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VTA dopamine

Major Brain Regions and Their Major Interconnections.

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VTA dopamine

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  1. Major Brain Regions and Their Major Interconnections A1, primary auditory; AA1-3, auditory associational; GP, globus palidus (internal/externall); IT, infero-temporal;FEF, frontal eye field; Mf, medial frontal, M1, primary motor, M2 secondary motor; MB, mammilary body; NR, nucleus reuinions; OF, orbito-frontal;PAG, periaqueductal grey; PPt, pedunculo-pontine; PP, posterior parietal; SA, somatosensory associational; SNc, substantia nigra compacta; SNr, substantia nigra reticulata; SMG, supra-marginal gyrus (face area); SMN, supramammillary body;subthal, subtahalamic nucleus; TP, temporal pole; VTA, ventral tegmental area; Hippocampus episodic memory Dentate Gyrus CA3 CA1 subiculum Parahippocampal Medial Septum (ACh/GABA Sensory cortex recognition Frontal cortex action plan TP Papez circuitdistribution from hippocampus IT cingulate 3 to 4/3 why what where V1 V2 PP DL FEF MF Premotor Motor OF vision 5 to 1 6 Long range cortical pathways LGN 5 MDm mid MDi mid Pulvinar NR MDl VA/VL VL VPL CM PF Anterior thalamus MB Light grey boxes are thalamic nuclei AA1 A1 A2 AA2 Hipp-VTA loop Basal Gangliaaction selection Zona incerta Green structures are limbic cingulate AA3 Audiitory SMN Striatum Matr/Stri Color code of output to frontal cortex MG Cerebellumtiming PP Accumbens GPi Intralaminar (to layer 1) SA PP SS1 SS2 Ventral pallidum Pons granule parallel CS SMG GPe Association cortex, subthal VPL Olive climbing US Red nuclus Insula SNr claustrum VTA dopamine SNc dopamine Cerebellar nuclei somatosensory Facial nucleus Amygdala Hypothalamus Chiasmatic N PPt (Ach) Cerebellar cortex Sup Colliculus Inf Colliculus Inhibitory Spinal somatosensoryvestibular Habenula/ pineal Pituitary Pontine reticular formation Attentional system PAG Long-range cortico-cortico tracts Attention orienting movement Gross motor postural Fine motor Rhythmic movement autonomic Inter-peduncular Sensory input auditory Lisman,2005

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