Preschool history
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Preschool history



History of pre schools

1767 - Johann Friedrich Oberlin organized an infant school called the salled'asile (“hall of refuge”) for the care and schooling of small children while their parents worked in the fields.

History of pre schools

1833 - French government made these infant schools part of the national educational system.

History of pre schools

1816 - Scottish social reformer Robert Owen founded an “Institute for the Formation of Character” as part of his model community at New Lanark, Scotland

History of pre schools

1829 - In Italy, a Roman Catholic priest named Ferrante Aporti started an infant school at Cremona designed to prepare them for later schooling, he devised an educational plan that combined intellectual, physical, and moral training for preschool children.

History of pre schools

1837 - Froebel opened his first kindergarten at Bad Blankenburgwith the understanding that children need to learn through “self-activity” in play and imitation. They should also be allowed to rest during the day and not be forced into rigid classroom patterns of schooling

History of pre schools

1907 – Maria Montessori opened her Casa dei Bambini (Children's House). Within a few years her methods had become world famous, and Montessori schools were started in many countries.

History of pre schools

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