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A little math humor

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A little math humor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A little math humor. MATH 8. Tammie Race Math Instructor Ethel Hoppock Middle School. Meet Mrs. Race. BS in Mathematics and NJ teacher certification (7-12 and K – 6): Moravian College and various others 7th Year at Hoppock Math 5-8, Algebra 8, Science 5 Married with three children:

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math 8


Tammie Race

Math Instructor

Ethel Hoppock Middle School

meet mrs race
Meet Mrs. Race
  • BS in Mathematics and NJ teacher certification (7-12 and K – 6): Moravian College and various others
  • 7th Year at Hoppock
  • Math 5-8, Algebra 8, Science 5
  • Married with three children:

Cassie (Penn State Freshman), Abbie(9th grade), Alex (seventh grade)

  • Live in PA
meet mrs hughes and mrs wall
Meet Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Wall
  • Support teacher
  • Aid
  • Both provide additional help for all students in need
math placement rubric
Math Placement Rubric
  • 6th grade ASK scores (confirmed with 7th grade scores)
  • Algebra Placement Test
  • Last year’s math teacher’s evaluation
  • Last year’s 2nd and 3rd marking period math grades
mathematics in eighth grade
Mathematics in Eighth Grade
  • Two algebra classes both of equal ability
  • Two heterogeneous grouped 8th grade math classes
  • Movement of students into or out of algebra program will be investigated at about midterm of the first marking period
course goal
Course Goal
  • To understand and apply the concepts of 8th grade math including data analysis, algebra, geometry, in conjunction with developing a strong number sense and making it relevant to the real world
  • To begin North Hunterdon taking CP Algebra 1
  • To enjoy the subject!
north s 9 th grade math courses
North’s 9th Grade Math Courses
  • College Prep Algebra 1
  • Algebra 1
  • Foundations
  • Placement Tools
  • 7th Grade ASK Score
  • Orleans Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test (administered in January)
  • 8th Grade Teacher Recommendation
  • New Jersey State Standards are met via the Pearson Series, supplemental materials, and Study Island
  • 52% of last year’s 6th grade, 34% of last year’s 7th grade, and 71% of last year’s eighth grade scored in ADVANCED PROFICIENT on the math section of the NJ ASK test.
on line program components
On Line Program Components
  • Study Island
    • Independent lessons and benchmark testing
  • My Web Page
  • Pearson On-Line Programs
    • Textbook, Extra help, Instructional videos, worksheets, and games
  • Tests 50%
    • Additional points are earned for corrections
  • Quizzes 30%
  • Alternate Assessments 10%
    • Study Island, Mathematical Reflections, etc.
  • Homework 10%
    • Although only literally contributes 10% toward the marking period grade, homework effort has a huge impact not only on the grade, but on understanding and performance
student responsibilities
Student Responsibilities
  • Seek help immediately!!
  • Complete ALL homework
  • Be a Responsible Learner
  • Complete Study Island on a weekly basis

or as assigned

contact information
Contact Information
  • Email: trace@btschools.org
  • Phone: 908-479-6336, ext. 2720
  • Website: btschools.org, then teacher pages

If anyone would be interested in coming into the classroom to share how you use math in your job, especially algebra and/or geometry, I welcome you and appreciate it!