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ACL Connections

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ACL Connections. Chicago June 2, 2009. General Purpose. Demonstrate ACL as part of a solution Encourage other uses for ACL Direct contact with ACL team. Using ACL to Automate Scorecard. Talecris – Bio-Pharmaceutical & Mfg. 60+ Plasma collection centers across U.S.

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ACL Connections

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acl connections

ACL Connections


June 2, 2009

general purpose
General Purpose
  • Demonstrate ACL as part of a solution
  • Encourage other uses for ACL
  • Direct contact with ACL team
using acl to automate scorecard
Using ACL to Automate Scorecard
  • Talecris – Bio-Pharmaceutical & Mfg.
    • 60+ Plasma collection centers across U.S.

(employees and location in lower-income areas)

    • 7,000 donors daily
    • $2.5 million cash disbursed weekly
talecris challenges
Talecris Challenges
  • Geography
  • Conduct “surprise” cash counts at all centers
  • DOS-based mgmt system: month-end reports, focused on operations, data not readily available for data mining
talecris operations
Talecris Operations
  • Manual process for donor payments
  • No standardization of payments
  • Weak cash controls
talecris donor mgmt system
Talecris: Donor Mgmt System
  • System-based, automated donor mgmt process
  • ATM’s used for disbursements
  • Control concerns still existed
    • ATM malfunction
    • Modifications/ addtl pmt to system-generated amounts
talecris needs
Talecris Needs
  • Independent assessment/reporting tool
  • Prioritize “surprise” cash counts
  • Ability to monitor center’s cash activity
center audit scorecard
Center Audit Scorecard
  • DB tables imported to ACL
  • 600-line script calculates metrics and exports an output table to Excel to produce the Scorecard
  • Rolling six months of data are available
  • Results are summarized or viewed for a specific center
  • Reporting by center, consolidated, metric
scorecard reporting
Scorecard Reporting
  • Center Snapshot
  • Charts comparing centers or metric
  • Consolidated summary
fraud prevention detection
Fraud Prevention & Detection
  • Dave Goderre – authored books on CAATS, significant contributor to ACL user forum
  • Fraud Risk Assessment Program - Lifecycle Approach:
    • Assess – company-wide, fraudster’s perspective
    • Access – identify all available source
    • Defend – build and maintain tests, verify data integrity
    • Continuous Assessment – refine scripts as necessary

“Fraud prevention/detection is not an end but a journey”

craig leming sprint nextel
Craig Leming, Sprint Nextel
  • 49M wireless customers
  • 48K employees
  • 3rd largest wireless provider in U.S.
  • System Analyst from Info Sys
  • Eliminate random sampling
  • Identify all exceptions from total population
  • Work with multiple formats and platforms from different departments
  • Increase data analytics in IA dept.
  • Initial training program for IA dept.
  • Advanced training for IT auditor
  • Periodic training
  • System Analyst performs extracts and queries, Audit Team performs data analysis
inventory adjustments project
Inventory Adjustments Project
  • Create an easy-to-use program for auditor
  • Used dialog boxes
  • Involved over 900K records
  • Through data analytics, reduced auditor time 40% – 60%
continuous monitoring
Continuous Monitoring
  • Use scripts to access data and automate testing
    • Build for easy use and understanding

Very few companies use continuous monitoring

    • Lack of time and expertise to implement
general observations
General Observations
  • Understand company operations and data
  • Use ACL regularly
  • There are resources available to help you succeed with ACL
  • Not everyone’s going to be an ACL expert but do whatever you can to learn more about ACL.