clyde s new room n.
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Clyde’s new room

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Clyde’s new room - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clyde’s new room. By Josh Carr. The makeover. When I was at Ikea selecting things that Clyde would like, I selected everything I can think of that will make the best room in town!. Clydes new bed.

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clyde s new room

Clyde’s new room

By Josh Carr

the makeover
The makeover

When I was at Ikea selecting things that Clyde would like, I selected everything I can think of that will make the best room in town!

clydes new bed
Clydes new bed

This bed comes in many colors and is reversible. The mattress that goes with this is a sultan mattress. (white)

the desk chair
The desk & chair

These two pieces make make a great workstation.

a cool stool
A cool stool

This stool has many uses,

it can hold legos, it can be

drawn on and if youwanted to, it

could be used as a


storage problems
Storage problems

Mrs. Stolzman has said

that there are too many

legos in your room. I

can fix that.

no more of


fixing the storage problem
Fixing the storage problem

This will be very simple, all we need to do is put two of these dressers anywhere and boom, everything is where it needs to be.


playmat of awesome
Playmat of awesome!!

This can be a place where

Clyde can let all of his

imagination and skills with

legos come to life. Also, this

playmat is so good that it’s

good for Mrs. Stolzman.

It’s easy to clean!!

all the other stuff
All the other stuff





The last thing that I have to show you is something that a very smart man named Thomas Edison invented, that’s

right light.

This is a very powerful source of

light. This can help if you feel like

reading, drawing, or playing with legos.

thank you

I hope that you enjoyed my presentation and i also hope you will have a good day.


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