History of anti semitism
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History of Anti-Semitism. Starting from the 1 st century AD. 1 st -3 rd century AD. Anti-Semitism can be traced to the time of Christ. Many Christians at the time held them responsible for crucifying Christ. 4 th Century AD. Constantine the Great made Christianity the state religion.

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History of anti semitism

History of Anti-Semitism

Starting from the 1st century AD

1 st 3 rd century ad
1st-3rd century AD

  • Anti-Semitism can be traced to the time of Christ.

  • Many Christians at the time held them responsible for crucifying Christ.

4 th century ad
4th Century AD

  • Constantine the Great made Christianity the state religion.

  • Jews were ordered to convert.

  • If they did not, they were ostracized or cast out and denied citizenship.

Middle ages 500 1400 ad
Middle ages500 – 1400 AD

  • During this period both the Church and State took legislative steps to ensure the misery of the Jews.

  • Laws were put in place that forbade Jews to farm land and engage in the crafts.

  • The Crusades that began in 1096 put forth an oppression on the Jews that went unrivaled until Hitler’s time. They were offered baptism or death.

  • In 1215 they were required to wear a distinctive badge to shame them. (This of course was copied by Hitler.)

  • One of the few things that kept them in existence during these times was their usefulness in ability and money. When their usefulness waned, they were kicked out.

  • The only country to welcome the Jews was Poland which accounted for its large population of Jews during WWII.

Renaissance reformation 1400 1600
Renaissance – Reformation1400 – 1600

  • Martin Luther was a champion of the Jew until he found that he could not convert them to Protestantism.

  • Luther then renewed old charges and called for:

    • The burning of their synagogues,

    • The seizure of their books,

    • And their expulsion from Germany.

  • Hitler would find it helpful to quote from and to circulate Luther’s anti-Semitic writings.

Age of enlightenment 1600 1800
Age of enlightenment1600 – 1800

  • This was a time period in which civil rights were becoming popular.

  • Many Jews seized the opportunity and founded new industries and built up commerce.

Era of nationalism 1800 1900 s
Era of Nationalism1800 – 1900’s

  • Nationalism is the idea that one must support the nation and the people that come from that nation.

  • It also promotes that any ethnicity, race or religion that does not align itself with that nation must be dealt with.

  • In this era, the Jews were yet again the target of persecution.

  • Wilhelm Marr presented a “scientific theory” that Jews were the “slave” race and that Germans or Aryans were the “master” race.

  • The 1870s also presented a problem when Otto von Bismarck released great volumes of militant anti-Semitic writings.