespond tm will do
    iRespondTM Will Do

    • Combination GPS and cellular positioning

    • On-Demand positioning

    • Report location data

    • Continuous transmission of distress signal

    Team Platinum

    Irespond tm will not do
    iRespondTM Will Not Do

    • Transmit location without being activated by the user or reveal location to anyone other than our call center

      • invasion of privacy

    • Provide location information outside of emergency situations

      • higher production costs

      • shorter battery life

      • harder to use

    • Provide 2-way voice communication

      • often impossible or unsafe

      • higher production costs

      • shorter battery life

    Team Platinum

    Description of competition
    Description of Competition

    • OnStar

    • Cell phones

    • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

    • Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

    • Safeguardian

    • Wherify’s GPS locator phone

    • Wherify’s locator watch for children

    • GPS mobile locator / tracker cell phone

    Team Platinum


    Team Platinum

    Schedule overview
    Schedule Overview

    Please see Appendix _ for more detail.

    Team Platinum

    Phase 0
    Phase 0

    Conception Milestones & Deliverables

    Please see Appendix _ for more detail.

    Team Platinum

    Phase 1
    Phase 1

    Conception Milestones & Deliverables

    Please see Appendix _ for more detail.

    Team Platinum

    Phase 2
    Phase 2

    Conception Milestones & Deliverables

    Team Platinum

    Please see Appendix _ for more detail.

    Phase 3
    Phase 3

    Conception Milestones & Deliverables

    Please see Appendix _ for more detail.

    Team Platinum

    Gantt schedule recap
    Gantt Schedule Recap

    Please see Appendix _ for more detail.

    Team Platinum

    Additional staffing
    Additional Staffing

    • Software engineer I $46,087 per year per person

    • Software engineer IV $79,195 per year per person

    • Software engineering director $99,995 per year per person

    • Testers (testing technician) $32,404 per year per person

    • Design engineer II (architect) $59,478 per year per person

    • Marketing strategists (varies on our needs)

    • Production crew to create the iRespond in mass (outsourced)

      • price undetermined

    Team Platinum

    Hard resources
    Hard Resources

    (Management Consultants, KPMG, Management American Electric Power, Archives(cs410))

    Team Platinum

    Budget soft resources
    Budget-Soft Resources

    (Management Consultants, KPMG, Management American Electric Power, Archives(cs410))

    Team Platinum

    Customer service center staff
    Customer Service Center Staff


    Team Platinum

    Customer service center1
    Customer Service Center

    • Building maintenance will be required, but this will be outsourced for $1.30/ square foot/ year.

    • Additional room for 6-14 people will be required for the current members of Team Platinum and additional full time employees

    Team Platinum

    Renting office space
    Renting Office Space

    • Average cost to lease a building in Cleveland Ohio is $17.50/ square foot/ year

    • Employees of Customer Service Center = 56

    • Other permanent employees = 14

    • Office Space needed for 70 employees = 15,400 square feet

    • 15,400 x 17.50 = $269,500 a year &

    Team Platinum

    Customer service center cost
    Customer Service Center Cost

    Total Yearly

    Cost of


    Service Center


    Service Center














    Not Including

    Computers And


    $1,721,515 + $20,020 + $700,000 + $269,500 = $2,711,035 &

    Team Platinum

    Injection molding
    Injection Molding

    Source: Dan Arvin, Pioneer Plastics

    Team Platinum

    Custom circuit boards
    Custom Circuit Boards

    Team Platinum

    Cost of production1
    Cost of Production

    Cost of iRespond Key Fob

    $0.50 Molding (figured at $0.50 per unit for 1000 units)

    $59.95 GPS Receiver (Trimble Lassen IQ)

    $17.95 GPS Antenna (Trimble-Ultra Compact Embedded Antenna)

    $20 CDMA Radio Chip (Cell Phone Transmitter/Receiver)

    $3 Mobile Phone Antenna

    $19.98 Rechargeable Battery (Lithium Battery)

    $38.94 Recharging Station (Includes the following four items)

    $7.98 Battery Charger/Cable

    $26.99 Modem(based on TFM-560U Trendware 56k fax/modem)

    $1.47 Internal boards

    $2.50 Molding

    $11.95 Flash Memory to store voice data taken from database

    $1.47 Internal circuits and main board


    Sources found in Appendix on page 4

    Team Platinum

    Sbir funding
    SBIR Funding

    • National Science Foundation (NSF)

      • SBIR Phase I awards maximum = $100,000

      • SBIR Phase II awards maximum = $500,000

      • Additional supplemental award (Phase IIB) may raise Phase II awards maximum = $750,000

    • Additional Funding from Virginia CIT Funding

    Team Platinum


    • Total cost for molding and assembly:

      Rs.660,000 = $16,500.00

    • Cost for setting our business up:


    • Shipping + assembling @ 17% for 100,000 units:

      $19,305.00 + $2,711,035.00 = $2,730,340.00

    • Profit : $51,910,200.00

    • With subscription plan :

      • Yearly fee: $2,499,750 @ 25% of 100,000 units.

      • Monthly fee: $749,250 @ 75% of 100,000 units per month.

    (,6493,146239,00.htm, )

    Team Platinum

    Risk matrix
    Risk Matrix

    Team Platinum

    Risk mitigation
    Risk Mitigation

    • Legal Disclaimer

    • Thorough Testing

    • Newest Technology

    • Cellular Triangulation

    • Thorough Testing

    • Legal Disclaimer

    • Thorough Testing

    • Quality Control

    • Self-Diagnostics

    • Low Price

    • Unique Features

    • Data Encryption

    • On-demand Location

    • Optional Features

    • Covered Button

    • Activation LED

    Team Platinum

    Future implementation
    Future Implementation

    • Upgrades to cell technology

      • CDMA & GSM unification

        • Improved signal reliability

      • Move to all digital; phasing out analog

        • Improved battery life

    • E-911

      • Completion of Phase 1 & 2 acrosscell networks

        • Improved triangulation

    Team Platinum

    Using irespond tm
    Using iRespondTM

    • Initial Setup

      • Register the unit

        • 1-800 number

      • Enter optional medical information

    Team Platinum

    Using irespond
    Using iRespond

    • Emergency Activation

      • Begin GPS satellite acquisition

      • Send signal via E-911 setup

        • Unit serial number

        • Locally stored medical information

        • GPS location data, if available

      • Continue sending signal via E-911 until batteries fail or reset.

    Team Platinum

    Pros of using irespond
    Pros of using iRespond!

    • Emergency Services

    • Persistent Tracking

    • On Demand Tracking

    • Precise GPS Positioning

    • Back-up Cell Tower Positioning

    • Informed Response

    • Optional Extras

    Team Platinum

    Irespond tm cons
    iRespondTM Cons

    • Lack of constant tracking

    • Two-way conversation

    • Database Security

    • Any wireless communication method can be interrupted

    Team Platinum

    Closing introduction
    Closing Introduction

    Picture From:

    Team Platinum


    • iRespond! is invaluable to anyone who wishes to have an increased sense of security

    Team Platinum


    • Basic 911. (2005). Federal Communications Commission. Available:

    • Battery Charger/Cable

    • Bergman M. (2004). U.S. Cell Phone Use Up More Than 300 Percent,Statistical Abstract Reports. U.S. Census Bureau News. Available:

    • Bonsor, K. (2005). How Location Tracking Will Work. Howstuffworks. Available:

    • CDMA Radio Chip

    • Cell Antenna

    • (2005). Cleveland Office Space Market Overview. Cleveland Office Space. Available:

    Team Platinum


    • Copper Wire

    • Dan Arvin, Pioneer Plastics

    • Enhanced 911 Wireless Services. (2005). Federal Communications Commission. Available:

    • Flash Memory Cards

    • GPS Mobile Locator / Tracker Cell Phone

    • Hot Jobs. (2005). Salary. Available:

    • LED Lights

    • Lee M. (1997). Choosing cleaning service requires more than quick sweep. Savvy Business Shopper. Available:

    Team Platinum


    • Office Finder. (2005). Office Space Calculator. Office Finder. Available:

    • PCBpro Instant Quote Form. (2005). PCBpro. Available:

    • Rechargeable Lithium Battery

    • SafeGuardian One Button GPS Cell Phone

    • Technical Support Rep. (2005). Available:,1862,1863

    • TFM-560U Trendware 56k fax/modem

    • Trimble Lassen IQ GPS Receiver

    Team Platinum


    • Trimble-Ultra Compact Embedded Antenna

    • US Department of Justice, “Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2002 Statistical Tables”

    • Wherify Wireless Location Services

    Team Platinum


    Team Platinum


    7 April 2005

    Members:Ian McKay Sean Alcos Robert Pilkington Joseph MarchAnjalee Sinha Andrew Cherry


    Team Platinum