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Holiday Representatives 1. Overview. A great way to make friends and have fun? Or, an exhausting, low-paid, homesick experience? Being a holiday representative (or a ‘rep’) can be all of these and more. This presentation sets the scene for budding reps. Industry background.

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  • A great way to make friends and have fun?

  • Or, an exhausting, low-paid, homesick experience?

  • Being a holiday representative (or a ‘rep’) can be all of these and more.

  • This presentation sets the scene for budding reps.

Industry background
Industry background

  • Before considering what ‘repping’ really involves, it’s good to find out a little more about the holiday travel industry.

  • Dominated by the big four tour operators: TUI, First Choice, Thomas Cook and MyTravel, things look likely to change.

  • In February and March 2007, plans for mergers in the industry changed the scene.

Tour operators mergers
Tour operators’ mergers

  • In February, plans to merge Thomas Cook and MyTravel were announced.

  • Next month, a similar merger between TUI and First Choice, creating TUI Travel was revealed.

  • The Thomas Cook-MyTravel group will cover a total of 50 travel brands.

  • TUI Travel will encompass around 200 holiday brands.

What this means for reps
What this means for reps

  • Before the mergers were announced, a rep could find work for one of the big four, or an independent operator.

  • Now, there will be only the big two and the indie sector.

  • If you get work as a rep, it’s likely to be with one of the big two.

Will the mergers go ahead
Will the mergers go ahead?

  • Only EU approval of the mergers remains to be won.

  • But this is already in progress, with initial clearance given for the first deal.

  • Thomas Cook-MyTravel could be completed by July 2007.

  • If this occurs, then the EU is likely to approve the TUI Travel deal too.

What kind of rep jobs are there
What kind of rep jobs are there?

  • Holiday rep work involves many different types of duty.

  • It can be broken down into different themes.

  • Job titles vary between operators.

  • The main themes/titles are listed on the next slide.

Types of holiday rep

Resort rep/Overseas rep/Family rep looks after all types of people on holiday.

Club rep caters for the 18-30 customer.

Children’s rep looks after kids aged 2 -12.

Transfer rep accompanies customers between airport and hotel.

Administrator works in operator’s resort office.

Entertainment rep provides daytime and evening/night entertainment for customers.

Camp couriers on camping-style holidays, with similar duties to resort or family reps.

Types of Holiday Rep

Recruiting for reps
Recruiting for reps people

  • The main tour operators begin recruitment many months before the Summer and Winter seasons.

  • Budding reps can apply direct to tour operators.

  • Much information exists online about the process.

  • See the Activity for more details.

Once application is successful
Once application is successful people

  • It is normal for tour operators to require trainee reps to attend an induction course.

  • Potential reps are ‘screened’ to ensure they can be effective

    • Professional

    • Courteous

    • Able to handle difficult situations

    • Able to present to large audiences

What about starting work
What about starting work? people

Tour operators generally provide:

  • Transport to the resort.

  • Uniforms, but not usually footwear (formal).

  • A basic wage (£100-150 per week), often boosted by commission on excursion sales.

  • Free accommodation, maybe food vouchers.

  • One to one and a half days off per week.

  • Transport back home at end of season

Any other benefits
Any other benefits? people

  • Free use of facility attractions (boat trips, water skiing etc).

  • Free or discounted bike, scooter or (occasionally) car hire.

  • Better conditions of work for reps returning for a second season.

  • Career opportunities beyond repping.

What dangers are there
What dangers are there? people

Responsibility for customers on holiday may mean handling a number of problems:

  • Customer illness or death.

  • Customers becoming victims of crime.

  • Travel problems such as flight delays, cancellations or loss of luggage.

Anything else we should know
Anything else we should know? people

  • As a representative of the tour operator, the rep is responsible for the health, security and safety of the customers.

  • See the Activity for more on this.

  • Homesickness often affects new reps, especially during their first few weeks in resort.

What next
What next? people

  • Go to the Activity to find out more about this area of travel and tourism work.